ch: helena wayne


Helena Wayne headcanons:

- is the only child Bruce knows from birth

- Selina gives her her the middle name “Martha” after Bruce’s mother

- Alfred takes care of her the way he did Bruce right away from infancy

- begins crawling, walking, and climbing at an early age and easily maneuvers herself over baby gates put up around the manor

- is an incredibly spoiled baby and toddler because Bruce, Selina, Alfred, and all of her older siblings tote her around so she hates it when she is told to walk by herself

- because her other siblings (minus Tim) call Bruce by his name, she calls him Bruce for nearly a year before she switches to “Daddy”

- Bruce sits with her for long periods of time in his lap while in the batcave

- she likes Damian the most and toddles after him wherever he goes

- all of the older siblings (minus Damian) pretend she’s their child out in public

- becomes the youngest Robin to date at nine years old

- wears Damian’s old uniform

- is trained by all of the siblings, but mostly Damian

- is the best at sneaking around out of all her siblings. She naturally knows how to walk silently and duck at the right times

- listens to Alfred better than both of her parents

- is afraid of being left alone and hates to be alone

- like Damian with Dick when he was younger, Helena tags after Damian and lays next to him in his bed while they watch a movie or he reads and she does her homework

- is called “Helena” by her father, “Kid” by her mother, “Young Miss” by Alfred, “Lena” (Ley-nuh) by Dick, Tim, Stephanie, and Barbara, and “Princess”, “Batcat” or “Baby Girl”  by Jason

- next to Damian, Jason is her favorite sibling

- loves chocolate

- is the first Batkid to attend public school because Selina believes in public school

-is the first Wayne to attend public school which makes big news

- like her siblings, is stalked by the media because she is Bruce Wayne’s kid. Unlike her siblings, she makes goofy faces at paparazzi photographers

- loves cats

- can sing beautifully