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21 of November: One year of Face the Raven.

The spin-off we all need. 

But I guess it’s our story to tell… 

This is a project @enigmaticwho and I are working on at the moment. We aim to produce an anthology inspired by the format of the show; a series of stories following Clara (and Me) post-Hell Bent, and all of the adventures and challenges that await!

We’ve got a lot of exciting ideas, and will keep you up to date on our progress. So watch this space! And feel free to like and share, if you’re interested :)


Moffat Appreciation Week Day 1: A day in tribute of Clara Oswald

Clara Who?

Clara Oswald… What have I made of you? (The Doctor)

The Doctor was wrong. He didn’t make Clara Oswald into who she is in the end, she made the progress herself. Travelling with the Doctor gave her opportunities to use her traits to fit in that kind of lifestyle. But from the start, she was already curious, adventurous, and never gave up when confronting difficulties. She jumped into action using her new-learned technique to hack in computers. She used a leaf and its stories to defeat a fake god. She volunteered to negotiate with the ice warrior because no other could. She made the Doctor try to find a third way. In the Time of the Doctor, she came to the Doctor in different stages of his life, which was usually what he did to his companions. That marked an interesting difference of this character. It’s not him who walked into her life and then left, but the other way round. He stuck in one place and trapped in a linear timeline, she is ‘the Doctor’ in his life.

I wanted everything to stop. I wanted nothing to change ever again. (Clara’s gran)

Clara, honestly, I don’t want you to change. It was no bother, really. (The Doctor)

During series 8, the similarities between Clara and the Doctor were further emphasized. She used her talents to control situations and gain information better, at the same time, she was pushed onto the front line. In the past, adventures with the Doctor might bring consequences, people might hurt or even die, and she was aware of that, like in Clod War. However, it’s when she was the one who had to make decisions all by herself that she realized the real weight of responsibilities. Moffat once said, in Flatline the Doctor realized one truth that he might make his companions worse, not better. And to Clara, I think the similar awareness came even earlier. She said she was his carer, the one who helped him to develop a conscience. What if she didn’t bring goodness into their adventures? What if she made mistakes? Was she still the one to tell him what’s the right thing to do? Or was she the one who had to make impossible decisions and live with its aftermath?

She tried to quit this life, and failed. In Flatline, she took the leading role and saved the day in her own way. She felt happy and that stunned the Doctor. She didn’t lose her empathy, not really, but the way she considered things were different. The scale was bigger. Decisions put in front of her were much more complicated. She still tried to save everyone, and to do that she would choose problematic methods. She lied to the Doctor to make him go back to his TARDIS. She said, “I don’t want to be the last of my kind.” to convince him to leave her, to live. She urged Lunn to risk his life, knowing he might be okay but didn’t try to comfort them in the way she used to.

She and the Doctor became more and more alike. They ran together, eating up all the time and space, saving planets, enjoying every minute of their lives, until her mortality caught up. She was almost like him, almost, except one thing. When Time Lords regenerate, human dies. So she died. Clara Oswald died for who she was and who she loved. She died pursuing the way she wanted to live a life. Then she ‘regenerated’. She wasn’t not dead, she didn’t have regeneration energy, and she didn’t become a Time Lady. Because she didn’t have to. She was and will always be just Clara Oswald. Clara who planned to see 101 places before the Doctor met her, Clara who stayed for help after his regeneration, Clara who ran like hell and tried to live the most out of a human life, and Clara who now flies a TARDIS, heading to endless adventures among the stars.