ch: emma frost


I thought it’d be interesting, so I went and found all the emma frost redesigns i could that i’ve done. I’m sure there are more, but I don’t know where they are.

it’s funny that only one of these is actually official (or atleast used in a book - the fifth image)

the rest are just fun explorations i did over the last few years.

i don’t feel Emma should have just one costume, so I like adapting it depending on my mood or what kind of Emma I’m trying to get across. she’s one of the most fashionably versatile characters in comics, so that’s something that should be used.

Wanted to draw a bunch of blonde superhero girls and see if I can make them all look different XD I thought maybe one of them would have brown or green eyes (to ya know help me separate their looks a bit) but noooo they all have blue eyes too!! XD LOL

and some love for BumbleBee and Rocket~ (lol Rocket’s hair reminds me of Angel XD) I imagine Rocket having some swag while Bumblebee is more adorkable~ 

all characters belong to DC and marvel~


Okay, but just imagine a Jean Grey trained by Emma Frost from the very beginning. Charles Xavier, who trained Jean the first time around, was the most powerful mind on the planet. And we all know how that ended. But imagine a Jean Grey trained by the most controlled mind on the planet. Imagine what she could become. Imagine the incredible heights she could achieve.

The All-New All-Different Marvel Universe needs to get Emma into the mix with a quickness, because Emma and Jean have so much to learn from each other, and we the readers have so much to learn from a relationship between them that is characterized by mutual support and respect rather than spite and resentment.

from All-New X-Men vol. 1, no. 37 (2015)
Brian Michael Bendis and Mike del Mundo