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Why is Stannis so insensitive with Davos in the grieving of his sons? Not a single word, and he may even have thought about it but doesn't say anything. Also, how come to believe that Gilly was in a fully consensual relationship with... well, you know. A last thing, was "Joffrey on the Trident" akin to "Aerys on Duskendale"? The event which proved him that, no matter his power, no matter his reputation or those of his protectors, Arya could have killed him if she willed it? Cersei on ACOK.

1) Because this:

The king isn’t very good with, how you say, explicit emotional connections. That’s not to say Stannis doesn’t have his own deep-running feelings for the people around him (including Davos), but GRRM has him shield them for the most part so that when they break through, even a little bit, it’s all the more powerful. 

2) Stannis registers disgust at the incest, but he doesn’t imply that Gilly consented, and if he knew the details of Craster’s rape factory, I think the king who castrates his own soldiers when they rape wildling women would be horrified and enraged.

3) I think that works to a certain extent–it was certainly a humiliating moment for Joffrey. However, the Defiance of Duskendale has been explicitly cast as a major turning point for Aerys, after which he got much worse. I don’t know that there’s quite the same clear, significant distinction with Joff pre- and post-thrashing.