ch: gwaine

Being married to Sir Gwaine would involve...

For @skymundane477 (sorry there’s no gif, I’m on mobile!)


• So.Many.Pickup.Lines

• “You’re almost perfect. But I don’t like your last name, would you like to have mine instead?”
“Gwaine, we’re already married.”

• Watching him in tournaments, because you’re his lucky charm

• Being relationship goals

• So many kisses; goodbye kisses before he goes away with the knights, good luck kisses before tournaments, stolen kisses when he passes you in the castle, just too many kisses. You’d never complain though

• Having races when you go horse riding together

• You always win

• Dragging you out in the middle of the night to look at the stars

• Embarrassing you in front of your friends with terrible singing and poetry

• All the knights teasing him about how besotted with you he is

• Being terrified during the last battle when you’re working with the healers, because you haven’t seen him for hours

• Finding him after the battle and neither of you leaving the other’s side for days because “oh gods I almost lost you”

• Y'all live until a good old age becAUSE I DO WHAT I WANT, BRING BACK GWAINE 2K16