ch: cora hale

Threesome Series (Pt.1) - [Cora Hale & Isaac Lahey]

You were in your room, studying with Cora. At least, you wanted to study but once again, things turned out in a complete other way.
You had a boyfriend, and you never felt anything for a girl before… Until you met Cora.

Cora is that one exception that turns you on with the way she talks, the way she walks, how she bites her lips and how she moves her body.

So once again, instead of studying, you were lying on your bed, naked, legs open, Cora’s naked body pressed between your legs, leaning down on you to furiously kiss your lips.

You were enjoying it more than what you ever imagined. Things were so much easier with her, you knew what to do and she knew exactly what to do too, because you had the same body.
The way her hands were moving on your skin, so soft, so gentle, always slow and the way her soft lips were pressing on yours and on your skin.
It felt like heaven. You’re only fear in your moments of bliss shared with Cora after school was that your boyfriend could find out about you both, and you had no idea how he could react to it.

But you quickly chased these thoughts away, focusing on the slow motion of Cora’s lips against yours, returning her lusting kiss.

You could feel how wet you were getting only from her moves against you, pressing her body on you, skin touching skin, her body between your legs when she pulls away from the kiss and sits back up before crawling back on top of you.

You felt her lips leaving wet marks on your stomach, as she made her way back to you, stopping to catch each nipple in her mouth, hardly sucking on it, making you shiver before reaching your neck and finally back to your lips.

You placed your hands around her neck, pulling her mouth on you, wanting to get your tongue deeper in her mouth. She left out a low moan, biting your lower lip and pulling it up between her teeth before letting it go, looking into your eyes for a while.

You were staring back at her, she sat down and flipped her long hair on the side of her head, biting her lip as you opened your legs wider, knowing what was coming.
She leaned down on the bed, you could only see her naked ass up in the air, and her head between your legs, kissing and biting on your thighs.

You left out a small moan of pleasure and impatience, feeling her lips pressing on the skin over your clit.
That’s when the door opened. You jumped back up, scared to see one of your parents at the doorstep, so you felt slightly better when you saw only Isaac, looking quite in shock, but definitely less shocked than what your parents would have been.

“Isaac!” You exclaimed, closing your legs, trying to hide your naked body from him, even though he was your boyfriend, while Cora seemed to not even want to acknowledge his presence, sitting naked in front of you.

“Wha-What are you doing?” Isaac mumbled, staring at you both with wide eyes.

“Homework, can’t you see?” Cora harshly answered, rolling her eyes.

“I didn’t know that you… Liked girls, (Y/N)” He said, seeming like if he was slowly getting use to the view of you and Cora naked in bed.

“I don’t !” You shouted “I mean, I do, but only Cora…”

“you could have told me that we weren’t dating anymore…”

“But we are! I love you Isaac!” You exclaimed once again, afraid that he might break up with you.

“So… What’s all this? With Cora?” He asked, looking confused.

“We’re just playing Isaac, relax.” Cora said.

Isaac sat down on your desk, looking at the ground, trying to proceed what was happening.

“(Y/N) told me that you were pretty rough” Cora started, making Isaac look up to her with wide eyes. “Don’t you want to show us and join us? … We can share (Y/N). ”

“Did you tell her that?” Isaac asked you, slightly upset.

“I did… But she’s right, you should join us.”

“Why do you think I would?”

“I saw all the porn movies that you watch, you have a lot of lesbian movies…” You answered, making him blush a little. “I’m sure you’d love this”

But Isaac didn’t seem like he wanted to move, and you felt disappointed, you were more than okay at the idea of sharing a threesome with your boyfriend and with - kind of - your girlfriend.

“Whatever.” Cora said, impatiently. “He can watch us”

You didn’t have the time to answer, her lips were already against yours. She started with a tender kiss but it didn’t take long for you two to lay back down on the bed and madly kiss each other again.

You were slowly running your hands up and down her back, enjoying how soft her skin was, as she kept playing with your mouth, both of her hands on your breasts, holding herself up above you.

Already forgetting Isaac, you slowly moved your hands down to her ass, squeezing it, making a moan escape her lips, still pressing against yours.

You had to lift yourself slightly back up to be able to fully reach her ass. You moved your hand down between her legs, wetting your fingers as you touched her soaking core, moving them back up to her ass and slowly pushed a finger up inside her, making her loudly moan, knowing that it was what she loved the most.

She immediately started rolling her hips above you in answer, making you push your finger as far in her as you could from that position. You looked over to your desk, where Isaac was sitting. He had his arms crossed on his chest, head slightly tilted to the side as he was looking at you.

Cora violently pushed you back down on the bed, making your finger get out of her, she kissed you hard, before moving away from you, sitting down between your legs once again.
She pushed a finger inside you, making you moan of pleasure and quickly started to curl it inside you. You were moaning, letting her know that you liked it, so she got another finger in you, doubling the pleasure.

You started moving your hips, desperately wanting her further in but she was already as deep inside you as she could.

“Look at her, Isaac” Cora said, with a smirk, eyes locked to yours. “Look how she enjoys this…”

She curled her fingers to the max, making you arch your back in pleasure and loudly moan.

“But it takes a long time for her to come… To bad we don’t have anything bigger and harder to put inside of her.” She said, throwing a quick glance at your boyfriend, before curling her fingers in you once again.

You heard the sound of a zip and when you opened your eyes again, you saw your naked boyfriend standing next to the bed, his erection proudly up against his stomach.

You opened your mouth wide, asking for it, as you were used to. You moved to your side to be able to take him in your mouth and Cora moved behind you, her fingers still slowly moving inside you.

Isaac followed his habit and grabbed your hair in a ponytail with one hand, as he started mouth fucking you, shoving quickly up and down your throat, knowing that you couldn’t take this long until you felt like throwing up.

You were trying to catch some air, feeling like fainting from all his hard, fast, thrusts down your throat.

When he finally felt close, he pushed your head away, pulling out of you, letting you collapse on the bed as Cora moved her fingers out of you to gently stroke your sweaty wet hair out of your face.

You didn’t have much time to rest, not even enough to catch your breath, Isaac was ready to explode and he wanted to finish himself inside you.
He grabbed your legs and pulled you to the edge of the bed, shoving his dick in you and getting back to his fast thrusting, making him cum inside you almost immediately.

He pulled out of you and you turned around to crawl over Cora’s body, getting back to gently kissing her lips before moving to her neck.
Her hands softly caressed your back as you felt Isaac’s hands on your ass, positioning you right as his hard length entered you once again, making you gasp.

He started moving in and out of you slowly, giving long hard thrusts in you, allowing you to keep kissing Cora, fighting with her tongue in your mouth, as her hands kept sweetly moving over your body.
As he started going faster, you had to let go of Cora’s lips to be able to breathe. As you were getting closer, you could feel yourself becoming weaker, having two hands on each hip, firmly holding you in place as Isaac kept thrusting harder. You collapsed on Cora’s body, your head against her chest, ass up in the air, as they both were trying to keep you still.
You were almost there, holding on to Cora’s arms, breathing heavily against her skin as your boyfriend seemed like he kept going deeper and deeper inside you with every move.

You loudly moaned as you came, feeling him releasing himself inside you once again.

You hadn’t even fully caught your breath back when Cora strongly grabbed your shoulders, pushing you back up against Isaac so that she could get up.
Isaac was still standing up in front of the bed, his strong arms holding your waist tightly against his body as he leaned down to plant some quick wet kisses on your neck and you watched Cora getting dressed.

“I’m late.” She simply said, once she was ready, leaning down to leave a quick peek on your lips. “I told Derek I would be home one hour ago. And you both know Derek…”

She left your room, closing the door behind her, leaving you all alone with Isaac.
He climbed in bed to cuddle with you, looking quite satisfied of what had just happened.

“If I can participate, or at least watch, I have no problem with you being with Cora.” He quietly said against your ear, making you smile.


this is the story of the three Hale children. LAURA loved to invent; her brother DEREK, loved to read; and their sister, CORA… she loved to bite. My name is Lemony Snicket and it is my duty to tell you their tale. No one knows the precise cause of the Hale fire, but just like that, the Hale children became the Hale orphans.