ch: effie trinket


The reaping takes only a minute. Effie, shining in a wig of metallic gold, lacks her usual verve. She has to claw around the girls’ reaping ball for quite a while to snag the one piece of paper that everyone already knows has my name on it. Then she catches Haymitch’s name.


Careers train in a special academy until they’re 18, then they volunteer, and by that point they’re pretty lethal.

But they don’t receive any special treatment. In fact, they stay in the exact same apartment as you do. And I don’t think they let them have dessert, and you can!

inspired by Peacekeepers Don’t Knock

She threw her arms around his neck and before he had time to understand what was happening he was locked in her embrace.

by ellanainthetardis

first time drawing for this fandom guys! O.O at first i didn’t really see effie and haymitch as chibi but then this happened… and i can’t wait to make more! *-* ♥

i’m obsessed i tell you obsessed!!! ♥♥♥