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@andlatitude asked “Fitzward‘Apparently I kept repeating “I have a To-Do list this summer and he’s on it”’

Leo didn’t make a habit of waking up next to people that he barely knew.

He also didn’t make a habit of waking up next to people that he more-than-barely knew, without having a real memory of how he got there.

And he really didn’t make a habit of drinking so much that when he woke up in bed next to the guy he’d had a crush on for the last few weeks, he didn’t remember how he’d gotten there.

First things first…

Lifting the bed sheet, Leo sighed in relief. He was still wearing clothes. Granted, those clothes were his boxer-briefs, and a t-shirt that definitely didn’t belong to him, but he didn’t usually get dressed after sex. Not this much, anyway. It helped that, when he looked at Grant, Leo realized that the other Shield Insurance call center worker was wearing a pair of sleep pants.

All right, okay.

Maybe he hadn’t scored and completely forgotten.

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@andlatitude asked “Fitzward + ‘We’re the last two people on the late bus and there’s only one seat between us’

Leo hadn’t intended to be on the bus this late, but it had happened. They had all lost track of time, during their Doctor Who marathon, and Leo had been lucky to catch this very last bus. He could have stayed standing, as, when he’d gotten on, the bus was full of college students heading home from the bar – or heading out to it – and they’d been taking up nearly all the seats. There had been one left unattended in a row of three, however, and Leo had taken it.

That had been thirty minutes ago. Now, the bus was heading towards the other end of the city, and there were only two of them left.

Leo, and the guy sitting at the window, staring out into the darkness, his right knee bouncing anxiously.

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Agents of shield 4x16

Wow. Just wow. Welcome to the framework everybody.

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