ch: fallen from grace


 - ; Black and white
      good and bad.
    Tales from ancient times
     tales to deceive your heart.
  Does one know, that in darkness there is light, and that in light there waits darkness? Hase one known that darkness slithers around as a poisonous snake, waiting to wrap itself around a heart till its beating cases to be heard and felt, until last breath leaves your mouth. Yet the darkness it spreads as a thief, hides everything and simply waits, for in the darkness there is light~ it is hiding from greedy hands and greedy mouths.
       And light, oh warm light which burn and illuminates the night like a white dove taking its first flight. But has one known that the light so precious and pure, so divine and almighty as Gods own life, only scorches and shines because in its deepest core…..the true darkness rest and waits till you call it out.

           Black and white
         good and bad.
     A tale so false and full of lies
       but no one knows who the liar is
        black or white,
     white or black…….

                                         they both cradle their own sins.

You trembled like you’d seen a ghost
And I gave in
I lack the things you need the most, you said where have you been
You wasted all that sweetness to run and hide
I wonder why
I remind you of the days you poured your heart into
But you never tried
I’ve fallen from grace
Took a blow to my face
I’ve loved and I’ve lost

You left my soul bleeding in the dark
So you could be king
The rules you set are still untold to me and I lost my faith in everything
The nights you could cope, your intentions were gold
But the mountains will shake
I need to know I can still make

Explosions…on the day you wake up
Needing somebody and you’ve learned
It’s okay to be afraid
But it will never be the same

—  Ellie Goulding
When you realise what you've lost

I have lost my authority
I have lost my seat at the throne
You have taken my crown and purple robes
Now take my gold and honour too
Take my strength and strip me of what I can do

Even my queen forsakes me
She sees no more prestige
No worth in being stuck with a fallen king
Fallen, fallen, fallen from grace
From a gem, a jewel, melted into waste

A surge of head clogs up my mind
No more of your presence to calm these nerves
An anger boils
An anger that is disallowed
It makes no sense because you no longer see me around

I have had enough of being second best
If you don’t want me, don’t pretend you’ll settle for something less 

I have seen what the men can do,I have seen the true darkness rise upon their soul as it devoured every bit of flesh,mind and heart.And yet you are forgiven if only you ask for forgiveness,no other species or race is given that right,only your kind has the right to reach the eternal land of pure bliss and tenderness that the so called father reigns over.You have the right to sin and still come back and bask in Heavenly Light!
The day he created the humans,these little creatures that walked the Earth so ignorant,unsuspecting to everything around them, he asked us to love you.Love you more than him.

Our beloved brother, the first morning star, rose above and fought.Making most of us believe that it was for the greater good, that it was for our father to see how much love and affection we held for him.Finding out that he only wished to stand above God himself was the betrayal that made my heart waver,it made me see how we bear the same evil inside ,made me question everything that I believed until then, but no answer came.
Years went by,my essence started to darken while the clutches of time made me look down to see how always you would be taken and embraced,no matter what sin you committed.


                                                        ƇӇЄƛƬƖƝƓ                                                            ƦƛƤЄ  

                                                                       ӇƛƦƛƧƧMЄƝƬ                                                      ƘƖԼԼƖƝƓ                          



God spared not the angels that sinned once and only once ever since their creation, but cast them down to Hell, and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment; and spared not the old world, bringing in the flood upon the land of the ungodly,wiping away the ‘dirt’ that the Original sin had brought with you.

And with you…..little humans I came.I must thank you ,for you gave the birth to the darkness and me….you are the sin itself~

                                   "Then so be it…Father.
        Let me show you the darkness that looms inside me as well,
                    let me feed off….what you 'love’ the most.
                            I forsake Heaven as you have forsaken me,
                             taint and burn these wings to black.
                         You have no hold over me….evermore"

                           I have seen the world come to be,
                        I have seen the first sprouts of green
                                   as first buds of flowers
                                     opened up with glee.

                            Burning sun from above the ground
                         cooling waters of seas deep and wide,
                        all came into motion as heaven and hell
                                           had split apart. 

She blew in on a summers night
Held promises with both hands, their grip tighter than ropes that binded her. With dreams for dreamers and a butterfly net, she chased her choices without regret.
Her expectations of a cold world was humbled by the warmth of the sun as her nights were guided by wishes and fireflies. She captured each in shattered moonshine jars.
She licked tainted lips soaked in whiskey as she prayed to the heavens for release. She begged for wings that graced her back and the ability of flight.
To soar through winds on Eagles winds, to live with the clouds of beds. Resting her soul on sunsets and placing her wants upon the moon. Living within the summer breeze, the wind in her face and prayers said from knees.
Fly with eagles as they swallow you whole, a purpose to glide and a reason to fall~


The sky will keep me from gracing the ground

Fallen From Grace | Brennan & Josephine | Personality AU

Josephine had been waiting for twenty minutes, staring at the closed door as she kept pulling on the barely existing skirt of her outfit. To say she was feeling uncomfortable was an understatement. The guards had their fun while escorting her to the building complex, letting their eyes wander along her curves nonchalantly as they licked their lips in what seemed to be careful consideration. Almost as if they decided that they wanted to take their turn on her eventually but probably were too cheap to go through with it in the end. Not that it mattered, either way she would have no say in anything that happened to her. A sad truth she had come to terms with years ago. She wasn’t built for a life in pain and she was a fast learner, having figured out in her first weeks in Asher that fighting would only result in more violence, leaving her bruised and broken. So she let them blow out the fire that once burnt furiously inside of her, only leaving a shell of her former self. And suddenly life wasn’t so bad anymore. She looked up at the door again, almost longing for someone to open it just so she wouldn’t have to kneel on the floor anymore. Alone and unwanted since the guards had left almost immediately as if they knew she was too much of a coward to actually attempt to escape. What was worse was that they were right. She was already terrified beyond imagination, her heart racing rapidly within her chest. Josephine Blake would never attempt to run away. The consequences weren’t worth the risk.

▓▒░ stars which fell░▒▓

;—⊰ ۞ ⊱—; As if a painter took a brush and made it touch the canvas of a serene night, added were there crimson dancing flames of twinklers which slowly fell. To the earth underneath, to the deepest darkness which light ever knew. From glowing white to sable black, those wings became tainted with ashes of thy sins so great, so obscure that Hell only be now their resting place.

                Teasingly ever when sun is to set, there was no day to be seen by eyes of those who slept, dead were by choices where housed now no regret. Fair those wings were carried by his grace, bewitching, when sunlight would gently kiss each feather away only to now had burned them to nothingness, so the raven became enveloped in dust of his own grave. Yet held he the shimmer of beauty oh so rare among others alike, a flap of his wings, and the Phoenix would rise from its dormant sleep, deep in Tartarus where his soul turned was sinister, filled with greed. Everlasting the void would remain within thy core.

                   Tales did come of those who lost were in Heaven’s above, the stars which once dwelled on the limitless horizon, there they were- no more. A blank space only gazed at those wondering eyes, hollow as the Ravens heart. Never allowed to beat anymore, never allowed to feel sentiments of rotten love. 

       Dancing above in limitless azure of his own, beneath that pale
moonlight which embraced him with its silvery glow,
there he is to remain until last glimmer of his star is to tarnish;
 Till nothing but into ashes will beauty of his existence be torn apart,
             blown away with the gentle breeze of a last,
                              burning kiss.

                     Oh, so bittersweet, repugnant and wonderful it will be…