ch: javert

Imagine your otp at a fancy restaurant for their anniversary. It’s a five star restaurant with silky table cloths, soft music, and gentle, romantic lighting. They gaze at each other lovingly across the table. As they scan the menu, the waitress brings them a small bread basket each. Person A is a fast eater, and finished theirs quickly before looking longingly over at person B’s. Person B chuckles lovingly - Person A always does this. “Here,” Person B says, “just steal a piece of mine.”

Somewhere, Javert stirs in his sleep. The words echo in his mind. His eyes snap open. His moustache quivers. His covers fly from his bed and he leaps up, in full uniform and prepared to strike. He flies across town and bursts through the restaurant’s glass windows, leaping across the room to where Person A is reaching for a piece of their partners bread. He slaps handcuffs onto their wrists and drags them away, despite Person B’s protests.

He won’t let anyone get away with stealing bread.

Never again.

Imagine your OTP are in a school play together. They’re playing the leads in Aladdin, and they’re very excited about their opening night. Everything is going well, until the scene where Aladdin steals a loaf of bread. As he grabs the prop, they hear a strangled cry from the back of the auditorium. They’re a bit confused, but continue with the show. Not ten seconds later, a man dressed as a policeman charges on to the stage, and begins to chase Aladdin around in circles. He eventually loses patience and leaps across the stage, body slamming the confused young actor to the ground. As he attempts to handcuff him, real police officers arrive and drag the protesting Javert away, all the while screaming ‘You won’t get away with this, 24601!’

The slum’s people probably think Gavroche is a cherub sent from heaven above.
“Oh just last week the darling boy helped me carry my baskets to the market.”
“Gavroche is so great! He gave me a scarf once.”
“That boy gave me money out of his own pocket.”

And Javert is standing there like, “You can’t be talking about the demon spawn who stole my horse and dropped a bucket of manure on my head.”