ch: gwaine

You just know that if Gwaine had been a knight before Morgana turned evil that he would have scammed on her so hard.

And Morgana would have been absolutely repulsed by his advances (though secretly his smile made her weak in the knees) and call him a “petulant drunk and shameless flirt” and he’d call her a “stuck up princess” who wears too much lipstick (“but it’s okay, m'lady, I can help you take it off”)

And they’d bicker all the time.

And Merlin and Gwen would fangirl about it together and come up with a plan to get those two together once and for all.

And Arthur would give Gwaine the big-brother threat.

And Gwaine would kiss Morgana during a particular heated argument (bow chika wow-wow).

And Arthur would punch Gwaine in the jaw for it.

And the love affair would begin and it would be so heartbreaking for them both when Morgana turned evil and betrayed them all and

Wow I didn’t realize how much I wanted this until now.