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The Human Cast of Walt Disney’s Cinderella (1950)

Clockwise from top left: Ilene Woods, the voice of Cinderella; Eleanor Audley, the voice and reference model for Lady Tremaine; Rhoda Williams, Eleanor Audley and Lucille Bliss, the voices and reference models for Drizella, Lady Tremaine and Anastasia; Helene Stanley, the reference model for Cinderella

All photos and info via Cinderella: A Dream Come True

disney princess aesthetics
  • Snow White: the warmth in a loved one's smile, getting flour everywhere when baking, but getting to lick the spoon, curling up on a saggy couch, sticky tree sap, watching cartoons on a gray day, sunlight after a storm, staying up late with your favorite people, birdsong in the morning,
  • Cinderella: the smell of clean clothes, bubble baths, putting your feet up after a long day, dewdrops sparkling in the morning sun, sitting under willow trees, the clicking of heels echoing in a large room, cut gem stones, singing when no one else is around to hear, polished silver, starlight,
  • Aurora: blooming roses, walking barefoot through grass, petrichor, peaceful solitude, carving initials into a tree, twirling in skirts, the trickling of a stream, daydreaming during lessons, juicy berries, gently brushing hands when no one is looking,
  • Ariel: doodling while taking notes, cherry lip gloss, stargazing, running until your lungs want to burst, threading fingers though soft hair, fireworks, placing your hand on water and not breaking the surface, hearing an old favorite song, the taste of salty tears, feeling at home,
  • Belle: intricate wood carvings, illustrations, the crunch of leaves beneath your feet, silk sheets, satin gloves, a pen gliding across a page, sunlight streaming through a window, freshly baked bread, that new book smell,
  • Jasmine: purring cats, fruity drinks, exotic perfumes, scrapping your knees, painting your nails, cooling sweat on the back of your neck, city sounds, basking in the sun, picking up smooth stones, the gleam of moonlight on soft skin,
  • Pocahontas: long walks to nowhere, bleeding watercolors, rolling down grassy hills until your clothes are stained green, deep breaths, the wind blowing through you hair, the smokey taste of burning wood, weaving daisy crowns, roaring rivers, feeling secure in someone's arms, clear skies,
  • Mulan: polished steel, flower petals, cold air nipping at your cheeks, chapped lips, yards of silky fabric, rough hands, cleanly flooded paper creases, sipping hot tea, relaxing strained muscles, being reunited with loved ones after a long time apart
  • Tiana: powdered sugar, comfy shoes, refreshing swims on hot days, blinking city lights, savory home cooked meals, the warmth and familiarity of your own bed, constellations, the lingering scent of a meal after it's been put away, smiling until your face aches, trying new things,
  • Rapunzel: coloring outside the lines, welcoming hugs, fine needlework, getting dirt under your fingernails, sunlight catching specks of dust, mixing globs of paint, pressing wildflowers in a book, sugary icing, carbonated drinks tickling your nose, a familiar lullaby,
  • Merida: wind whipping through your hair, oversized sweaters, sloppy handwriting, red sunsets, bruised elbows, that slightly sunburnt feeling after spending all day outside, mismatched socks, bonfires, the sturdy feeling of an old tree trunk, hidden paths through the forest,
  • Anna: checking every few moments to see if the brownies are done, wool mittens, bubble gum, being excited about seeing a dog, hot cocoa with whipped cream and cinnamon, butterfly kisses, pants with holes in the knees, brightly colored hair, too many pillows, drawing pictures in the fog on a window,
  • Elsa: snowflakes on eyelashes, high heels, fern frost, the smell of hair dye, porcelain, mint toothpaste, sharpened pencils, salads with crisp lettuce leaves icy cold metal, pressing your forehead against a cool windowpane,

Cinderella: A Dream Come True is a GREAT Disney ‘Art Of’ Book

(…and Amazon is selling it for less than a dollar!)

Cinderella: A Dream Come True may only be 8" tall, but it is PACKED with GORGEOUS CONCEPT ART and insightful behind-the-scenes anecdotes.

The first half of the 160-page hardcover is a delightful re-telling of Walt Disney’s Cinderella. What makes this 'storybook’ section so special are the illustrations. The book uses crystal-clear stills from the film, Mary Blair’s pretty pastel concept art and various pieces of pencil animation and storyboard excerpts to bring the text to life.

Reading this half of the book reminded me of the magnificent bonus feature on the Beauty and the Beast DVD that showed the entire film using only unfinished animation, concept art and storyboards. It’s amazing to see how much of the film’s final emotion is there even at the earliest stages.

The second half of Cinderella: A Dream Come True – the making of the film – is the REAL treasure here. It is everything an animation fan wants in a 'making of’ book. Page after page of BEAUTIFUL paintings, pastels, pencil animation and charcoal renderings – all created by the classic Disney Studios artists while they were at the height of their abilities. What’s more, there are images in here that have never been re-printed anywhere else!

The book also includes lots of funny and fascinating anecdotes by the film’s cast and crew. Damned near every one of Walt’s famous 'Nine Old Men’ gets a chance to share their experiences. Also included is a nice section about the songwriting team of Mack David, Jerry Livingston and Al Hoffman. As a Disney nerd, it’s not often that I come across a book containing info I’ve never read before. Cinderella: A Dream Come True brings the new – and lots of it.



                                                             I am Cinderella.
                                              Your Majesty, I am no princess.
                                     I have no carriage, no parents, no dowry.
                               I do not even know if that beautiful slipper will fit.
                                    But, if it does… Will you take me as I am?
                                        An honest country girl who loves you.