ch: dawn

Pearlshipping things for noodlerama

  • Ash being a male model for Dawn when it comes to measuring and trying fashion or styles or accessories
  • Ash and Dawn making it a point to occasionally go out to play ping pong together
  • Dawn making clothes for Ash for birthdays/holidays like scarves or mittens or sweaters and Ash bragging about them when he goes out wearing them and saying how they were made by a super famous and talented designer
  • Ash training with Dawn for his champion title match and using some of her coordinating techniques in the battle that wins him everything he’s always worked for and thanking her for her continuous support
  • Likewise Dawn watching Ash’s battles and them sparking inspiration for fashion ideas
  • Dawn absently playing with Ash’s hair when he falls asleep on her lap as she’s watching TV
  • Dawn always bringing back her leftovers when she goes out somewhere with like Zoey or someone and Ash lighting up when he sees her in the door way holding up a bag of food
  • Dawn being super insecure about her pregnant belly but Ash doesn’t even give her a moment to think about it because he’s always cuddling into her and putting his hands on her bump and gushing about the baby and how excited she is and how amazing Dawn is and things don’t seem as bad as she thought
  • Dawn getting stressed over work and freaking out as she gets dressed in the morning and not being able to tame her hair and Ash laughs and comes over and starts helping and brushing It for her to help her calm down
  • Ash catching Dawn singing into a hairbrush when she thought he wasn’t home and she gets super embarrassed but he picks up a comb and grins and joins her
  • Ash and Dawn just going through regular rituals of feeding and bathing their pokemon together and training with them in the backyard afterwards