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He was a boisterous, pallid, nimble, wide-awake, jeering, lad, with a vivacious but sickly air. He went and came, sang, played at hopscotch, scraped the gutters, stole a little, but, like cats and sparrows, gayly laughed when he was called a rogue, and got angry when called a thief. He had no shelter, no bread, no fire, no love; but he was merry because he was free.

“I will take this for my payment. It is frightfully ugly and will serve me little. The peacock has been strutting far too gallantly and needs his feathers plucked. You think you are a baron, but I know you are a thief,” Gavroche teased.


k so after amy and i mutually screamed at each other over how adorable montparnasse and gavroche’s friendship could be, i drew a thing and she wrote a thing to go with it.

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les mis movie meme

[five] deaths » Gavroche Thénardier | 3/5

The bullets ran after him, he was more nimble than they. He was playing an indescribable terrible game of hide-and-seek; every time the flat-nosed face of the spectre approached, the gamin snapped his fingers.

One bullet, however, better aimed or more treacherous than the others, reached the Will-o’-the-wisp child. They saw Gavroche totter, then he fell. The whole barricade gave a cry; but there was an Antaeus in this pigmy; for the gamin to touch the pavement is like the giant touching the earth; Gavroche had fallen only to rise again; he sat up, a long stream of blood rolled down his face, he raised both arms in the air, looking in the direction whence the shot came, and began to sing.

He did not finish. A second ball from the same marksman cut him short. This time he fell with his face upon the pavement, and did not stir again. That little great soul had taken flight.


“How do you do?  My name’s Gavroche.”
   –Robert Madge as Gavroche, LM 25th Anniversary Concert

so im sure y'all know this painting and there’s been enough people to point out that the boy next to Marianne was the inspiration for gavroche so i wont mention it again


you know what else this painting inspired?

the fucking june rebellion

as everyone knows the painting shows the july revolution and it was exhibited for about a year after it as a memorial of sorts for the revolution because Delacroix wasn’t there when it all went down so if he couldn’t fight for his motherland he’d paint for her

but after a year the current powerholders hung it somewhere less public because they suddenly realised that it was promoting revolution (what a shocker)

and then BAM a few months later June Rebellion and they gave the painting back to Delacroix so he would hide it

i just

it not only inspired gavroche, it inspired the whole damn rebellion

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