ch: in the end he blamed himself

sangwoo dialogue in ch 19 (spoilers)

The stuff Sangwoo says at the end of the chapter after Bum kills Jieun sounded to me like he’s projecting his own motivations for killing onto Bum? He says:

“What are you blaming yourself for? You were always the victim that had to hurt and struggle, weren’t you. You have to release your accumulated, pent-up resentment at some point. You must’ve been sick of acting all good and innocent. You really suffered.”

If Sangwoo also saw himself as the victim of his father’s abuse and had pent-up anger about it, then perhaps the first time he killed he realized it was a good way to vent that frustration? The way he says it (”그 쌓은 울분을 풀어줘야지”) strikes me like he’s talking about having to relieve stress once in a while, lol. This is like the first time we get some indication of why Sangwoo kills people? 

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anonymous asked:

Apologies for giving you something considerably darker than usual, but I always worry that Kasamatsu's constant abuse might make Kise's mental health completely plummet. What do you think would follow if this actually happened (e.g. with Kise acting a lot sadder than usual or keeping his distance from Kasamatsu)?

Nothing against you, anon, but I find the scenario you describe to be frankly completely out of character for both Kise and Kasamatsu. I’m also, admittedly, fed up with the idea that Kasamatsu is an abusive jerk (again, it’s not you, it’s just something that’s all over the fandom). You are, of course, entitled to your opinion. I’m just going to lay out my reasons for disagreeing below.

Alright, that said, let’s break this down, bullet-point style:

A) Kurobasu and Physical Violence
B) A Captain and a Senpai
C) Looks like a Cinnamon Roll, Is Actually Steel Ball in Disguise
D) KiKasa Relationship Dynamics
E) Showing Affection According to Kasamatsu Yukio

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imaginativebulletin  asked:

Hey there! Can you please rec some Canon divergent Bellarke fics in which they progress from hate to love? Or maybe some TV-episode fics? Hope you understand. :)

Sorry it took me so long but I didn’t sit in front of my PC for a couple of days. Here are some of my fav fics :) The list got too long so be prepeared!

Canon Divergent Bellarke:

Bear the Burden.
Words: 2706 | Ch: 1/1
Bellamy gets captured and tortured and Clarke watches him as she pushes the lever down alone. Events changed from 2x16

Eliminating Threats.
Words: 10394 | Ch: 5/5
After freeing the 47 from Mount Weather, the remaining 100 start over at a new camp. But despite a truce with the grounders, life is not always peaceful. When Clarke is attacked by one of the delinquents, Bellamy has to admit what his co-leader really means to him.

Moonshine Nightmares.
Words: 4076 | Ch: 1/1
Her friends didn’t know at the time, but alcohol gives Clarke nightmares. Clarke didn’t know either. And the nightmares were the worst kind of nightmares for someone who can’t handle their emotions.

Bleeding Out.
Words: 14133 | Ch: 10/10
When Clarke gets seriously injured during a Grounder attack, Bellamy does everything he can to make sure she stays alive. But when the situation grows worse, he realizes he must take the chance to let Clarke know just how much he cares about her.

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