ch: javert

The slum’s people probably think Gavroche is a cherub sent from heaven above.
“Oh just last week the darling boy helped me carry my baskets to the market.”
“Gavroche is so great! He gave me a scarf once.”
“That boy gave me money out of his own pocket.”

And Javert is standing there like, “You can’t be talking about the demon spawn who stole my horse and dropped a bucket of manure on my head.”

Imagine your otp at a fancy restaurant for their anniversary. It’s a five star restaurant with silky table cloths, soft music, and gentle, romantic lighting. They gaze at each other lovingly across the table. As they scan the menu, the waitress brings them a small bread basket each. Person A is a fast eater, and finished theirs quickly before looking longingly over at person B’s. Person B chuckles lovingly - Person A always does this. “Here,” Person B says, “just steal a piece of mine.”

Somewhere, Javert stirs in his sleep. The words echo in his mind. His eyes snap open. His moustache quivers. His covers fly from his bed and he leaps up, in full uniform and prepared to strike. He flies across town and bursts through the restaurant’s glass windows, leaping across the room to where Person A is reaching for a piece of their partners bread. He slaps handcuffs onto their wrists and drags them away, despite Person B’s protests.

He won’t let anyone get away with stealing bread.

Never again.
Javert t'es amoureux

Chanson en référence à la comédie musicale


I have no excuses/Je n'ai pas d'excuses

No mitigating circumstances/Pas de circonstances atténuantes

It’s the divine society who put me on the worse side of the worse slope/C'est la société divine qui m'a mis sur le plus mauvais côté de la plus mauvaise pente

Me, the compulsive reader of the Civil Code and Penal Code,/Moi, le lecteur invétéré du Code Civil et du Code Pénal,

I find myself in my bed reading the agony colun in the newspaper/Je me retrouve dans mon lit en train de lire le courrier du cœur dans le journal

Javert, you’re in love/Javert, t'es amoreux

You have violins that dazzled your eyes/Tu as des violons plein les yeux

You mustn’t, you must keep your head/Il ne faut pas, tu dois garder la tête froide

Javert, you’re in love/Javert, t'es amoreux

Poor old bloody cop, I believed you were wise/Pauvre vieux con de flic, je te croyais malin

You’re just a miserable/Tu n'es que misérable

Javert, you’re in love/Javert, t'es amoreux

No way, come to my help/C'est impossible, venez à mon secours

And make me unapprochable again/Et rendez-moi inaccessible

Javert, you’re in love/Javert, t'es amoreux

Do you realize?/Est-ce que tu te rends compte?

Inspector Javert/Inspecteur Javert

From the law, the incorruptible representant/De la loi, l'incorruptible représentant

You that wanted to watch TV only in black or white/Toi qui ne voulais regarder la télé pas autrement qu'en noir ou blanc

Here you are, you find colors are missing/Voilà que tu trouves qu'il manque de couleurs

From this detective story, this black series/Ce roman policier, cette série noire

That incarcered your heart!/Qui t'a incarcéré le cœur

Javert, you’re in love/Javert, t'es amoreux

Congrats, the clown/Bravo, le clown

You’re beautiful, you’re great, you’re magnificent/T'es beau, t'es grand, t'es magnifique

But you’re pathetic/Mais tu es lamentable

Javert, you’re in love/Javert, t'es amoreux

Become again less so old/Redeviens moins si vieux

Don’t let your heart squeal (or pay the price)/Ne laisse pas ton cœur te mettre à table

Javert, you’re in love/Javert, t'es amoreux

No way, come to my help/C'est impossible, venez à mon secours

And make me unapprochable again/Et rendez-moi inaccessible

Javert, you’re in love/Javert, t'es amoreux

Do you realize?/Est-ce que tu te rends compte?

I feel a little like an old man tonight/Je me sens un peu vieillard ce soir

I have crutches that lug in my memory/J'ai des béquilles qui traînent dans ma mémoire

I’m going to come back in my theater/Je vais rentrer dans mon théâtre

Continuing to be a miserable by contract and by duty/Continuer d'être misérable par contrat et par devoir

I believe we’re yesterday but it’s already tonight/Je crois qu'on est hier alors qu'on est déjà ce soir

Javert, you’re in love/Javert, t'es amoreux

Forgive, M’ster Victor/Pardonnez, m'sieur Victor

If I go out from the book, I can’t bear it anymore/Si je sors du bouquin, je n'en peux plus

My love is too strong/Mon amour est trop fort

Javert, you’re in love/Javert, t'es amoreux

I’m a miserable, a poor guy who acknowleges he was wrong/Je suis un misérable, un pauvre mec qui reconnaît ses torts

Javert, you’re in love/Javert, t'es amoreux

And yes, too bad, what do you want, you have to deal with it/Et oui, tant pis, que voulez-vous, il faudra vous y faire

Javert, you’re in love/Javert, t'es amoreux

Do you realize, Javert!/Est-ce que tu te rends compte, Javert!

You’re in love/T'es amoreux

In love/Amoreux

In love/Amoreux

In love…/Amoreux…

Wreck-It Ralph AU with Valjean as the antagonist in his game, Escape from Toulon – in the opening scene of his game, his tragic backstory of stealing a loaf of bread is revealed and he tries to flee from prison, and the players control Javert, the hero, who chases him through the levels.

But eventually Valjean gets tired of being the criminal, especially since the punishment – twenty years stuck in the game doing the same thing day in, day out, and all for a loaf of bread – doesn’t seem to fit the crime, and since Javert takes his role seriously even when the game is done, so he decides to leave his game and make a life for himself elsewhere. He receives assistance from Bishop Myriel, who offers him shelter in his game for the night and offers him some spare data to help him make a new life for himself. 

Along the way Valjean meets Fantine, a character whose game has been disconnected and who begs Valjean to look after her daughter. Valjean rescues Cosette from Thenardier’s Tappers and takes refuge in a game he thinks is safe, Versailles III: July Monarchy*.

And they are safe until some of the characters in the game, namely Les Amis de l'ABC, minor characters in a background scene of the game, stage a revolution against the playable characters, namely members of the National Guard. To make matters worse, Javert finally discovers where Valjean’s been hiding all these years, and Cosette falls in love with a glitch named Marius who is unable to leave the game.

Will Valjean, after all the years being labelled a ‘bad guy’, find his inner-hero in order to save Marius? Will Javert ever forgive Valjean and learn that there’s more to him than just the thief he was programmed as? And what will the players think when they get to the arcade the next day to find barricades have been built all throughout the game?