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I am so in love with the concept of Modern AU Montparnasse who is just completely smitten with the two littlest Thenardiers. Like, “Yes, I KNOW I don’t like humans generally, but these are my BOYS!” His face lights up whenever one of them comes in the room, and they’re the only ones besides Jehan who is allowed to hug him. (Gavroche used to hug him too, but then he decided he was “too old for that”.) Just… ‘Parnasse doting on these tiny boys.


Personally my favorite Les Mis AU is the one where Jean Valjean picks up the barricade and walks away

I’m watching Les Miserables on FXM, and I forgot how Aaron Tveit/Enjolras delivered the line “We’re the only ones left.” He says it as if his decision to remain and fight at the barricades is the most natural thing in the world. He says it with nonchalance, prepping a rifle. But the way Enjolras’ voice goes small when allowing men to leave if they wish makes it clear that he’s scared. He might have been prepared to die, and he is, but he’s scared nonetheless.

It makes it really nice that Gavroche starts to sing, “Do You Hear the People Sing?” like he’s comforting Enjolras. 

LES MIS MODERN AU — broship aesthetics: grantaire & gavroche

making a mess, sarcastic quips, shooting hoops and basketball tricks, roaming the streets, doing impressions, setting up elaborate pranks, getting bored of activities halfway through, going out for pizza, twisting their cap round on their head, wearing the same t-shirts for days, going out of your way to do each other favours, always having an apple in your pockets, energy drinks, pokemon, all-out halloween costumes, staying up way too late. (requested by anonymous) 

Gavroche has hated every one of the people Eponine’s dated.
He hated how they took up her time and how they disregarded Azelma and him.
He hated the awful, loud friends they’d bring over.
He hated how they made Eponine cry at night when she thought he was sleeping.
He hated that he was too small to do anything about it.
So when Gavroche noticed Eponine’s crush on the cute customer who always bought to much chocolate, he was determined to set them up.
Cosette becomes Eponine’s first soft partner.
She loves her and she loves the kids.
She only makes Eponine smile.
(And she’s actually smaller than Gavroche)

I love the idea of Gavroche looking a lot like Grantaire. Same dark curly hair, same big nose, same blue eyes. I also love the idea of Grantaire using that to fuck with Enjolras

One day Grantaire shows up to a meeting wearing a green hoodie, ripped jeans, and a grey beanie.

Gavroche is there with him, wearing the same exact outfit, but miniaturized.

When Enjolras sees them, he stops dead in his tracks. A look of horror passes over his face as he whispers “There’s another one,” and has to hold onto a chair to keep from falling over.

Grantaire laughs about it for months and won’t let Enjolras forget about it for years.

  • ok but imagine Javert is the first responder to Eponine’s call to the police about her parents’ abuse
  • this means he’s involved with the trial, as a witness, which would be fine
  • except the case worker for the Thenardier children is having a hard time finding a place for them. No family can take all three (and they are NOT splitting up) and others are wary of their background
  • so she comes to Javert and is like “what these children really need is a good influence, ya know? Like a cop” and “your house is gorgeous, much too big for a single man living alone, don’t you think” and also “so what do you say? Think you can manage three kids on you own?”
  • and that’s how Javert ended up with temporary custody of the Thenardier children which would be fine
  • because Eponine and Azelma keep mostly to themselves which is fine
  • but then there’s Gavroche
  • He is always asking Javert questions, and playing pranks on the older man, or trying to snoop on his case files
  • once he almost found Javert’s porn stash of muscly, hot men (b/c lbr it’s not like he’s getting a lot of action) that almost gave the inspector a heart attack
  • but as he got to know them, he began to like them more
  • he totally saw why they didn’t want to split up, and was determined that after the lawsuit he would help them find a family
  • after seeing their parents in court, and getting an even stronger dislike of them, Javert is determined that these kids don’t end up like them
  • He plans to find them a good home…
  • only instead he decides that maybe he should be their family, so he legally adopts all three (more accurately they adopt him)
  • what I’m trying to say is just imagine singledad!Javert
  • Bonus: singledad!Javert meets singledad!Valjean at a pta meeting or something and they hit it off and maybe, just maybe they are no longer single dads… just imagine ok?

LES MIS MODERN AUbroship sibling aesthetics: eponine & gavroche

beanies and baseball caps, stuck-out tongues, sass battles, hipster headphones and retro walkmans, hanging out in local libraries, decorating bedrooms with glow-in-the-dark stars, always looking out for each other, milkshakes, rolled-up denim, sitting on concrete steps, being forever ready to fight, making up weird meals, shoeboxes of childhood collections, conversations from different rooms. (requested by anonymous)