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Juice’s sister - Happy’s old lady, they find you after years. PART 3

Guysssssss, sorry i’ve bee away! I’m back at it again. 


It;s not really long but i felt like this made a good chapter.

“Happy!” Juice shouted his brothers name trying to get his voice above the sound of the motors, nothing. They needed to stop. His phone was buzzing and he had this feeling.. Quickly he sped up and drove in front of Hap only to slip towards the side of the road and stop. Happy, confused as he was, followed his brothers lead and stopped his bike. “What’s wrong Juice?” He could now see him get his phone out of his pocked and… damn was he crying? Juice started shaking as he awnserted the phone..  He couldn’t believe it. After all those years suddenly you where popping back up into their lives. “Y/n..?” Happy’s heart stopped hearing your name… Where you… Where you calling Juice? “Y/n can.. can you here me..?” “Hey big bro..” your voice was small and shaking but still the most heavenly sound in the whole wide world to Juice. He didn’t know what to say.. he didn’t remember how to talk to you. You felt like home he always thought. But right now you felt like a stranger.

“Y/n! Enough crying get it over with” Jason started to get annoyed with the breathing brake you and your brother where taking over the phone. “Tell him where he can pick you up. And tell him he has to be here tomorrow night… and and… if not I’ll kill you once and for all.” Your eyes burned into Jason’s but he didn’t move. You nodded at him and coughed up the courage to tell your brother all these things. You wanted to explain to him what has happened three years ago. And why you never got back in touch with him and your old man. But you where sure if you did that you’d get a black eye to match your other one. “Juice you.. you have to listen” your voice was starting to fall apart again.. “yeh alright I’m listening” His voice was so cold, but you didn’t know what you expected after three years. Maybe a bit more warmth, but you couldn’t blame him. “You need to get here to the warehouse.. the old one.” Juice let out a sigh.. “it’s Jason isn’t it” You felt like you could finally breath as your brother had a hint of understanding in his voice. “Yeah…” you cried out you felt so helpless… “it’s okay sis calm down tell me more” alright y/n calm your breathing and get it over with. “You and Ha.. Hap.. need to pick me up here tomorrow at nightfall… if you don’t he’ll kill me..” Saying Happy’s name hurt.. it hurt like a bitch. Since you had been taken you had always pushed all your feelings towards him away… but now you didn’t have a choice. Soon you had to face him and face yours and his heartbreak. “Motherfucker that’s what he is! We’ll be there y/n, don’t worry ain’t nobody killing nobody, I love you stay safe” and with that he hung up. “They’ll be here” you told Jason as tears streamed down your face.

Happy stared at his brother, not knowing what he was talking about. Where they were going, why y/n was calling Juice and not him. What was it she didn’t need to worry about, and modt importantly who was getting killed. His mind was racing. Juice’s face was red with anger but he said nothing he just stared at his phone. The silence was killing Hap “SO!?” He almost shouted at Juice.. “well she didn’t leave us.. Y/n was taken” Happy couldn’t believe what he was hearing, the past years him and Juice always believed she left. The reason for them unknown but they didn’t have beef with nobody at the time so the fact that she was taken never really crossed their mind. Hap of course thought about it but his insecurities always gotten the better of him. Suddenly he hated himself for thinking you’d be able to do such a thing to him. He should’ve known better, he should’ve looked for you… But taken that meant that somebody was holding HIS old lady against her will… “Taken? By who?” Happy’s voice was filled with just as much anger as Juice’s face.. “Jason” Juice didn’t have to explain anything. Hap knew who he was. “THAT FUCKING EX BOYFRIEND OF HERS?” Hap there and then decided he had to die. Juice nodded “that’s not everything, when they were dating he was my dealer.” Juice stopped not sure if he should tell Hap anything else, but what choice did he have really. “Yeah so?” Hap didn’t get why this particularly mattered to the situation they where in. “Well she never told you.. or anybody really..” Juice’s troat felt sore as he was about to tell his little sisters secret to her old man.. “do you know that scar she has on her troat and the one on her stomach..” Hap nodded, feeling sad at the thought of her laying in their bed, naked and her scars exposed. He never asked about them and she never asked about his. “Well he tried to kill her Hap, that’s why we left” Happy’s stomach turned, the thought of some low life piece of shit touching his old lady and trying to kill her made him not only fumingly mad but also.. no just mad. “He’s gonna die Juice, like a lot” Juice nodded, he knew it had to be done. Had to be done before they ever even left Queens.

Mother Nature

Request from anon for a Happy x Reader using the following prompt:

#7 - “Tampons? You want me to buy tampons?”

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You groan as you lay curled up on your side, the first day of your period always being the worst. The random TV show that you’ve put on to distract yourself fades out into the background, the amusing characters not helping at all.

Your phone rings, a huff leaving you as you reach for it, not in the mood to talk right now. “Hello?”

“Someone’s grumpy.” Happy jests, and you can tell he’s smiling to himself. You feel yourself perk up slightly, the sound of your boyfriends voice having that effect on you.

“Sorry, babe. You coming round soon?” You look at the clock as it shows six pm, Happy promising you that he would be home earlier today, and you really hope he remembers.

“That’s why I called, I’ve just stopped at the store. You want anything?” he asks, your heart melting at his simple yet thoughtful gestures. “I’ve already grabbed your favourite ice cream.”

“If only SAMCRO knew how whipped you are.” you tease, pulling yourself to sit up as you smile down the phone. “Could you grab me some tampons, please?”

You laugh as Happy coughs down the phone, your request catching him off guard. You’d never asked him to get them for you before, but you’d been together for eight months now. It’s not like you decided to almost run out of your favourite kind.

“Tampons? You want me to buy tampons?” he questions once he’s recovered from his coughing fit. God, for someone with a name like Killer he really was a baby.

“Did I stutter?” you sass, enjoying your boyfriends squirming. You hear him move around the store, his boots moving around loudly. “The blue ones will do.”

Blue ones? There’s about fifty different blue ones.” His tone is stiff and full of embarrassment, a smirk slipping onto your lips. You’d had to buy condoms in the past, and damn if you weren’t embarrassed. Now it was his turn.

“Yes, the blue ones. They’re the bigger ones, suitable for heavy flow.” You have to restrain yourself from laughing as you Happy curses lowly down the phone, a sound of accomplishment leaving his lips once he finds the right ones.

“You owe me for this, baby girl.” he warns, though you know he’s only joking. He’d do anything you asked him to, you having him wrapped around your finger, even if you didn’t know it.

“Maybe if you’re lucky I’ll put my mouth to good use.” you flirt, your tone teasing and seductive. You receive a growl in return, a snicker emerging from you.

“Behave, (Y/N). I’ll be there in ten.” You hum in response, pulling yourself up from the sofa.

“Drive careful, I love you.” The words never lose their touch, a giddy feeling rushing through you everytime you say it, just knowing that Happy is yours and only yours.

“I love you, Princess.” he responds, your cheeks flushing even though he can’t see you, a dorky smile on your face.

A/N - Thought I’d do a Happy request for a change since I’ve been doing a lot of Jax lately, not that I’m complaining ;) hope you enjoyed❤

The Hideout (Happy x Reader)

I wrote this earlier in the week and forgot about it. Here y’all go my lovelies <3 

WARNINGS: Language & Explicit Content (Smut)

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Playlist: Safari - Jidenna

There was only one rule at the Hideout; no problems. In order to step into the building, you had to leave all issues and affiliations at the door. The Hideout was common ground, an in-between, a meeting place. All gangs of every kind were welcome. On the condition that you didn’t bring your violence inside with you. Once you were outside the front doors, well – that was a whole other story.

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Play Time or Help Time?

Request: 3. Help me, god damn it! 4. Nope, nope, nope. 6. Come here, baby. Let me see you. With Happy

Today was just not your day. It was a struggle to even get out bed that morning. You did not want to do anything today, but you had to. There was just too much to be done.

Today, you had to help Gemma with a fundraiser for one of her charity events. Causing you to have to get up early that morning. Which also caused Happy to groan at the missing warmth that was your body. You were out of the shower and in your shared bedroom, getting dressed as he started to whine and groan like a kid.

“Y/N! Come back to bed. It’s so cold.” He whined. He was more outspoken when he was half-asleep, making you laugh. You walked over to the bed and leaned over to kiss him on his head tattoo.

“I can’t. Gemma expects me to helping her this morning with setting up.”

He sighed, knowing he wasn’t gonna get his way. So, he tried one last thing. Seduction. It didn’t help that his raspy voice was a huge turn on for you along with his body. He pulled the blanket down some more, showing off his abs when you were focusing on getting dressed.

“Come here, baby.” He said. You turned around and looked at him. You smiled at him, knowing what he was doing. “Let me see you.”

You made a show of walking slowly back to the bed and ran your hands up his stomach and up his body until it rested on his cheek. You pulled your face really close to his, as if you were gonna kiss him.

“Ain’t gonna work, big guy.” You whispered.

He groaned and closed his eyes, throwing his head back against the pillow in frustration.

You giggled as you went back to getting dressed.

Time Skip

A couple of hours later, you were still helping Gemma, but you were getting ready to take a break. You just had to help move the last of some boxes into the designated booths. Walking back and forth was tiresome but you didn’t have a Dolly to help you move the boxes or anyone else to help you. All of the boys were getting ready for run in a few days.

You were just making your way to one of the booths when you saw Happy walking up with Jax and Chibs.

“Hey, guys.” You greeted them as they walked up.

“Y/N, beautiful, as always.” Chibs said to you before kissing your cheek. You grinned at the man.

“Hey, Y/N. Long time, no see. That Old Man of yours keeping you busy?” Jax jested as he also kissed your cheek.

You laughed. “I think you got it backwards. It’s your mother keeping me busy.” You joked, making both of the men you considered brothers laugh. You turned to Happy, seeing him back to being quiet as he usually is when around the rest of the guys. “Hey, baby.” You said as you leaned in for a kiss.

He grinned at you, “Hey, baby girl.”

They then made their way towards where Clay was, talking with Gemma. You continued your task. You got to the last box, and you picked it up. But it was a struggle, being heavy and you could barely keep it up. You made it a couple of steps before you heard a chuckle from the side of you. Looking over, you saw Happy standing there with an amused look on his face and his arms crossed, like he was enjoying the show.

“You gonna help?” You asked.

He made a face like he was in thought before looking back at you. “Nope.”

“Awe c’mon. Please.” You begged him, almost straining with the weight of the box.

“Nope, nope, nope.”

“Help me, god damn it!” He shook his head like a child.

“You suck.” You said as you started making your way to the booth. Your steps were slow, trying not to tip over.

He laughed before jogging after you and grabbing the box with only mild difficulty.

You sighed in relief as you led him to the booth that where it goes. When he sat the box down, you grabbed him up by his neck and pulled him close.

“My hero.” You said, giggling. You placed a kiss on his cheek.

He straightened his back and gripped the lapels of his kutte and made a show of shrugging like it was nothing. “It was, ah, no problem.” He then chuckled, relaxing out of character and kissed you chastely on the lips.

Killing Me

I stared at Happy, as he slept, trying to decide if I wanted to actually wake him up. Reaching for my phone, I saw it was two in the morning, biting my lip, I eased myself out of bed.

Creeping to the kitchen, I scavenged the cabinets looking for anything to cure my craving. My stomach wiggled, I smiled rubbing my stomach “I know baby, I’m looking!”

 Not finding what I wanted, I had two choices, get dressed and go get it myself, or wake up Happy. Knowing that he had to get up early, I decided to go get it myself. Going into the laundry room, got dressed, going back into the kitchen, I let out a squeal, seeing Happy standing there.

“Christ Hap, you about gave me a heart attack!”

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“The truck stop on 19, I’m craving a chili cheese burger, fried pickles, and orange juice.”

His arms crossed over his chest. “You’re not going out, it’s two am!”

“But Hap, your son is craving it.” I pouted. “I didn’t want to wake you up, because you have to get up early, so I was just going to go get it, I can take car of myself!”

“Should you really be eating that?”

I felt tears welling up in my eyes. “I know I’m a fat cow, never mind…I’ll just find something else to eat.” I turn around walking away from him.

His arms wrap around me. “Woman, you’re killing me. You’re so damn beautiful. I can’t keep my hands off you. All I meant was, I didn’t want you to get heartburn.” 

“I’m sorry baby, my hormones are all over the place…I swear I’ll be back to normal again.” I turned to face him, tears streaming down my face. He reached up, wiping the tears away.

“Go get your pjs back on, I’ll go get you your food.” His hand covering my stomach. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”


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Knock Knock

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Request: Imagine walking in on Happy torturing someone.

“She’s got eyes of the bluest skies, as if they thought of raaaaain.”
Your voice sung along to the music as you drove through Main Street, all windows of the car down.
The sun shone down and the air swirling around the car was warm.
It was another brilliant day in Charming ad you couldn’t help but be in a good mood.
Your boss had let you go home early and you couldn’t wait to get home, get changed and head back to the clubhouse, and back to your boyfriend.
It still seemed strange- calling him your boyfriend.
It had only been two months since you’d made it ‘official’, despite all the months before that were you’d spend all night with each other.
But Happy Lowman wasn’t exactly the type to settle down, and it had taken him a while to make you his.
It was still early days but you had a good feeling about where this relationship was heading, and who knew, maybe one day you’d be his old lady.
Things with the club had been hard lately and you knew how stressed he had been, trying to balance his club life and his new life with you.
You couldn’t wait to head over to the clubhouse and show him just how much you appreciated his efforts.
You continued singing to the music as you drove, unable to shake your good mood.
The last few weeks you’d been staying at Happys place.
It was a small house, but big enough. You two hadn’t moved in together though, he was just helping you out after you’d had an argument with your flatmate. Plus, Happy spent most of his nights in the dorms at the clubhouse, or crashing at his mothers. So despite living in his house, he was barely there.
You loved the small house, seeing all the little bits of Happy scattered around the rooms.
He wasn’t much of a talker, and he was a hard person to get to know because of that.
You loved finding little pieces of his childhood, an insight to who he was. Plus, his old photos scattered along the mantlepiece were pretty darned cute.
The street was quiet as you pulled in and you turned your radio down slightly, not wanting to disturb the peace as you pulled into the drive way and hopped out of the car.
You were still humming as you walked up the front steps and unlocked the door.
With a swing of your hips you bumped the door closed behind you and continued walking to the kitchen.
You dumped your bag by the floor and headed to the fridge to grab a beer.
Usually you weren’t much of a drinker- during the day, at least.
But today was an afternoon-beer kinda day, and there was no one around to judge you anyway.
You took a long swig and placed the bottle on the counter before heading to the bathroom.
You walked out of the bathroom, towel draped around you and your skin still glistening and you headed back to the kitchen to finish the rest of your beer.
You finished the bottle and grabbed another before heading to the bedroom to get changed.
Fashion had never been a passion of yours. Sure, you liked to look nice but you weren’t bothered about the latest brands or the newest trends.
Usually you wore jeans and a shirt- nothing too fancy.
Yet today you felt different, and you knew you had a dress hanging somewhere in that wardrobe.
You pulled the door of the wardrobe open and frowned as the door fell to the floor beside you.
You crouched and looked at the door frame.
The screws must of come loose on the hinges. It was an easy fix, and you knew Happy must have a screwdriver somewhere in the garage.
You quickly rummaged through the hanging clothes and pulled out the white dress and pulled it on.
It was a summery dress and it flowed around you as you walked back through the house.
Your wet hair fell down your back and you ran your hand through it as you walked, shaking it out.
The garage was seperate to the house and you headed to the door.
You skipped down the front steps and headed to the garage.
It was as you were walking along the side of the garage when you heard it.
You stopped in your tracks and cocked your head towards the noise.
What was that?
It sounded like.. groaning. Muffled groaning.
You went to take another step forward when you heard something drop from inside the garage.
Your heart began to beat a little more rapidly and you gulped before you turned and silently headed back to the house.
It was probably nothing, just a racoon or something. But being around the Sons had taught you to always be cautious.
You walked silently back into the house and headed for the kitchen drawer.
It was right where it had always been.
You looked at the gun nervously, sitting at the back of the drawer, and with a shaky hand you lifted it.
Of course you knew how to use it, but you had never been in a situation where you actually might have to use it.
You closed your eyes and took a deep breath before lowering the gun to your side and walking calmly back through the house.
You crept silently down the steps, your footsteps light, and you clutched the gun tightly in your hand as you walked back down the side of the garage.
As you neared the door you could hear it again, the faint muffled groaning.
You knew you should run. Run back inside and call Happy. But you didnt.
You reached out gingerly and laid your hand on the door handle, closing your eyes once more.
With another deep breath you opened your eyes and turned the handle, pushing the door open.
You raised the gun and pointed it into the dark room, pointing right at the man standing in the centre of the garage.
Only it wasn’t a stranger.
It was Happy.
It was Happy, standing in a blood splatter white singlet before a man, gagged and tied to a chair.
Happy looked at you, his eyes wide and you dropped the gun to the side.
The man in the chair groaned again, the gag over his mouth muffling the noise. His face was bloodied and you couldn’t help but notice the blood on Happys fists, and the angry, wild spark in his eyes.
Neither of you spoke, you could only stare.
You gulped and broke the eye contact, glancing around the room.
You spotted a screwdriver on the bench and walked gingerly towards it.
“I just needed this.” You said calmly, before walking out of the garage and closing the door behind you.
Once outside you leaned against the garage, the cool wall pressing against your back.
What the fuck?!
Your heart was almost beating out of your chest and you took another deep breath before walking back into the house.
With shaking hands you placed the gun back in the drawer and grabbed another beer out of the fridge.
You sat at the kitchen table as your mind raced with a million thoughts as you stared at the bottle in your hands.
You didn’t know what to think of what you just saw. You knew Happy did things for the club, bad things, and you were okay with it- mostly. But you didn’t expect to ever be confronted with his club business.
You were on your fourth beer when you heard his heavy footsteps walking up the front steps.
Somehow you couldn’t bring yourself to lift your head but you could feel the his presence when he entered the room.
He walked slowly to the table and pulled out a chair before sitting down opposite you.
Silence hung heavily in the air and Happy reached out his hand and picked up the screwdriver sitting on the table.
“I was going to fix the wardrobe.” You explained, breaking the silence.
Finally you lifted your head and looked at him.
His singlet was still splattered with  blood but he had wiped his face. His eyes were dark and he looked at you intensely.
“Whats wrong with the wardrobe?” Happy asked calmly.
“The door fell off.” You answered.
He raised an eyebrow and nodded slowly before placing the screwdriver back on the table.
“(Y/n), I-“
“Its okay, Hap.” You interrupted.
Happy sighed and stood,
He walked around the table and stopped besides you, his strong arms reaching down to pull you up.
You stood in front of him and smiled warmly.
“The things I do for the club..I shouldn’t have done it here. Im sorry (y/n). I thought you’d be at work.”
“I finished early.” You said with a shrug.
Happy frowned and placed his hand on your cheek, lifting your head gently to meet your gaze.
“Aren’t you scared?” Happy asked you, his voice gruff.
You shook your head and smiled.
“Just don’t do it inside, Hap. Bloods a bitch to get out of carpet.”
Happy stared at you, shock and disbelief all over his face and you couldn’t help but laugh, which only seemed to startle him more.
“Its okay, Happy. Honestly. I knew what I was getting into. Ive seen your tats, remember.”
Happy nodded slowly and lowered his hands, placing them gently on your hips.
“You wont have to see that again.” Happy told you.
You nodded and reached up to kiss him softly.
“Good. Now Ive got a door to fix. And you’ve got a half dead man in the garage to take care of.”
You winked and pulled away from him, grabbing the screw driver off the table and you headed for the hallway.
Happy grabbed your wrist and pulled you back towards him before crashing his lips down on yours.
His lips moved with yours hungrily and you could taste the cigarettes on his tongue.
Eventually he let you go and you smiled lovingly up at him before pecking his cheek and turning back towards the bedroom.
“Y/n?” Happy called after you.
You turned and glanced back at him, standing in his blood stained shirt.
“You should wear a dress more often, little girl.”


Request from anon for a Happy x Reader using the following prompts:

#75 - “Can you stop poking me?!” “I’m not poking you.”

#81 - “It’s locked!” “You mean we’re stuck in here?”

#83 - “Hey! I was watching that!”

Originally posted by arkhangelsks

You make a sound of disgust as you pinch your nose with your thumb and index, spraying the air freshener aggressively. You understood when you came to Belfast that you weren’t going to be living in a five star hotel with luxurious facilities and chocolates left on your pillow, but still, you at least expected your company not to be complete pigs.

Satisfied that you’ve used enough spray to cover up the vulgar smell of shit, you wash your hands, before stomping your way to the living room. Currently, it was just you and your number one nemesis left in the residence, the others and Gemma having left for whatever reason a couple hours ago.

“Seriously, you didn’t think of spraying something to cover up the smell of death in that bathroom?” you scold as you reach the sofa, Happy sprawled out across it, his attention solely focused on the tiny TV in front of him.

He shushes you rudely, batting you away with his hands as you stand near his entertainment, him not giving a rats ass about what you’re saying. Scoffing, you turn around, yanking the TV plug out of its socket, sounds of annoyance leaving Happy’s lips.

“Hey! I was watching that!” he growls, standing up from his relaxed position and going to reach around you to put the plug back in. You push him backwards, raising your eyebrows sternly as you demand to be listened to. He shrugs his shoulders in question as he stares at you. “What?”

“Spray next time you shit, it’s that simple.” You glare at him as you wait for your message to sink in, Happy’s eyes in slits as he looks back at you. Once you’re satisfied, you flash him a sickly smile, walking to the kitchen to make yourself a cup of tea.

“You know, you might get fucked by an Irish man if you remove that stick that’s jammed up your ass.” Happy says, the TV restored to its previous state, some gritty horror film playing. You slam the cupboard in response, pouring the boiling water into your mug and wishing it was Happy’s skin instead.

“Thanks for the tip. Better not remove the stick in your ass, I dread to think what might come out.” Happy laughs sarcastically as you take a seat with your drink, your mind already whirring with ideas to piss him off. You smirk to yourself as you bring the tea to your lips, slurping obnoxiously.

You act unaware as you pretend to watch the screen, Happy’s angry eyes burning into the side of your face. After a few more slurps, he curses under his breath, throwing the remote in your lap before he heads for the door. “Off so soon?”

He flips you the bird over his shoulder, an accomplished smile sliding onto your lips. He rattles the door handle loudly, desperate for an escape from your company, but to no avail.

“Did you forget how to open a door?” you ask after the rattling continues, the channels on the TV flicking as you search through. Rolling your eyes, you get up, reaching the door and pushing Happy over to the side. “It’s left, not right. Genius.”

Happy watches you smugly as you fail to unlock the door, your brows knotting in confusion as you turn it the correct way, yet nothing happens. You attempt it a few more times, but again, nothing.

“I think it’s locked.” Happy says, loving the fact that you’re not right - for once. He rattles the handle once more for good measure, before smirking at you. “Definitely locked.”

“Thanks for the input, Sherlock. You mean we’re stuck in here? I’m stuck in here, with you?” Happy almost looks offended for a moment, before he walks and slumps back down on the couch, the remote being scooped back into his possession.

“Looks like it, Princess. Better get comfy.”

You grit your teeth, breathing in deeply in an attempt to stop yourself from attacking the man next to you. The torment continues, your last little bit of resolve crumbling. “Can you stop poking me?!”

Happy looks taken aback with your outburst, before his shock changes to smugness. “I’m not poking you.”

“Who’s doing it then? Casper the pokey ghost?” Happy laughs deeply at your words, a small smile tickling at your lips. You catch yourself, however, your serious expression remaining in place. “You’d think that with your job title you’d be able to pick a lock.”

He shrugs in response, the two of you facing each other on the couch. “Who says I can’t?”

Your eyes widen as you stare at Happy in bewilderment. You wait for him to continue, but he doesn’t, as if he’s waiting to test your reaction.

“Are you saying that you’re choosing not to open the door?” you ask, slight anger but mostly just confusion brewing inside of you. If he could free the two of you from each others company, why wouldn’t he?

“Yeah.” You gesture with your hands for him to elaborate, a smile on his lips like he’s enjoying tormenting you. “Is my company that bad?”

“Well, no.” Happy’s smile fades as you hesitate, and suddenly you feel as if you’ve offended him somehow. “Wouldn’t you rather be away from me? I mean, we’re not exactly best friends.”

“Forget it.” Happy gets up swiftly, the mood tense. You huff in annoyance, hating the fact that you can’t tell what he’s thinking. Getting up, you follow him as he goes to the kitchen, his hands yanking open the drawers as he loudly throws stuff around.

“Hap-” You reach for his arm, him shoving you off roughly, your back slamming into the counter behind you. You make a sound of pain, rubbing your back to try and ease the sting, Happy looking at you apologetically.

“(Y/N), I’m sorry.” he says, his tone completely sincere, not that it helps the damage that’s already been done. You turn around, heading for your bedroom to at least lock yourself away, but a grip on your wrist stops you from moving. “Let me explain.”

You spin around, pulling your arm out of his hold. You’ve never seen him look so vulnerable, his eyes unusually soft as they observe you, asking you to give him a chance. “Explain what? Why you’re so confusing? One minute you’re a dick and the next you actually seem decent but-”

You yelp as you’re pushed backwards, your back pressing against the wall as your mouth stays parted slightly in shock. You go to speak, though you’re halted, Happy pressing his lips roughly against yours.

Your eyes are wide as you try to comprehend what’s happening, you unresponsive against Happy’s actions. Noticing this, he goes to pull away, you gripping his shirt before he can. You pull his face to yours, kissing him with just as much hunger as he kissed you.

It’s hard to believe what’s happening as you stay pressed against the wall, the heat coursing through your body something you’ve never felt, something you never thought you’d feel from kissing the man in front of you.

Breathless, you both pull away, your cheeks flushing under Happy’s prying gaze. He pulls away swiftly, cursing under his breath as you hear the door unlock, the others flooding in as Happy disappears into his room, leaving you confused, cold and slightly aroused.

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Request: Taking a break

Request: Can you do a hap imagine where it’s in his pov and reader makes him really jealous and he bugs out but the end is smut/fluffy

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: smut

Originally posted by lolsthecat

They were on a break. However, for Happy Lowman, there wasn’t such thing as ‘a break’, they were together or they were not. He wanted to be with her of course, but in the end of the day, it was Y/N’s choice, it always had been. She had said they should ‘take a break’ and, obviously, they had an argument. Happy’s mood had been the worst since that day. People were arriving at the clubhouse for Friday night as he angrily watched them. It wouldn’t be the same without Y/N.

“Give me a beer”, he asked Chucky, who was behind the bar. Gemma was there too and raised an eyebrow at him. Happy grabbed his beer and walked to the door. He was about to walk out when he bumped into Y/N.

“Sorry”, she mumbled and then looked up. Her smiled faded a little when she noticed Happy standing in front of her, “Hap”

“What are you doing here?”, he asked and sounded angrier than he actually was. He was surprised to see her, Y/N had been avoiding the clubhouse since their break up. Happy was also glad to see her, he had missed Y/N.

“I’m came to see my friends”, Y/N creased her brow, “Gemma said it was okay. She told me you and Kozik were in Tacoma”

“We got home an hour ago”, Happy clenched his jaw as breathed in her perfume. It was inebriating and he loved it, “Kozik wanted to get back soon”

“I didn’t know”, Y/N bit her lip, “I think I should go home then”

“Don’t be silly”, Gemma’s voice made them look behind Happy, where the bikers’ queen was standing, “We’ve missed you Y/N. Come on, have a drink with me”

Y/N had no choice, Gemma held her wrist and guided Y/N inside the clubhouse. Happy watched them walking away. Y/N was wearing jeans and a black top that showed her back. He swallowed as he noticed her naked shoulder, where his crow would fit perfectly. His crow. He wished he had asked her before the break up.

They had been together for more than a year. Some thought it was time enough, others said it was too soon, but Happy had fell for her. Hard. And he was sure she was the one. He had thought they were happy together and fear was something Happy Lowman never felt, but he was afraid to lose her. However, he also had hesitated and now he was paying the price. Y/N had walked out his door and he had done nothing to stop her. Happy regret it, he regret it a lot.

Happy watched Y/N from afar. She walked around greeting friends and sat between Lyla and Tara on the couch. He barely heard his brothers asking him to play pool. He accepted, but couldn’t concentrate on the game, his eyes kept going back to Y/N. He looked again to the couch where she had been with the girls, but she was gone. Happy found Y/N dancing with Lyla. Her movements didn’t seem so natural and sexy as he remembered, something was bothering her and Y/N couldn’t just let go and have fun. He quit the game and walked back to the bar, asking Chuck to look for an specific song. It was her favorite and when it came on Y/N looked around but couldn’t find him. She spun around with Lyla and finally could dance more naturally.

He enjoyed to watched her, but Happy noticed he wasn’t the only one. A hangaround had been watching Y/N too and the man licked his lips when he finished his beer. He left the bottle on the table and walked toward the dance floor. Happy knew that look, he wanted Y/N and would make a move over her soon. They were on that damn ‘break’, but, for Happy, Y/N still was his girl and no other man would touch her. Happy marched to the dance floor and blocked the man’s path.

“Get lost”, he barked. The man looked up at Happy, smirking. The booze was making him brave.

“Happy?”, Y/N called behind him, but he didn’t look at her. Happy glared at the man until a friend came to help, saying he didn’t want to get in a fight with the Killer. The guy realized who was in front of him and decided to listen his friend. Happy turned around to look at Y/N, who had her arms crossed. She just shook her head and passed by him on her way to the back of the club. She slammed the bathroom door behind her before Happy could reach her.

“He had been watching you”, Happy raised his voice, “He was going to hit on you”

“You should have let me handle it Hap”, he heard Y/N sigh, “I knew I should have gone home”

“Yeah, you should”, Happy mumbled, leaning against the wall. Y/N opened the bathroom door and narrowed her eyes at him.

“Don’t worry Lowman”, she hissed, “I’m going home now”

“No”, Happy grabbed her arm, “That’s not what I meant. You broke up with me and now you show up at the club and… Damn, do you know how much I’ve missed you? You look gorgeous, then you were dancing and I was loving to watch you, but all the men were looking at my girl too. Yeah, I got jealous, you’re MY girl!”

“We’re on a break Happy”, Y/N sighed.

“Yeah, I know”, he whispered and pulled her closer, “I should have said all these things before, maybe you wouldn’t have left me”

“I didn’t leave you”, she looked from Happy’s eyes to his lips as she touched his face, “I needed time to think”

“Think about what?”, he trembled under her touch, Happy had missed it.

“About us”, Y/N whispered, still tracing his jaw with her fingertips, “About where we were going. Where are we going Hap? How long this will last?”

“Forever”, Happy blurted, surprising her and claiming her lips. Y/N melted on his arms and Happy easily lifted her, walking to his bedroom. He kicked the door closed behind them and put Y/N back on her feet. They didn’t stop kissing as she unbuckled his belt and Happy shrugged off his kutte. She whined when he pulled back to take his shirt off. Y/N locked her eyes with his as she took off her black top and opened her jeans. Happy stopped her and gently laid Y/N down on his bed. 

He hovered over her, softly kissing her lips. Y/N cupped his face and kissed Happy back, pulling him closer. His hands roamed down her body, reminding both how good they were together. Happy moved his lips to her neck, trailing a path of kisses toward her abdomen. Y/N caressed his arms and back, breathing faster and deeper. He took off her heels, pulled her jeans off and kissed her legs. He got rid of his own boots and jeans before kneel in front of her. “Baby girl?”, he looked up at Y/N. It was obvious what they wanted to do and he didn’t want to stop, but Happy needed her answer.

“Yes”, she whimpered, “I need you Hap”

He growled and put her panties aside, exposing her. Happy kissed her inner thighs as Y/N squirmed. He slowly ran his finger through her folds, watching Y/N lose control under his touch. He kissed her soft flesh and licked her, savored her. Happy couldn’t get enough of his girl, he was a hungry man, he had missed her and had been deprived from her for too long for his taste. He took his time, sucking her clit and licking her pussy until Y/N was a moaning mess. She bucked up her hips up and Happy pinned her on the mattress. He didn’t stop the oral sex until she was trembling, pleasure taking over her body.

“Oh Happy”, Y/N moaned and caressed his scalp. Happy kissed her thighs and his way up her body. He kissed her, making Y/N taste herself on his mouth. Happy shut his eyes hard when she palmed him over the boxers. He wanted to be inside her, badly. “Make love to me Hap”, she asked, kissing his lips and cheeks.

“Yes”, he breathed and pushed his boxers down his legs. Y/N spread her legs for him, gasping when Happy pushed inside her in one thrust. They looked inside each other’s eyes and he stopped to give her time. 

“I missed you”, Y/N whispered and kissed him. Happy fiercely kissed her, sucking her low lip as he pulled out of her.

“I missed you too”, he confessed, sliding inside her again. Y/N welcomed him, wrapped her legs around his waist and held Happy close. He moved slowly, taking his time with her, making love. Each thrust took them closer and closer to the orgasm; Happy held back until he feel her close too, “Are you coming baby girl?”

“Yes”, she whined and moaned louder.

“Yeah, I can feel it. Come with me, come on”, Happy’s words were enough to make her let it go. Her walls clenching around him were enough too; Happy hid his face on her neck as he came too. Y/N whispered his name and kissed his shoulder, caressing his back. He didn’t want to leave her, Happy wished they could stay like that. Still inside her, he held Y/N close and laid down with her, her leg around his waist. She tried to move and he growled, “Stay like this please”

“I’m not going anywhere”, Y/N said and kissed his chest.

“Really?”, he traced her spine with his fingers, “‘Cause I’m so sick of this break up thing. I want you back”

“I want to come back”, she admitted, but Happy heard the hesitation on her voice.

“But?”, he tilted his head back to look at her.

“But, to be honest, I need more Hap”, Y/N sadly looked at him, bringing her hand up to cup his face.

“You need to know if we’re gonna last”, he kissed her palm and locked his eyes with hers, “I just told you Y/N. Forever”

Y/N blinked a few times and took a deep breath, “Are you serious Hap?”

“Yes”, he rested his hand over her shoulder, “I want my crow right here”

“Your crow?”, Y/N’s eyes widened. Happy smirked and kissed her.

“I want you to have it and I should have asked you a long time ago”, he confessed, “Say yes. Please”

“Yes”, Y/N smiled and kissed him. Happy held her tighter; he would never let her go again, that time apart were the worst days of his life. “Happy”, she giggled when he nibbled her ear and he loved to listen that sound again, “Should we take a break? I mean, get something to drink”

“No”, he grunted and moved to be on top of her, “I hate taking breaks”

“Yeah”, Y/N moaned when he leaned to suck her breast, “I hate that do”

Real Good Man - Happy Lowman


Real Good Man - Tim McGraw

It was true. Happy Lowman was very much different from the rest of the Sons. He was quiet, but that didn’t excuse him from being perhaps one of the most dangerous one of them all.

But that didn’t stop him from treating you right. Sure there were times when things would happen and he’d be more drawn back than ususal, but when it came to you and his mother - his family - he made sure to do his best and treat you both as good as any man could do.

“Happy? Are you still going on that run later today?”

You called out from the kitchen, putting away the dishes from lunch. He had come home for lunch today, something that he rarely ever had time to do, but somehow managed to find time today to do it.

You hears his big heavy boots hitting the floor from the livingroom and then into the kitchen, stopping in the doorway watching you closely. He was leaning up against the doorframe, watching as you stood on your tip toes to put the plates up.

Your back to him, but you knew he was there behind you. Your struggling with the plates soon came to an end as you felt a chest press up behind you. Turning your head to see that it was of course Happy, grabbing the dishes and putting them up in the cabinet for you.

You turned around with a small and shy smile, thankful for his help. He looked down at you after he closed the doors.

“The guys need me on that run. So I won’t be home for dinner.”

His raspy voice filled your ears. Your shy smile turned to a sad one. You understood - you had been his Ol'Lady for years now - it was something that happened. You wrapped your fingers around his white shirt, finally freed from the kutte. You gazed up at him, your sad smile quickly changing into a happier one when you looked up at him.

“It’s okay. I’ll save you something in the fridge in case your hungry when you come home.”

And then a miracle happened. Happy gave you a real smile. Kissing your forehead he pulled you into a hug.

Nobody else knew it but you and maybe his mother.

But Happy was a really good man.

Loving Happy

Request: 6. Come here, baby. Let me see you. For Happy

You loved your Old Man. Happy never did or said anything that made you believe he didn’t love you as well. Mostly because while the club life made it seem like it was okay for cheating when they were on a run, his mother never believed in that. Especially, when his father cheated on his mother and left her with a child to raise by herself.

So, when he was younger and could understand what had happened, he made a promise to himself and his mother that when and if he met someone that was worth spending the rest of his life with, that he would never do what his sperm donor did to his mother. And he kept by that promise when he met you.

You, who had stood by him from the moment things started to get serious between you two. Before he had even asked you to be his Old Lady, which didn’t come until you had made a year together.

He also made time every week to come home early from the Club and spend some time with you. Because to him, while the club was important, you were just as important. Some people would be sad or angry that it was like this, but you appreciated it because you understood what being with him meant.

Being with him, meant being with the club. And you understood that. You never went against anything they wanted, unless it was against your morals, which compared to what they asked you, wasn’t very often. Most of the time, they asked for you to help with some expenses but they always paid you back in full with interest. You didn’t care, because to you they were family.

Which made Happy love you all the more.

This week, today was the day to have date night. Which you were looking forward to, because he had something big planned out. You were finally ready just as you heard his bike pull into the driveway and made your way down the stairs.

Just as you made it to the bottom, he was opening the door and taking his shoes off and placing them neatly in a row next to the other pairs by the door. He sat his keys on the hallway table and turned to the stairs, hearing your foot steps.

He paused at the site of you. Almost taking his breath away as he took in the site of you. “Baby girl, you look so good.” He grinned as he walked up to you in long strides and wrapped his arms around your waist and picked you up to spin you around once, all the while placing a loving kiss on your lips.

You wrapped your arms around his neck as he did so, placing you back down your feet. You smiled up at him, just scanning his face, admiring all of him.

You then saw something on his neck, a few drops of blood that also some on his shirt. You didn’t see any injuries on him, so you were fine, knowing that it wasn’t him that was injured. “Oh, hun. You got some blood on you. Come here, baby. Let me look at you.” You told as you led him to the nearby kitchen and wet a wash cloth and whip off the blood on his neck.

You weren’t paying any attention to his face, more focused on making him clean again. Making his loving and adoring look on his face go unnoticed.

“Y/N.” He said with his raspy voice.

You hummed in answer.

“I love you.”

You paused. He never said that before. You always said it, but he just always kissed you in answer. You looked up into his eyes and saw the look on his face and in his eyes, and your mouth grew into the biggest smile you could muster.

“I love you, too.” You told him before leaning in and kissing him hard on the mouth.

Request: Deal breaker

Request: Can you do an imagine where you and happy are married with 2 toddlers and you find out he cheats on you so take the kids and leave and he can’t find you the ending fluffy?

I named the kids, I hope you don’t mind. Another sad imagine, please don’t hate the writer.

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: cheating

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I began to hang around Samcro in one of those rare calm phases, when club was doing good and just working hard. Despite all the warnings about his nickname, reputation and the fact he didn’t do romance, I fell for Happy Lowman. I couldn’t help it, there was just something about him that attracted me like a magnet. No, it hadn’t been love at first sight though, and we weren’t that close in the beginning. Happy wasn’t looking for romance and I wasn’t expecting flowers and serenades. We were looking for a partner, just someone to walk by our side after disappointments and getting tired of solitude.

We were in the same page, and when we realized it, our relationship evolved. We began to date, open up to each other and Happy showed me a new side of him. I understood then; he was capable of romance, but his own kind and shown by his actions. We were in love and got married in a beautiful spring night. A year later, our son, Gabriel, was born to become his dad’s proud and a while later Penelope came to be Happy’s joy.

Our life was simple and good, and we were happy; but nothing can remain untouched or not affected by the Samcro life forever. Happy tried to keep me in the dark for a while, but an old lady just know, on her heart, when something is going wrong. My husband spending less time at home wasn’t helping either. I had never put my feet at Redwoody, but there I was, looking for my husband after two nights that he hadn’t come back home. I also had nothing against Lyla, but as the person running the place and the first one I saw, she was an inevitable target. Her eyes, big as plates, told I wasn’t supposed to be there and something would hurt me if I kept walking inside the studio.

“Where is he Lyla?”, I kept my voice down. One thing I had learnt from Happy Lowman was that a low and monotonous tone not always means calm. She begged and tried to stop me, but I ignored Lyla. I found them. The girl, asleep on a couch, wearing his shirt and my husband’s clothes on the floor as I heard the shower in the bathroom next door.

“Y/N”, Lyla followed me as I turned around and marched out of that place. She was talking, but I wasn’t listening. All I wanted to do was go back home, pack my things and take my kids with me to far from that town. As I said, nothing was perfect around Samcro and neither was my plan, because I bumped into Jax and Chibs on my way out.

“What is going on?”, the MC President creased his brow as he noticed the angry me and the desperate Lyla. I took off my weeding band and put it on Jax’s hand.

“Please, give it back to Happy”

Happy’s POV

“What is this?”, Happy asked as Jax put a ring on his hand.

“She told me to give it back to you”, his brother grimaced as he recognized the ring as Y/N’s wedding band. Happy looked around, confused and met Lyla’s sad eyes.

“She wouldn’t listen to me or stop”, the girl whispered, “Y/N saw you and…”

He didn’t listen the rest of it, Happy stormed out the studio and hopped onto his bike. Jax and Chibs followed him as he rode toward his house. This wasn’t him, Happy had let things get under his skin and he couldn’t regret it more. Club always had come first and it had been overwhelming lately, he had been hiding his clothes covered in blood from Y/N, not wanting to bring it inside his house, close to his kids. However, he had done it, in his attempt to stay away from home to protect his family, he had made a mistake that could make him lose everything.

“Y/N!”, Happy yelled as walked upstairs. He haven’t heard his children’s voices and the rooms were a mess. She had packed in a hurry. He went downstairs again; Jax and Chibs were standing on his living room and watching as Happy dialed Juice’s number, “Track down Y/N’s phone. NOW!”

“What do you wanna do brother?”, Jax asked, watching Happy closely.

“Mom”, he barked and stormed outside. They rode, as fast as they could, to Happy mother’s house. Y/N was close to his mom and kids absolutely loved their abuela. He just had parked his bike when Juice called back.

“No sign of her man”, the boy said, “I’ll keep trying for the phone and her credit card”

Happy didn’t answer and his mother was already coming to meet him, followed by a worried caretaker, trying to get her inside again. He had no choice but to tell her what had happened. As much as his mother loved him, she wasn’t blind to her son’s mistakes and scolded Happy as he was a little boy.

“You bring mis nietos back!”, she just barked and went back inside. Happy, Jax and Chibs tried everywhere; Venus’ and Donna’s houses and even Gemma’s. Y/N was nowhere to be found. He was getting desperate as the night fell, wondering if his kids where asking for daddy and if their mother already had taken them miles away.

Happy haven’t slept and Gemma was sadly looking at him as she poured a cup of coffee. Juice hadn’t had success in tracking Y/N and he was out of ideas where she might have gone. Happy opened his wallet and looked at the pictures; one of his family, Y/N, Gabriel and Penelope, and another one of him and Y/N in front of their house. They just had moved from her first apartment to a bigger house to start their family. Y/N still had the apartment though, she had rent it, but nobody had been living there in months. Suddenly, Happy had an idea and without telling it to anybody, he hopped onto his bike again.


My old apartment was a good place to hide. Happy had moved in as soon as we got married and the place was perfect for us, but our family would grow with Gabriel and we needed a bigger house. Happy wanted a yard for his son to play and maybe a dog too. I had insisted in keeping the apartment though, it had been a present from my father and I didn’t want to sell it. I rent it, but it had been empty for months. It only had a bed with an old mattress, but it would be enough for us until I decide what to do.

I had thrown my phone away, so Juice couldn’t track it and I had money, I wouldn’t have to use my credit card so soon. I bought food and kids were still sleeping. I had been staring at my new burner phone, thinking if it was a good idea to call my mother, who lived in Nevada. I was about to get up and wake up the kids when someone opened the front door. I looked around for my purse and the gun inside it, but I stopped when I saw my husband standing there.

“Y/N”, Happy let out a relieved sigh and walked toward me. I held out a hand to stop him.

“Kids are sleeping”, I whispered and he nodded. We never had been the kind of couple that would argue for the neighborhood to listen. Actually, we weren’t the kind of couple that argued at all.

“You worried me, I had been looking for you”, Yes, I could see the signs of a sleepless night on his eyes. I wanted to hug him, feel those arms around me again, but Happy had hurt me.

“I saw you with that girl”, I crossed my arms and walked backwards, putting distance between us. I saw his jaw twitch, Happy had said once that he never wanted to scare me, make me run from him.

“Y/N”, he begged, letting me know how desperate he was. Happy Lowman never begged.

“Were you drunk?”, I cut him off.

“No”, he answered. I had to ask, it wouldn’t make me forgive him, but I need a reason, anything to help me understand, “I have no excuse for what I did. Club business had been taking the best of me, I didn’t want to bring it inside our house, to our children lives, so I stayed away. It had been a tough day again, I was pissed off and then she was there, pushing me and I… I…”

“I’ve never thought you would do something like this to me Hap”, my voice was breaking, I hadn’t cried yet, I had to be strong for my children, “Trust is so damn important to you”

“You have no idea how sorry I am”, Happy grimaced and he looked almost in pain, “I would give anything to go back in time and undo this”

I couldn’t hold back anymore, I let the tears flow. Happy pulled me to his embrace, held me close and tight. I felt his lips brushing mine. In the past, it would have been enough to lead us to our bedroom. In the present, it just made me feel a lump on my throat and I pulled back, “You know I can’t forgive you Hap”

“Babe”, he whispered, still holding me, “We always have been able to talk and work things out”

“Not in this case Hap”, I opened my hands over his chest, feeling his heart beating fast and I gently pushed him away, “I can’t, cheating is a deal breaker”

“The kids”, I heard Happy’s voice break for the first time since I had met him.

“I’m not taking them away from you”, I assured him. I couldn’t do it, my children need their father. It would be a mistake to run away with them, I realized it when I saw Happy’s misery, “I just need time”

“You can go back to our house”, he swallowed, “I’m going to the clubhouse”

“Hap…”, I started.

“No, no arguing about this babe”, he sadly smiled, “I won’t let you or the kids here. You deserve a good place. I’d be damned if I not provide for my family”

We looked at each other for a moment, both breathing deeply. Happy pulled me to him and hugged me tight again. Our children woke up and we took them back to our house. Happy told them he had to work. We had decided to wait and explain to them what was actually happening later. He packed as I distracted Gabriel and Penelope on the living room. He kissed both goodbye and I walked him to the door.

“You can come over to see them anytime”, I hugged myself, as I was trying to keep me from breaking into a million pieces.

“I will”, Happy reached for my arms and caressed them, “You can call me anytime if you need anything, absolutely anything”

“I know Hap, I know”, I nodded and stood on my tiptoes to kiss his cheek, “I’m still your friend you know, I care about you”

“I care about you a lot too little girl”, he whispered and kissed my forehead, his lips lingering on my skin, “I’m still your best friend and I will always be here for you. Always”

Waging Wars (Happy x Reader)

Well this came out of nowhere. Definitely didn’t plan for this to happen but here’s a continuation of After the Storm

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Playlist: Use Somebody - Kings of Leon

All heads turned as the shiny black Mercedes G-Class truck pulled into the compound. It wasn’t every day that a car this expensive rolled in. I scanned the area, pausing to take in all the faces sitting outside the clubhouse. There was a blond that I would bet my life was Teller, but I couldn’t know for sure unless he looked up. Everyone else was someone I didn’t recognize from my days as an Old Lady. I guess things had changed. More than I had originally though.

I advanced forward, turning my gaze to the shop. A tall kid, with thick glasses and a blank cut pushed off his stool and began making his way towards me. Turning off the radio, I rolled down my window. I waited until he approached and he greeted me with a welcoming smile. It was jarring. You wouldn’t expect a kid, wearing a cut no less, to seem this friendly.

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Far, Far Away

A/N: I haven’t gotten any requests lately so I just decided to post one. I’m still doing ships but I’d like some requests too. I hope you like this one. I might post a prompt list soon. 

You loved the club and everyone in it. No matter what happened. You never had a reason to doubt anyone. You were apart of the club since you were little and your dad had prospected back when it was just formed. While he wasn’t First 9, he basically was. Everyone treated him with respect, especially when he became the first member to gain the Men of Mayhem patch. He set standards so high that the only person to ever reach his level was Happy. Who became your Old Man once he became a patched member. You were together through everything; your father’s death, JT’s death, and every drama that went through the club. 

Your man told you anything and everything that happened with the club. You were never in the dark, once you explained that you would worry more if he didn’t tell you. He loved that about you though. That you were so loyal and understanding about everything. 

He never had to explain anything sometimes either. Sometimes the club was just hard on him. Which he never let his brother know about. He would come home some days and just fall at your feet as you sat at your desk and just bury his head into your stomach, without saying a word. 

Today was just one of those days. You sat at your desk, working some bills when you heard your man’s bike ride into the driveway. You smiled to yourself, just at the thought of you Old Man. You heard the door open then close before hearing some rustling around in the entryway. His boots thumped onto the floor as he took them off and the sound of leather being taken off and hung up on the hook by the door was heard as you went through your paperwork.

You never heard his steps as he made is way into your office. Although you did look up as he walked up to you and just stared at you. His face revealed nothing, but his eyes did. The conflict and the pain spoke volumes as he just decided to pick you up and bring you into your bedroom before heading for the bathroom. 

He sat you down on the counter as he stripped down to nothing and turned on the water to the temperature he wanted as he then turned to you and stripped you as well. 

You didn’t say anything, because you knew it wouldn’t do anything but piss him off. You just washed him off and scrubbed him down as he liked it. He didn’t say anything either as he just sat his head down on your shoulder and gripped you around your waist. When you were done, you just held him as the water slowly got colder. 

He then turned the water off dried you both off. You two didn’t get dressed but just walked back out into the bedroom and laid down under the covers on the bed. He held him as he laid down on your chest as you scratched at his scalp and his back, slowly falling asleep to sound of your heart and the feel of being with you. 

Crazy Love

Three kinds of crazy, she had to be; it was the only explanation Happy had for why (Y/N) was still with him. The hell she had been subjected to because of him and the club, would have had any sane women running for the hills, never looking back. Yet she never left him, never gave it a thought, she was always by his side, even when he was being a bastard.

He ran his hands over his face, thinking about her; they way she would smile at him, they way she’d wrap her arms around him on his bad days. Accepting him for who he was and what he did for the club, never judging him. She’d give him unconditional love, she never judged him, and always forgave him.

It was crazy the way she loved him.

The night he finally manned up, and inked her with his crow, he swore that he would be faithful to her. He realized that he needed her in his life, that he didn’t want anyone else. 

She made him feel like a good man because of her love, he couldn’t wait to get home to her at the end of the day, or the end of the run, All he had on his mind was holding her in his arms again, feeling whole. Getting some of her crazy love.

He looked up, as she walked into the room, a smile illuminating her face, when she saw him. He stood up, walking towards her, lifting her up in his arms. “Come on baby, I have something for you.”

She threw back her head laughing. “I can feel what you have for me Hap!” She winked at him, wrapping her body around his. He let out a growl, thinking the ring in his pocket could wait.

He carried her back to his room, his lips never leaving hers.


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Request: “Body Say”, by Demi Lovato - Happy imagine

Request: Happy imagine based off of body say by Demi Lovato please.

Listen the song HERE

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: smut 

Originally posted by lowmans

You met Happy Lowman in Tacoma, when your brother just had opened his tattoo shop. Happy was a young Son, but already had a few happy faces on his abdomen, counting killings for the MC. He was intriguing and you watched him whenever nobody was looking as you helped in the tattoo shop. He always respectful, but didn’t look away either, actually, his dark brown eyes seemed to see right through you. You were attracted to him and usually would have made a move by now, but Happy also let you nervous, you didn’t quite know why.

Your brother was throwing a party and you were already feeling tipsy. You thought the fresh air would do you good, so you walked outside. You also thought you would be alone, since everybody was dancing and drinking inside, but you weren’t. Happy was there, seated on the stairs, holding a beer and petting your dog.

“Sorry”, you mumbled, already turning around to go back inside, “I thought nobody was here”

“You don’t have to”, he got up, “It’s your house, I’m the one intruding”

You bit your lip as he passed by you. You didn’t know what got into you, just grabbed his wrist, making Happy stop. He stood still as you came closer. He didn’t pulled back, which was a good sign, so you pressed your lips over his. His reaction was a surprise. You had thought he would reject you, but there he was, pressing your body against the house, kissing you liked you’ve never been kissed before. You pulled him to closer, slightly scratching his scalp and feeling a deep growl from within his chest. Suddenly, Happy broke the kiss.

“We can’t”, he grunted and walked backwards. You could see his chest heaving as he tried to control his breathing. Happy Lowman wasn’t that stoic all the time after all, “Your brother is my best friend, you’re off limits”, he answered to the question you hadn’t verbalized yet and then marched back inside. You stood there, catching your breath and thinking about what just had happened.


Happy had been avoiding you at the tattoo shop. You played nice, respected his wish, but you knew he wanted you and you had a limit for your ‘good girl’ acting. You already had a plan to break Happy Lowman, make him admit what he wanted. What you both wanted.

If I had it my way, I would take you down
If I had it my way, I would turn you out
And if my body had a say, I would come again
Scared of what I might say, ‘cause I’m at the edge

Happy wasn’t the only Son you and your brother knew. He had tattooed many of the guys and was considered a friend of the club. You two were always invited to their parties. Another one of those big and famous parties was about to happen and your brother wasn’t going, so you decided to take the opportunity. You were optimistic, maybe would get lucky, so you chose a lingerie and dress especially for the occasion.

You entered the clubhouse and greeted your friends. You looked around, trying to find Happy, but he wasn’t anywhere to be seen. You sat by the bar and asked for a beer. 

“What are you doing here?”, you heard Happy’s raspy voice behind you just a minute later. You smiled as you turned around to face him.

“I’m here for the party”, you looked him up and down.

You saw his jaw twitch and smirked. Happy leaned closer, failing in try to look intimidating. You weren’t afraid of him, “Your brother isn’t here”

“No”, you shrugged. You got up, brushing your fingers on his kutte. Happy clenched his jaw and grabbed your wrist, not letting you walk away.

“I see what you’re doing”, he hissed, “I told you we can’t and I stayed away, you should do the same. Why don’t you listen?”

“Believe me Happy”, you licked your lips, “This is me listening you. If we were doing this my way… I would be taking you to your bedroom right now, do everything I want to”, you leaned closer to whisper on his ear, “It would be so good Lowman. You had no idea. Aren’t you curious to see what I’m wearing under this dress?”

“It’s not gonna work”, he pulled back and swallowed. You just smiled and walked away.

If I had it my way, I would take the lead
And if I had it my way, I would take you deep
If my body had a say, I’d get it off my chest
Show you all the red lace underneath this dress

You had to admit, break Happy Lowman wasn’t as easy as you had thought. You had sat across the room and had been staring at him for the past half hour. Your eyes had met a couple times, but he was determined to act nonchalant and drink his beer. You decided to enjoy the party then, dance for a while. You were alone at the dancing floor, but then a hangaround came closer. You turned around to dance with him, but before his hands could touch your hips, a furious Happy Lowman was pulling you away.

“Happy!”, you tried to get his attention but he only stopped when you were on his bedroom. Instead of yelling at you as you thought he would do, Happy pulled you to him, fiercely kissing you. You tugged on his kutte, the other hand held his wrist as he cupped your face.

“Fuck!”, he pulled back and hissed, “Why are you torturing me? I said we can’t”

“Stop Happy”, you whispered, “We both want the same thing, I see the way you look at me… And our kiss the other night! We can’t deny it”

“Is this what you want?”, he asked, still cupping your face, making you look at him.

“Yes”, you whispered.

“Damn it little girl”, he closed his eyes and shook his head, “You will get what you want, but we’re doing this my way”

And our eyes are crossing paths across the room
There’s only one thing left for us to do

Happy let you go and walked backwards, his eyes darkening. “Strip”, he just said. You swallowed and reached for the zipper on your dress. His pupils widened when he saw the red lace covering your skin, but he just watched and waited. You unclasped your bra, letting it fall on the floor, then you took off your panties and heels. Your skin was warm under his look and you were already wet. “Lay down”, Happy commanded and without a second thought you obeyed, your eyes never leaving his.

You watched Happy calmly sit down to take off his boots and put his clothes perfectly folded on a chair. He walked to you, only in his boxers, and took his time admiring your body. He hovered over you and brushed his lips on yours, “You’re absolutely stunning”, he whispered and then kissed you. His hands roamed your body, slowly caressing your skin.

“Happy”, you begged when he moved his mouth to your neck. You spread your legs, desperately needing some friction. Happy pulled back and pinned your legs in bed when you tried to wrap them around him.

“I said we would do it my way”, he warned you. You sucked in a breath as he kissed down your body. His hands weren’t near where you need them most and you were trying hard not to squirm under him. You needed more, faster, harder. You needed Happy.

You can touch me with slow hands
Speed it up, baby, make me sweat
Dreamland, take me there 'cause I want your sex

You could only feel, your eyes closed as his lips continue to explore your body. You whined as you felt his hot breath on your core, but neither his tongue or fingers touched you. “All fours”, Happy commanded again. You looked over your shoulder as you turned your back on him. “Bend”, he said and you did, then he finally gave in. Happy slowly licked your pussy, savored you. You moaned as he flicked his tongue over your clit, making your walls already clench for him.

“Please”, you whined.

“Please what?”, he asked, tightening his grip on your hips.

“Your fingers”, you begged, “Please I want them inside me”

“Hmm”, he hummed and teased your slit with a finger. You tried to move your hips, but Happy pulled back and grabbed you, “Stay still”

Your tried to, as he slowly slid one finger inside you. Happy pumped it a few times before add a second finger as his other hand caressed your back. His fingers were hitting just the right spot inside you, your moans were louder and your body was in control, your mind blank.

“You are close, aren’t you baby girl?”, Happy asked, softly kissing your lower back.

“Yes”, you whimpered and then his fingers left you, “Happy”

“Patience gorgeous”, you heard Happy walk around the room. He stopped next to the bed and you glanced at him. Happy took off his boxers and grabbed a condom. You licked your lips and propped your body up on your arms. Happy smirked at you. He spread your legs and made you moan sliding his cock through your folds. He slowly pushed inside you, stretching your pussy to welcome his thick member.

“Fuck”, you hissed, biting your lip.

“Yeah”, Happy growled behind you, “Is this what you wanted baby girl? You wanted me to fuck you”

“Yes”, you moaned as he slowly pulled out, “This is what you wanted to, fuck me”

“From the very first time I saw you”, he admitted and pounded inside you. He squeezed a breast and moved his hand to rub your clit. He thrusted deep, hard and left hickeys your skin. You moaned his name, your fists grabbed the sheets. He growled and panted as you clenched around his cock, getting closer again.

“Hap…I can’t…I’m gonna come”, you whined.

“Let go baby girl, just let go”, he whispered on your ear and your body convulsed in an orgasm. Happy caressed your skin, he pulled out of you and gently laid you on your back. He kissed you as he entered you again. It wasn’t urgent anymore, his pace was slow and he kissed you. You moved a hand to your still sensitive clit and rubbed it. “Y/N”, he grunted.

Happy picked up a pace again and you felt your walls pulsing. He was deep inside you, grunting as he came and you whispered his name. You both were breathing deeply and looked into each other’s eyes. You kissed him; a smile was on his lips. You didn’t know if you should cuddle with him or not. He got up to throw away the condom and you watched him. Happy got back in bed and laid by your side, looking at the ceiling.

“Hap…”, you carefully said, “I know you think we shouldn’t have done it. I know my brother is your best friend and I should be off limits but… I don’t care what he thinks and to be honest, he wouldn’t fight with you or something, he would let us do what we want”, you sighed and laid on your side to look at him, “So…What now?”

“I’m glad you didn’t listen me”, he turned his head to look at you.

“Yes?”, you smiled as he put a strand of hair behind your ear.

“We’re gonna do it your way from now on baby girl, whatever you want”

If my body had a say, I wouldn’t turn away
Touch, make love, taste you
If my body told the truth, baby I would do
Just what I want to

There’s only one thing left for us to do