ch: curt connors

“It’s not the science. Ned Leeds. Nick Katzenberg. Captain Stacy. Gwen. You brought them all back. Without hesitation. But not Uncle Ben. And I know why. Because he’d look at you the way only Ben Parker could. And he’d tell you… you’re wrong. Yes. You have the means. The power. But no responsibility.Spider-Man

Cover art for Clone Conspiracy Vol. 1 #004 (2017)

Art by Gabrielle Dell’Otto

Fed up with getting cooped-up indoors of the mundane apartment, Lizard (Curt Connors) throws a tantrum and upsets every super-villain in it. Luckily, Volcana (Marsha Rosenberg) keeps him in check with some TLC and not to mention, she has heat powers. And maybe Lizard just needs a heat lamp and mat. 

- Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars v1 #12