ch: jennifer walters

Marvel finally released the unadorned version of my She-Hulk cover!!!  I don’t know when, I don’t know how, but I know something’s starting riiiighht nnnooowwww.  Ok, no really, I’m so happy you guys get to see the version that’s not covered by text because I think the cover is a lot clearer without it.  Hope you enjoy it :P.

before we were heroes, a mix for teenage bruce and jen

tracklist: old dances, kate nash // two against one, danger mouse // bruises, chairlift // therapy, all time low // sleepyhead, passion pit // move along, all american rejects // are you satisfied?, marina and the diamonds, broken, jake bugg // outta my system, my morning jacket // no man is an island, losers theme // sloom, of monsters and men // guilty, marina and the diamonds // speed of the sound of loneliness, nanci griffith // don’t you want to share the guilt?, kate nash.


Scott… there is a room full of children out there, unique and singular, and all of them need the family the FF provides. Am I guilty of bringing you, a father missing his daughter, to them, in hopes you would be of use to each other? Yes. 

I’m not asking you to adopt them, Scott. And I know none of them can ever replace your loss. But maybe… maybe there’s a way you can all be of use to each other in my absence. 

Favorite ongoing comics: FF