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So in the DP episode “Tanks for the Memories”, which was mostly a Brock centered episode (a rarity in DP I assure you) we get this really great scene of Ash training with his Turtwig, and Dawn thinking back on her last devastating Contest failure. Thinking about what she did wrong and how she failed to get past the appeal round for the second time, which caused her to well up inside and start to cry. 

Ash then notices and is initially worried, though he assumes that she got something in her eye, and Dawn just goes with it, probably not to give him a reason to worry. They both then go off to run off to get some Ice Cream.

I want to say I like this scene so much because it shows how Dawn doesn’t put her own emotions before those of others who could potentially worry about her. And it once again shows how much Ash cares for his friends. I like to think Ash kinda did knew what was bothering her and attempted to take her mind off it when he offered her to go get a bite with him. Either way I felt that it was a really nice scene, if a bit sad as Dawn still hasn’t figured out what to do about her problem as of yet.

Dott Week Day 5: Discovering the Internet

I might do mermaids too, but for now I don’t know.

Aside from googling many dirty things, Scott found plenty of interest in youtube. He looks up any kind of videos, especially if they’re funny.

Dawn originally started out googling information about herbal medicines, teas, and other remedies to try and animal/nature protection sites. Out of morbid curiosity she looked up her and Scott and stumbled across the Dott tag …..

…..she also found the Nsfw Dott tag heheheheheheheheheh