ch: enjolras

Enjolras isnt romantic one in the relationship but he is the one who drops bigass bombs out of nowhere.

“I will be back around 7, so we can go together to the meeting. Oh, and I almost forgot, I love you.”

And They would be walking around Paris and Enj would just sort of be like “Anyways, I saw this apartment yesterday, we could afford it, we can move into it together next week”

And the one that almost made Grantaire choke on his tea “So listen, I think we should get married on Saturday and then grab some luch, what do you think?”

The cover image for Virago.  Mademoiselle Enjolras sees something: the glory of the past?  the troubles of the present?  the hope of the future?

Still not entirely sure how to place the title text.  I always hate covering up images with text…


— Faites-en deux d’un coup, dit-il.
Et, se tournant vers Enjolras avec douceur, il lui dit:
— Permets-tu ?
Enjolras lui serra la main en souriant.
Ce sourire n’était pas achevé que la détonation éclata.

Enjolras, traversé de huit coups de feu, resta adossé au mur comme si les balles l’y eussent cloué. Seulement il pencha la tête.
Grantaire, foudroyé, s’abattit à ses pieds. 

You know what I’d like to see? Canon era trans boy Enjolras.

Canon era trans boy Enjolras who is ‘as cold as ice’ because getting close to too many people would put him in danger.

Canon era trans boy Enjolras who has only ever gone by his surname; the Amis don’t question it, and before long everyone is only going by their surnames. Nobody ever asks.

Canon era trans boy Enjolras who falls in love with the infuriatingly intelligent cynic of the group but treats him harshly because god, to love Grantaire could cost him everything.

Canon era trans boy Enjolras who has only ever confided in Combeferre and Courfeyrac, who keep him close and guard his secret with their lives.

Canon era trans boy Enjolras who doesn’t fear death, and doesn’t fear the horrors of revolution, but fears being seen as a woman by society and having his voice stripped from him because this is the 1800’s, and he’s seen how women are treated by society.

Canon era trans boy Enjolras who is so uncomfortable and cold around women because he is trying desperately to distance himself from womanhood.

Canon era trans boy Enjolras who’s parents have no idea he’s involved in the revolution until their ‘sweet daughter’ turns up amid the bodies, dressed in a waistcoat and eight bullet wounds.

Canon era trans boy Enjolras.