ch: garden snake

Patronus - Garden Snake

The garden snake has the uncanny ability to always know how people work. With their charm and grace, they weave through conversations naturally. With their piercing eyes that seem to be looking into your very soul, you can’t help but trust them. Though they may seem cold at the beginning, they let their guard down for those they feel are worthy, and they are the best judge of character. Despite their talent, they will always prefer a good book to a social interaction.

weird-adventurer  asked:

I've seen some of your drawings and I gotta say I'm impressed but I do have to ask: Why do you draw on blue paper?

Oh they’re sticky notes! ^w^

Scroll through enough of my blog and you’ll find some pink and purple ones too. It’s just whatever I have on my desk. I draw when I’m at lunch or when something’s loading. 30% of why my stuff’s all so scribbly and rushed ^w^

oh and Vaggie, Crymini, and what little I sketched out of Baxter belong to @vivziepop!