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Merlin + Arthurian quotes

But Sir Gawaine had a custom that he used daily at dinner and at supper, that he loved well all manner of fruit, and in especial apples and pears. And therefore whosomever dined or feasted Sir Gawaine would commonly purvey for good fruit for him, and so did the queen for to please Sir Gawaine; she let purvey for him all manner of fruit, for Sir Gawaine was a passing hot knight of nature.
Sir Thomas Malory | Le Morte d'Arthur (Book XVIII, Chapter 3)

Gwaine’s relationship with Merlin is/was so underappreciated and heartbreaking. Like, here’s this man who absolutely would risk anything for his only friend who he loves, but is always overlooked because Merlin has give so much attention to Arthur, yet Gwaine totally understands and would still do anything for Merlin. That’s friendship. That’s love.


You both watched as Gwaine sauntered onto the training feild and prepared himself before beginning the training session with the rest of the knights. Percival stepped forward and lifted his sword and smirked at Gwaine. Laughing at him Gwaine stepped foward and… BAM! His sword swished into a bouquet of flowers, “What the fuck, why does this keep happening!” You and Merlin started laughing until Gwaine turned around, “MERLIN, Y/N!”