ch: dawn

Here’s a new illustration for my animation project DAWN. This is the main character portrayed here. Dawn will develop some special skills in her story. This is a study to try and get a feel for it. I will create more images like this one for more characters.

Several years after Lizzie is born, Dawn starts itching for another baby. But, she has one big obstacle: Getting Paul to want one, too.

She starts dropping hints to him, like, “Wouldn’t it be nice if Lizzie had a little brother or sister?”, but he usually only hums in response and says nothing more. Eventually, she takes a more direct approach: She tells him she wants to get pregnant again.

Paul’s response isn’t too enthusiastic. He loves Lizzie but doesn’t know if he really wants another child. Dawn spends the following weeks gently trying to convince him, but with no success. Meanwhile, his responsibilities for the league are fast approaching, and he has to leave for Lily of the Valley island soon. The day prior to his trip, he tells Dawn he’ll think about it.

Paul was already resolved that he didn’t want another baby and only told Dawn he would think about it to appease her, but while in his office on the island, he gets a call from Lizzie. They talk for a few minutes, and at the end of the conversation, she says, “I miss you, Daddy. I love you.”

That changes things.

When he returns home, he says he’d be okay with another baby. Dawn is absolutely thrilled, and they start trying to conceive right away. What follows are several months of negative pregnancy tests and a sinking realization that something is wrong.

Things start to look up when she gets a positive – but then she miscarries, and it breaks her heart. After some needed time to recover, they start trying again, still with no results. Finally, they go to a doctor and learn that Dawn’s chances of a viable pregnancy are slim. That’s when Paul puts his foot down and says they have to stop, because continuing on will only be torturous to Dawn.

Dawn is crushed. She comes home from the appointment still in tears, and Lizzie, who was being watched over by Maylene, is confused to see her mother so upset.

“Mom, why are you so sad?” she asks. “Don’t be sad.”

“I’ll be okay, Lizzie,” Dawn assures her, trying to calm down. “I just wanted you to have a brother or sister, and it won’t be able to happen.”

Mom, I don’t need that,” Lizzie persists. “I have you, and Dad – and Uncle Reggie and Aunt Maylene, and Cedar, and Ellis. And when I turn 10, I’ll have Pokemon, too!”

“Yeah…” Dawn nods.

“Can we watch a movie?” Lizzie asks, changing the subject.

“Mhm.” Dawn tries to smile. They end up watching some animated children’s movie together, with Lizzie on her lap and Dawn’s arms around her, and even Paul watches with them because he knows Dawn needs the support.

It takes time, but Dawn eventually comes to be at peace with not being able to have another baby, because she loves her family as is.

I redesigned Dawn last year, but kept putting off Lucas because I couldn’t think of anything

Anyway, I finally finished him, so here are my two redesigns! I’m sorry if Lucas looks dumb, I really couldn’t think of anything super awesome for him. ;; (Also since I got asks about Dawn last time, anyone is free to use these redesigns in fanart or whatever as long as you credit me, thanks!)