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The Fear Gorta.

Hellblazer #294

From Wikipedia:

“In Irish mythology, the fear gorta (Irish: Man of hunger / Man of famine; also known as the fear gortach) is a phantom of hunger resembling an emaciated human.

According to Yeats’ Fairy and Folk Tales of the Irish Peasantry the fear gorta walks the earth during times of famine, seeking alms from passers-by. In this version the fear gorta can be a potential source of good luck for generous individuals. Harvey relates a myth that the fear gorta was a harbinger of famine during the Great Irish Famine of the 1840s, and that the spirit originally arises from a patch of hungry grass (féar gortach).”

I want to take a moment of appreciation of Epiphany Greaves Constantine, because she was, probably, the only good (and the best) thing written by Milligan for “Hellblazer”.

I know, that she had her… stupid moments, and that their stories were boring or shitty, but she still was That Woman Who Gets The Idea Of Being John Constantine.

I really adore her for being there for John every fucking time. When he tried to trade her soul to the First of the Fallen, I was scared that she’ll leave him after that. But nope, it’s not Epiphany way. She understands him, she know, that if he did what he did, that means that he knew, what he’s doing. And oh my God, she never blamed him for “not being here”, when she was in danger, that perfect beautiful girl.

For so many years I thought, that no woman will beat Kit in John’s love life, but now I know that I was wrong. Epiphany did it. She’s the one.

At the moment she’s my favorite woman in this series, or even in comics, because she’s just… Uh, whatever.

And even if I hate whole Milligan run, I still will miss Epiphany very much.