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Aiden x Reader

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“What’re you doing?” Aiden asked as he walked into you room and found you throwing things around.

“Having a clear out… why what’re you doing?” You asked and he shrugged.

“Would you believe me if I said I was being nosey?” He asked and you smiled, giving him a tight hug before turning back to the drawer you were emptying.

“I missed you to you big dopey wolf.” You mumbled and he chuckled as he grabbed at a picture.

“This is cute, look how little you and Cora are!” He teased and you rolled your eyes.

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Dating Cora Hale Would Include...

Requested by two anons

  • Her being attracted to you from the moment you met
  • And she’s very confident
  • So she didn’t waste any time to ask you out on a date
  • (Which, of course, you said yes to)
  • And, after a few dates, you started officially going out
  • Which angered Derek
  • So he gave you the big brother talk
  • “If you do anything to my sister, I will not hesitate to kill you. Seriously. I have claws. No hesitation.”
  • And Cora getting very pissed at him for saying this
  • “What the fuck, Derek, did you threaten my girlfriend?!” “Yeah. What if she turns out to -” “Okay, just because you’ve had a few evil girlfriends, doesn’t mean that every Hale is attracted to sociopathic bitches.”
  • Cora always standing up for/protecting you
  • (Even though she knew you were perfectly capable of fending for yourself)
  • Cora being scared as hell to lose you
  • But not wanting to admit it
  • Cora was just very stubborn all around
  • But you were okay with it
  • Not matter how annoying she could be
  • PDA
  • All the time
  • Cora would always have her hand in your back pocket
  • Or her arm around your shoulder
  • And you kissed all the time
  • Both in public and private
  • Neck kisses
  • Always waking up with hickeys
  • Cora loving to kiss your collarbone
  • Placing light kisses along your shoulders/neck to wake you up
  • Really hot makeout sessions
  • You could have sex all day, everyday
  • Bondage kinks
  • Cora struggling to control her supernatural abilities during sex
  • But she soon learned to control it
  • Because you were her anchor
  • (Both emotionally and physically)
  • And she was your’s

Imagine Stiles and Derek have a fight and Stiles knows it’s his fault but there’s nothing he can do to make it up to Derek. Out of ideas and dreading the thought of breaking up with Derek, he runs to Cora and begs her for her help.

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Hey guys! Hope you can help me out. Looking for a fic where Derek and Cora are road tripping and Derek sends Stiles postcards from all the places he's been. Can't remember much more than that.

Pretty sure it’s one of these two  -Emmy

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From Where You Are by samslostshoe 

(2,456 I General I Complete)  *sterek

Three weeks after Derek and Cora skip town, Stiles begins receiving postcards from all around California, signed “D.”


Who would take the time to send him a postcard and then not give any indication of who he is except for one initial? Who would possibly go to all that trouble just to be uncommunicative and mysterious?
Of course, Stiles knows exactly who sent it.

The Fortress Round My Heart by drunktuesdays

(8,274 I Explicit I Complete)   *sterek

Cora wants to go on a road trip.  “Fuck this place,” she says vehemently.  “Fuck this toxic hellhole cesspit.”

Derek has nothing left, can’t disagree with her, so they go.

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I love that you're doing Sims Sterek! :D your pictures are so cute. but I'm so curious now like what are they like? what are their jobs? who else is in your sim world?? lol i'm sorry i just want to know everything now.

Oh man anon, I am spending WAY too much of my life on this game right now. It’s so addicting. But yes, alright, let me flail with you.

First, we’ve got the Hale House household, which consists of Derek, Stiles, and Paige. I created Paige mainly because I started the game and made about half a girl character before realizing I needed to make it TW!Sims, and I decided the character looked more like Paige than anyone else. But then I really liked the idea of Paige as like a childhood friend figure for Derek, and I also kind of wanted to see if Stiles and Derek would connect with a third character in the picture. (Which they did!! Immediately, with zero prompting from me.) 

(OK yes, eventual prompting. Because that’s how Sims works. But not initial prompting.)

So yeah, Hale household:

Derek Boyd
[I decided to give the sims different last names because… I don’t know why. Boyd was the third randomization that came up for Derek’s last name and I had to keep it.]

Derek’s a family-oriented, romantic, gloomy sim who’s also an amazing musician. He fell in love with his roommate, Stiles, pretty much as soon as they moved in together, and they developed a slow-burn romance over the course of a few months while he gained fame as a musician.

He’s particularly close to his big sister Laura, who lived next door to them in the city, and frequents the gym in between shifts at work. But he’s always happiest when he’s around his family.

Stiles Johnson
[Haha, get it? …I’m a dork.]

Stiles is a literal genius, which comes in handy for his career as a scientist. He’s also geeky and playful, and knows just how to get his husband out of a slump when he’s feeling down.

Paige Krasikeva
[Which is actually her real last name, but I made her first, before I decided to be cute about it.]

Paige is a writer with aspirations to become a bestselling novelist, and often writes stories inspired by her two roommates, such as Boy with the Blue Eyes, Don’t be Such a Sourwolf, SoulsickPretty Good Pair, Orange and Blue, and the surprise hit bestselling children’s book, The Adventures of Sheepgoat! 

Devon Johnson-Boyd

The angelic toddler daughter of Derek and Stiles. A quick learner and super sweet, she takes a quick liking to almost everyone she meets (although she does seem strangely put off by her “aunt” Erica…)

Devon’s adoption inspired the Hale household to move from their city apartment to the suburbs, where they built an awesome house by the river and settled in happily.

Which brings us to…

The Beta House

Erica Star
[Because “King” felt too obvious, “reyes” sounds like sunlight, and there was an option to get star tattoos on her back. *shrugs*]

Flirty but a romantic at heart, this outgoing and self-assured art critic knows how to go after what she wants. She’s quick to bond with strangers but is also tough when need be, and the handiest around the house whenever anything goes wrong. She’s also got a secret soft side which she expresses through painting, and is branching into books too because why not do it all, right?

After a few abstract flirtations around town she eventually fell into a windswept romance with her roommate…

Boyd Vernon
[Literally I just wanted everyone to call him Boyd, so I flopped the name direction.]

Boyd is a natural loner and a bookworm with “good guy” programmed into his DNA. It takes him a while to warm up to strangers and he usually relies on his wife, Erica, to handle the brunt of their social interactions. 

It’s a good thing his job as a tech genius lets him interact with clients long distance, but he has a handful of friends he’s particularly attached to, including Paige and Derek. 

[painting Erica made the day after she and Boyd got married. I can’t with them.]

Isaac Écharpe
[Because… I’m a dork. That’s the only reason.]

So I’m gonna go ahead and admit that I had no idea what to do with Isaac. Personality-wise, career-wise… with every other character something felt natural, but with him I was struggling so I ended up making him a neat, perfectionist foodie which comes in handy for his career as a chef. Isaac took an immediate dislike to Stiles (fitting), who made himself too comfortable in his apartment on their first visit, and their relationship hasn’t recovered since. He does have a lot of casual friends and gets along well enough with his two roommates, but he’s often tense and temperamental, and never really connected with any of the Hale household.

Alpha House

For a long time, Alpha house was just Laura, before I decided playing a one person household was too boring and made Cora Laura and Derek’s younger sister moved into the city. Most recently I’ve decided to combine Alpha and Beta houses together so I can keep an eye on all five of them at once, and they’re all living comfortably in the spacious apartment the Hale house vacated when they moved to the suburbs. I still think of them separately but they share space now *shrugs*

Laura Boyd

Is a confident, charismatic natural born leader. (Her aspiration is literally called “leader of the pack” because I couldn’t not.) She’s also moving up the ranks fast at the local police department, but she always takes time to look after her gloomy little brother and her younger sister, which might make trouble eventually because…

Cora Boyd

…is heading down a decidedly dark path since she moved into the city. Her naturally mischievous nature has pulled her into a life of crime as a ringleader for a number of crimes around the city, and she has a tendency toward kleptomania she’s got no qualms in indulging in. A natural tomboy and self-proclaimed “bro,” she enjoys sports and working out in her free time, and is playing the field with a pair of love interests after just a few short weeks in the city.

And ok, “official description” over with, I’m going to launch into the Extended Adventures of Cora for a minute because she’s new and might actually be my favorite character at the moment. I invented her halfway hoping she and Isaac might connect because I needed someone for Isaac to bond with, but their moods literally dropped to “bored” 30 seconds into their first conversation. But she ended up being really interesting to play anyway. I love the idea of Cora being a criminal, living one apartment-length away from Laura… and that they’re both still so genuinely close and cool with each other. I don’t know, it’s weird but I love it.

She also connected with Stiles right away  –– mischievous and playful, I should have guessed –– and they’ve developed an adorable sibling-relationship, jibing each other and generally being jerks to each other in a loving way, and he never gets annoyed by her “snark” (mischievous actions) the way other characters do.

She’s also casually dating two girls; the first one is someone she really liked at first named Jade.

but the second time they hung out Jade got weirdly pissed at her for no reason and the third time they hung out, Jade literally invited her to a bar and walked out on her six seconds later. So Cora went and met another girl, Luna (meant to be? :P) who’s sweet and romantic and Cora genuinely likes.

But… since Cora’s a criminal, she’s decided to keep seeing Jade as well… so she can pickpocket from her as payback, because she’s got kleptomaniac urges to satisfy and she’s not prone to forgive easily.

I mean… I shouldn’t love her, but she’s awesome.

So ok, these descriptions got a lot longer as I went on. I was trying to be good at first so I said nearly nothing about Sterek ;P But that’s everyone so far!


“Are you kidding me?” Peter said as he saw you and Cora waking hand in hand into Derek’s loft. “Why are you holding hands? Is there something going on between you two?”

“Does dating count as something going on?” Cora asked, her arm sliding around your shoulder.

“Damn it, Cora, you’re seriously dating someone who works with McCall and crew?” Peter asked.

“It would appear so,” Cora said, leaning over to plant a kiss on your lips.

Peter groaned. “Keep it the bedroom. For fuck’s sake, I’m your uncle.”

Dating Cora Hale Would Include...

☆ Derek didn’t want you to date Cora, so he believed if he intimidated you, you’d leave. When he first tried to scare you, you chuckled, assuming it was a joke and continued on your way. Derek, of course, was stunned while Cora was laughing her head off.

☆ When you and Cora saw something stupid at the same time, you both would simultaneously roll your eyes. Everyone found it annoying and cute. 

☆ Cora was protective. If you weren’t with her, she’d just show up wherever you were. In the beginning, you’d be startled, but soon you got used to it and assured Cora you were completely fine.

☆ Cora would initiate almost any physical touch. This would include kisses, hugs, hand holding, etc. Cora was the confident and dominant one in the relationship. 

☆ Cora would try to help you study, but studying with her just ended as a make out session. There was usually no studying done. 

☆ When Cora was jealous, she’d try to stay emotionless, but as soon as they laid a hand on you, her claws would come out. She’d rush over to you and drag you (who was shocked/laughing) away.

☆ Cora trained and sparred with you because sometimes she couldn’t always be with you. Training you allowed her to become a bit less worried when you were off on your own.

☆ Cora’s favorite sound was your fast beating heart when she came close to you.

☆ When Cora was grumpy or upset, you’d ignore her protests and cuddle with her. She’d end up pushing you onto the floor multiple times, but you never gave up. Cora would always submit to your cuddling sooner or later. Secretly, she loved you trying to cheer her up.

☆ Cora toured South America with you. She enjoyed watching your eyes light up when you saw beautiful scenery. 

☆ Cora rarely blushed, so you made it a game to get her too. You finally found her weak spot when you kissed her on the shoulder close to her neck.

A/N: I hope Cora Hale comes back in season 6B.

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