ch: happy lowman

Happy Lowman (David LaBrava) is a member of the Redwood Original charter of the club. Formerly part of the Tacoma & Nomad charters, he stated in the episode “Better Half” that his sick mother lives in Bakersfield and that he wanted to go “nomad” (a nomad is a member of a motorcycle club with no fixed address and, thus, no charter affiliation) for awhile to take care of her. Clay’s response to that statement was “There’s always a seat at that table for you brother.” Happy is a ruthless killer and sports a happy face tattoo for each one of his assassinations. Like “Tig” he is looked to for the jobs for which no one else has the stomach. Happy is noted for using his pair of 9mm Glocks. In the episode, The Push, Happy was unanimously patched into the Redwood Original Charter.