Sterek Au-Into the woods

After crashing his car into a tree, Stiles disorientated stumbles his way into the reserve. Hours later as the night grows on, Stiles rests to catch his breath suddenly becoming aware of the shadowy creature, that has been stalking him from afar. There are no wolves in California, but apparently this guy didn’t get the memo. Instead of becoming the large canines next meal, the wolf guides him towards it’s den to take cover for the night, or risk freezing at the sub zero temperatures. Stiles knows his father is out there, looking for him. All he has to do is survive until he’s found, luckily enough his little wolf friend seems keen on making sure he survives the wild too. 

Derek Hale stuck in his wolf form since the age of sixteen, when a house fire burned away everything he ever loved, is surprised to say the least. Not only did this pale skinny, defenseless kid stumble into his territory but he obviously wasn’t capable of living through the night alone. Derek begrudgingly takes Stiles under his furry wing, and guide him back towards civilization. The preserve is a big place, it might take a few days but Derek was nothing if not determined. 

Then as a twist of fate, on their third night Derek transforms back into his human shape for the first time in years. Stiles is terrified, and jumps to conclusions. Because obviously Derek is some sort of anti-social wolf man who has been lying to him all along, and wants to keep Stiles in the wild to be best friends forever frolicking through nature. 


Eventually the birds must land [Stiles, Derek].

«I am the one keeping you alive».

ps, LET ME SING THE SONG OF MY PEOPLE or that one time I made everything sterek.

Fangirling w/ Derek Hale x Reader

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And here I am again in my boyfriends loft, sitting by myself and reading a good book on his couch, while waiting for Derek to come home. Half an hour earlier I made my way over there and as soon as I knocked on his door, he opened it, gave me a real quick kiss and left for another task ‘I don’t need to know about’, his words not mine. I do understand that he is very closed up about his past and isn’t ready to tell me everything. And since I knew some stories about his past relationships and the fact that we are barely dating for six months I don’t ask too much. Now I already lounge for an hour on the couch and change my activities from reading to social media to watching supernatural on the TV. Just as I was about to turn off the TV, an angry looking Derek stomped into the loft with an also very angry looking Stiles behind him. They screamed at each other for some reason, totally forgetting that I am sitting on the couch watching the whole scene unfold. “You’re so stupid, Stiles! Like all the time! Why can’t you just stop and go back to kindergarten!” Derek screamed, I have never seen him in a state like this and it slightly scared me. “I am the stupid one?” Stiles screamed back “You were the one who ruined everything! You are the reason this girl got hurt!”  It was literally a screaming match and I tried to somehow escape it by sneaking out, they wouldn’t pay attention to me anyway. I was nearly at the staircase, when Derek shoved Stiles into the wall and somehow growled at him, sounding like some kind of animal. Stiles looked a bit helpless, so I decided to step in and keep this already huge argument to a minimum. “DEREK!!! Let him breathe, please!” I said or rather yelled. Both boys heads shoot around, one looking like always, the other not really. Derek looked different, like blue glowing eyes and fangs. He quickly recovered and was back to himself. I stood there completely confused as to what just happened. “Derek? Why were your eyes glowing?” I asked suspiciously. He stood there a bit unsure and rubbed his neck as if he was thinking about a right answer. Stiles sneaked out the door as fast as he could to not be part of the awkward tension, I almost was thankful for it. “Look Y/N… You probably don’t believe me when I tell you this one so…” Derek stammered “trust me, I am going to believe you because there has to be an explanation for these glowing eyes” I smiled sweetly at him, almost ironic “Uhm… well… I am sorta kinda a werewolf…” Derek seemed a bit ashamed. “Wait! For real?” I asked with a hint of excitement in my voice “Yes. You need to have proof, so you see what a monster I am and can break up with me…” Okay now I was confused, like hardcore confused. Why I would break up with him, when I have the chances of having a werewolf as boyfriend, which would be incredibly awesome “Yup, I want proof!” I said with a smirk plastered across my face. As soon as the words left my mouth, he changed into a werewolf, with glowing eyes, fangs, claws and facial hair. I stood there shocked, probably looking like an idiot “Excuse me for a second” I spoke without thinking and rushed into the bathroom. You should know that I am a total mythology nerd, so Derek being a werewolf is practically one of my biggest dreams. Once I locked the bathroom door I started jumping up and down “Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! I can’t believe it, this can’t be true! Derek is a werewolf, my freaking boyfriend is a werewolf… that’s so cool, that’s so freaking cool!” I squealed very highly and loudly. In this very moment I became something I promised myself to never be again, a fangirl. I just fangirled in my boyfriends bathroom, him being the reason. Embarrassing. After about a minute or so I left the bathroom and met an almost laughing Derek, who tried so hard to not burst out laughing. “You were totally fangirling about me being a werewolf, weren’t you?” he said grinning. “Nooooooo….” I didn’t want to embarrass myself any further, so denying will be the best, I thought to myself. Derek came closer to me and closer and as he was just a foot away, he put his hands on my waist and pulled me flush against him. He looked down at me with hopeful eyes “So, you are not breaking up with me?” he asked, “Why would I ever break up with you?” I asked “I just found out that my boyfriend is a werewolf! That is freaking awesome!” I grinned up at him. His response to my statement was to lean down and capture my lips with his own in a very slow and passionate kiss which left me breathless. “So you are not scared?” he asked, just to be sure. “No, I just wanna have some answers” I smiled up at him. “Like, is the whole stuff true on ‘Supernatural’? And do you have a real pack? How are full moons for you? Is it true that…“ I got cut off by a pair of lips on mine and a grinning Derek, who seemed pretty happy that I didn’t run away.

Anon prompted: You were my rival in first grade and damn you’ve gotten really hot since then au

Beacon Hills High School reunions were always ridiculous affairs accordingto Stiles; the school put far too much effort decorating the gym to appear friendly to the kids that had suffered enough humiliation from Coach Finstock to think twice about even opening the invitation. No amount of maroon streamers or ‘throw back song’ playlists could cover up the life-lasting embarrassment faced while playing dodge ball every Friday. Nothing could erase that. Especially not when it was only a five year high school reunion. The humiliation was still fresh in your mind- you were yet to achieve anything in your life to prove Coach wrong and confidently show up and face your classmates.

As Stiles pulled up a chair to the check in table in front of the gymnasium doors, he thanked god it wasn’t his reunion. As much as he hated Scott for roping him into their senior Student Council and getting him to waste his Saturday evening handing out name tags, he was just glad that he didn’t have to act fake and impress anyone that night; he could just sit back and check out the twenty-somethings.

“Molly Tra… Trebow- No. Tribew..” Stiles and Scott had been sitting at the front of the gym for twenty minutes waiting for the rush of alumnus to show up, and Stiles’ inability to just sit and do nothing had started him on the task of pronouncing ever last name in front of him. “Fucking Christ- I know my last name is kinda hard to say, but this is ridiculous- Scott, how would you say this?” Stiles asked, shoving it into his friend’s hands.

“Umm, Trzebiatowski?” Scott guessed, scrunching up his nose as he stared at the mess of consonants.

“I am ten percent confident in your answer.” Stiles laughed, watching Scott still struggle to make sure he included every syllable. “But then again I have no better guess.”

“Let’s hope she spells her name when she checks in.” Scott sighed looking down at the clipboard in front of him and noticing the future tongue twisters they would encounter. “I don’t know any of these names. Why did they put us in charge of this?”

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