ch: cora hale


cora week - day one - favorite moment(s): 3.04 unleashed

all those rumors I heard. a powerful new alpha, one of the hales, building a pack—do you know how long I waited to hear something like that?

I want all my girls back

I want Allison and Lydia to be the best friends who know each other for years, love each other and comfortable around each other.

I want Cora and Erica to be the sassy and cynical best friend who are better then the rest and love to laugh at people’s obliviousness, and just start to get comfortable with each other.

I want Malia and Kira to be the new girls who stick with each other but really love each other and it’s obvious that if you see one, the other will follow.

I want them all to be a awesome gang of girls’ power that actually get stuff done and talk about things like periods cramps and boys and girls and how to stay alive in beacon hills.


Teen Wolf AU

Cora is the youngest of Beacon Hills High’s infamous Hales, and the up-and-coming star of the school’s soccer team. Constantly butting heads with team captain Jackson, it was only a matter of time before she caught the eye of Lydia Martin, resident Queen B and valedictorian candidate.

Lydia knows talent when she sees it, and it also doesn’t hurt if said talent is a very toned brunette who wears a lot of shorts.