ch: garret

it was a testament to his patience amongst other things that garret had not struck out against the man the first time he’d noticed him. it had been weeks ago, when the feel of the kill was still humming fresh in his lungs, and summer was only beginning to rear its ugly, muggy head. he’d been staking out a neighborhood park; looking for the hours he’d be able to find it desolate, and the stranger had simply been another face amongst many. his defining feature his eyes; fixed on garret’s every breath, less than stealthily. it had meant little – a spike in awareness. until garret had seen him again, and again, and again.

today would have to be the final straw. truthfully, he’d been foolish to even let it go on so long. he paced the street outside his would-be-victim’s apartment complex and waited until he was sure the stranger was close enough to see. then he slipped silently into the alley aside the building. how dare this inane being try to keep tabs on him? who was he to make this business his own? garret’s hand was moving before he was entirely sure of who was before him. but his grip struck true, to the neck of the other man, pinning him back against the brick. if this asshole thought he was going to steal his kill, he had another thing coming.

what do you want?


Newson, Garrett

Garrett, the youngest and most feckless Newson, married Lourdes Iana, the oldest of four in a family of semi-legal simmigrants. Their oldest girl Guadalupe is at college, but that still leaves Carmel, Laus, and Fatima at home, and another’s on the way; plus their recently adopted elderly dog Baron. Once she’s sure everyone’s out of the house, Lourdes allows herself a few minutes to wallow in stress and hormones. She’s happy - mostly - of course she is, only - Mama, and the baby, and the falling satellites, and Guadalupe off to college, and, and it’s all too much!