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it probably is. but i hate the whole death as a major final plot point and then LOL NO NOT DED. and i dont want to give you false hope but after tumblr exploded because of the words or whatever gatiss tweeted a pic of andrew scott with the caption


I don’t want him to still be alive, though. Death was his victory.

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I actually would prefer it ended here too. I like somewhat open ended endings myself and I’m really not sure I want to see where they’ll opt to take things

[Is just barely awake cause they saw the time on the clock and forced themselves onlinfe] [Really should finish Supernatural]

Yes exactly thank you oooooh where are you?

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oh look I finally got far back on my dash enough for this opportunity /showers and smothers with lots of love and biscuits to go with your tea

dkfj;llhgj yesgood hi hello lovely dearest Kat how are you?

Browsing my Dashboard

And this post comes up. Immediately under it, this post.

Looking at the comments, I have to say that while it certainly isn’t the most flattering thing to be called out as a five year old or a nine year old, I’m sure we can at least give him credit for emotionally aging by four years in the space of a couple scenes ;)