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I really like how much you actually do with Doctor Conners. He's not a character I see played very often and I feel like a lot of people might have a tendency to gravitate more towards the Lizard persona, so it's nice to see what you do with Curt!

[ Thank u <333 Ye I’ve never seen him anywhere before I started playing him and I didn’t even know who he was until Jii and Deja watched the Spiderman movies with me a year ago but he’s a nerd and I love him !! I want to try to explore both sides of him, like Bruce and Hulk or Harry and Goblin. Right now the focus is on Curt but Lizard is absolutely going to come around sooner or later B) ]

“It’s not the science. Ned Leeds. Nick Katzenberg. Captain Stacy. Gwen. You brought them all back. Without hesitation. But not Uncle Ben. And I know why. Because he’d look at you the way only Ben Parker could. And he’d tell you… you’re wrong. Yes. You have the means. The power. But no responsibility.Spider-Man

Cover art for Clone Conspiracy Vol. 1 #004 (2017)

Art by Gabrielle Dell’Otto