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Cliff’s Edge, ch 12 (of 14)

Yes, you’re reading that right. Cliff’s Edge has gotten longer. This is not the final chapter. (But ch13 is nearly done with edits and will be up soon! You will like that. <3 )

(ch12 on ao3) (read from the beginning on ao3)

Rain or shine, strange bed or no, Alexei always wakes up at seven-thirty to work out before he starts the day.

However, he always wakes up at seven-thirty on the East coast. So the first time he emerges from sleep, he checks his phone and finds it’s four-twenty-two.

Fuck time zones,” he grumbles, and rolls over.

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I know there are SO MANY posts warning about the manipulative ways of men. But I will warn you again because men will REALLY try it. I want to post a screenshot but ist in Germany so ¾ of yall wont understand but there were so many stages all at once.

1. Negotiation “500 per meet is not worth it because ist not 24 hrs and….” blah blah blah. Nah boi. Take it or leave it. NO ONE is sleeping with your ass for free and you know it.

2. Talking about the things he already did for you - “I took you shopping,  I paid for your flight, I paid your bills ….” and another blah blah blah. Did I ask for that? Cause I solely asked to get paid my rate. Whatever you do extra is out of your own free will, don’t throw that card at me.

3. They will make you feel like a money greedy whore- “Theres no more connection between us, ist just about money and fucking now” Uhm… its not like I didn’t tell you from the start I wanted money? And please you only want sex, thats why you even agreed to this NSA relationship. Why you makin it so complicated?

And heres an extra for those in a Dom/Sub Agreement:

4. They will tell you you’re not submissive - “You’re disobedient for a Sub” …. And you’re abusive for a dom. Doms take care of their Subs. Physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. Stop appealing to my obedience. You weren’t taking care of me in the first place by talking yourself out of paying.

Health IS Wealth

Listen up hoes: The title says it all. As much as you all wanna sugar and get rich (cause who doesn’t) Y'all need to make sure that youre taking time offs and relax. Stress is going to kill you. Ive been recurringly sick and have been repeatedly getting infections because I have such a low and bad immune system now. Constantly wanting to escort/sugar and hustle to pay off my bills made me 1. Lack Sleep 2. Not eat right 3. Overwork myself 4.Constantly stressed due to lack of time for other things.

My body is paying for it and now I have more down times than availability because my anatomy is fucking forcing me to rest. After three weeks of Sinusitis (and taking goddamn antibiotics) I know have disgusting Herpes (lips because Im way too stressed) and swollen lymph nodes. I took some time off my agency and am currently taking it slow, sleeping as much as I can.

So moral of the story? Take it fucking easy at times. Aint no cash in this world that can replace your health. And number two: SW is NOT fucking easy.

Thinking about making a Snapchat and YouTube channel specifically about escorting and other sex work I have partaken in. I have so much information to share and Id like to see more woman doing this work safely and for the right price.

It absolutely KILLS me looking at some of these profiles on online escort malls. Beautiful young women charging 100 dollars an hour, and hobbyists just taking total advantage of them in review boards.

Of course I’m scared of really putting myself out there like that, but I think someone has to. I’ve really been considering it for a while. What do you guys think?