ch: chris halliwell

(Crossover-ish) AU: When Wyatt Halliwell decides to take over the world, he enlists his brother to help him. Chris, however, does not share Wyatt’s warped, evil views. Eventually, he runs away. Having left everything behind, he lives on the street, hides from his brother’s probes and tries to save innocents from Wyatt’s demons whenever he can.

One day, Chris gets caught trying to steal some food. A police officer, Michael, a kind and perky young man, happens to be at the same store. He feels sympathetic to the homeless youth. He pays for the food Chris tried to steal and lets him go without any punishment.

After a few more chance encounters, Michael learns that Chris is a witch in hiding. Michael is anything but a sympathizer of Wyatt’s, and, feeling a strange connection, he offers to let Chris stay at his place. It does not take long before their new friendship turns into something more…

I just feel like it could be fun to see two of the most handsome men share the screen. :D They might balance each other out, too. Chris could help Michael become more grounded and mature, while Michael’s influence could make Chris realize he’s allowed to have fun once in a while.