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Chibs walks into his house at 1:00 in the morning and looks around, seeing the lights still on and light tapping on a keyboard.  As he turns the corner, he sees you sitting on his bed with your hair pulled up into a small bun, three pens in your hair, and textbooks open surrounding you.  He leans against the doorframe and crosses his arms, waiting for you to look up and notice him.  
“Jesus Christ.”  You mumble under your breath.  He watches with a small smile as you turn and mark something in the textbook to your right and stuff yet another pen in your hair.
“Love?”  He attempts but you ignore him.  You continue typing and staring at your computer screen while ripping one of Chibs’ sweatshirts, mumbling about the heat.  You now sit in your sports bra and shorts.  He snaps his fingers, “(Y/N)?”
“Jesus!”  You jump from your spot seeing him in the doorway.  You look over at the clock next to his bed and your eyes widen.  “Chibs, sorry.  I know I said I was going to leave after my shower I just got side tracked.  Someone from my class sent me their paper to review before the due date and then I remembered I needed to do my other work, I lost track of time.”
“How long have you been on the computer?”  Chibs makes his way into the room, stopping to toe off his boots and slide off his kutte.
“When did you leave?”  You wipe your hand down your face and rub at your eyes.  “Wait, weren’t you going on a run?”
“Jax took someone else.  Decided to give me the weekend off.” Chibs says.
Chibs goes to move a book, “no!  Hold on.”  You say as you quickly make a mark in the same book and close it with the pen inside.  You carefully shut all of the books and put them on the floor.  He sits down on the bed next to you and pulls the laptop from your lap.  “Chibs, babe, I got to save all of the work I did.”
“I got it.”  Chibs clicks the button and then closes your laptop.  He places it on the floor next to him.  “You know how many pens you have in your hair, lass?”  Your finger pushes in his dimple on his left cheek and you smile back at him.
“Maybe they help me think?”  You let out a sigh as his hand lays on your thigh above your knee and rubs his thumb back and forth.
“Have you eaten today?”  Chibs reaches his hand up and begins pulling the pens out of your hair.
“Avocado on toast this morning.  I think Juice left one here the other day.”  You shut your eyes as he pulls the hair tie out of your hair and runs his fingers through it, scratching when he gets to the spot where your bun sat.
“You had fruit on bread and that’s it?”  Chibs asks.
“You don’t have a lot in your fridge.”
“To be fair, love, you weren’t supposed to stay here all day.  You have your own house.”  Chibs laughs at your groan.
“What?  I do?  Wow.”  You giggle at his glare.
“You staying here just saved me from calling you to come over tonight anyway.”  Chibs leans over and pushes you on your back.  Your lips connect while his hand trails down your side and hooks around your thigh.  Your hands rest on his cheeks as your thumbs trace the scars you know by heart.  He pulls back to smile down at you, his black and silver locks framing his face.  “I’m going to call and order a pizza, alright?”
“We’re going to watch a movie and you aren’t going to think about grad school or your students.”
“And then we’re going to bed and you aren’t leaving the bed at all tomorrow.”
You smile up at him and rake your nails through his hair, leaning up and kissing him lightly.  “Extra cheese please.”
“Yes, love.”  He kisses your neck and gets out of bed, making his way to the kitchen to find a menu.
“Chibs!  Get one of those brownie things too!”  You call out, looking through the doorway to see him smile at the menu.
“Yes, love.”

Chapter 7

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A/N: Mentions of rape and domestic abuse. This may be triggering to some readers.

Chapters: 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 8 , 9 , 10

Where she went Masterlist

Jax and I drove back to Teller-Morrow as the boys opened the gates to reveal two of Hale’s officers leaning against their car drinking coffee while Clay and Tig leaned against Teller-Morrow. Jax drove up to his usual parking space before backing in.  

“How long they been here?” Jax questioned as we walked towards Clay and Tig.

“Since, you and her left.” Clay said as Jax nodded his head.

“Hey Tig, do we have any of those pills left?” Tig thought before nodding his head.

“Two double transactions coming up,” Tig said as he smirked and then walked into the office with Clay following behind him. Jax and I took their positions against TM. Soon enough, the cops began to walk into our direction.

“You must be Hales new girl?” I looked at the cop before giving him a simple nod of my head. “Well, you’re not really his type.” Jax and I shared glances as the cop spoke again. “He must be trying to get more info on Samcro… that or… you must put out easily.” I felt Jax begin to stand as I put my hand on his chest.

“Listen to sweets. For one, I don’t put out at all and for two, I Samcro’s princess and your boss’s girlfriend I suggest that you either walk away or you never walk again.” The cop looked taken aback.

“Are you threatening me?” He questioned with a sly smirk coming across his face.

“More like stating a fact.” When he went to go speak Tig called out.

“Fresh pot boys. Come and get it.” The cop looked me over once before walking into the office with his partner. Tig poured up their coffees and the next thing we knew they hit the floor.

“Fucking pigs,” Jax said as Clay and Tig laughed.

“Ignore them, Jax. I’ll be talking to Hale after.” Jax nodded his head as Clay spoke up.

“Alright, Jax and (Y/N) go talk to the carny’s and see if they know anything and take Chibs with you.” We nodded our heads before heading out.

Time Skip:

We pulled up outside the grounds of the carnival to see Half-Sack sitting on a small bike.

“How long has he been here?” Jax questioned as we all t Jax questioned as we all turned towards Half.

“Uh… about a half hour, forty minutes.” Jax nodded as we turned back. “Uh, could one of you guys pair up and maybe let me take one of your bikes?”

“Not unless you grow tits,” Jax said with a smirk as Chibs spoke up.

“Big tits…. Huge tits!” Chibs said as he high fived Jax. “Plus, we got the lass, where the hell would she go?” Chibs questioned.

“Well, I don’t know… Maybe she could come with me.” Jax and Chibs burst out in laughter.

“One, she wants a man to drive her and two, she’s dating Hale. If he spots her with you, he’s going to know something’s up.” Jax said as Half nodded his head. “He’s leaving,” Jax said as he motioned toward Hale getting in his jeep. Half-Sack sighed before taking off.

“Let’s go,” Jax said as Chibs and he took off. We parked in the parking lot as Jax and Chibs began to get off their bikes.

“I’m going to wait here,” I said as Jax looked at me worriedly before nodding his head.

“Are you okay? This is not about what the cop said, is it?” I shook my head with a smile.

“No, I’m going to call Hale.” Jax nodded as he kissed my forehead before continuing walking with Chibs. I hauled out my phone before dialing up Hale.

“Deputy Hale, speaking.” I smiled to myself as I began to speak up.

“Excuse me, Mr. Deputy, I’ve been very naughty?” I said as a smirked spread across my face.

“Uh… who is this?” I couldn’t hold the laughter in anymore as I began to bust out laughing.

“It’s me. (Y/N)!” I said in between laughs.

“Oh god. Sorry, I didn’t know it was you.” Hale said as he chuckled a little.

“Listen, I need to talk to you about the two dipshits you sent to Teller-Morrow.” I heard Hale sigh before he spoke up.

“I know, you’re mad that I sent them there but I can’t have Samcro run-” I cut Hale off by speaking up.

“I’m not mad. It’s just that… they said some things and I said some things…”

“What happened?” Hale questioned with a bit of panic lacing his voice.

“Well, they told me you’re only with me because you want the info out of Samcro or…”

“Or what?” Hale questioned with persistence.

“Or because I put out easily.” I heard Hale sigh as he spoke again.

“Listen, I’m sorry for what happened. I’ll be sure total-”

“Hale, I might have threatened him.” Hale sighed once again as I continued. “I told him how I was Samcro’s princess and your girlfriend and then…”

“And then what?” Hale questioned.

“Then I told him to walk away or never walk again,” I said as Hale chuckled. “What are you laughing at?” I questioned as Hale laughed again.

“I just never dated someone so honest. So, brave.” I was stunned at what Hale had said.

“Yet, aren’t you afraid that I am going to get arrested and affect you and your career?” I questioned still stunned.

“(Y/N), it’s self-defence. I know they’ve been making snarky comments about you but when you stood up for yourself, it was self-defence. He was sexually harassing you and you stood up for yourself and that is self-defence.” I giggled at him before replying.

“Thank God. I couldn’t get arrested again.” I said while chuckling.

“Again?” Hale said confused and shocked.

“There’s so much to learn about me, Deputy,” I said with a smirk. “And we’re just getting started,” I said as I noticed Jax and Chibs coming my way. “Listen, I got to go. I’ll see you tonight.” Before I could give Hale the chance to answer I hung up.

“They don’t know shit. They said all the guys were doing their jobs.” I nodded my head.

“Then who the hell raped Kristen?” Jax sighed.

“That’s what we’re still trying to figure out. We’re going to Floyd’s to talk to Unser.” I nodded my head and got back on Jax’s bike.

We drove down the road till we reached Floyd’s. Jax and Chibs parked their bikes.

“I’ll wait here Jackie Boy. You and the Lass go talk to him.” Jax nodded his head as we began to climb off his bike and into Floyd’s.

“Hey Floyd, give us a minute,” Jax said as him and Floyd’s fist bumped.

“I’ll give you two,” Floyd said as he headed for the door.

“Jesus, Jax. I’ll get a few minutes of the day to relax.” Unser said as he wiped off the cream. Jax and I took a seat on the couch.

“We need to know where Hale’s at with Oswald’s case.” Unser sighed.

“Shouldn’t she know? She is dating him.” I chuckled as I spoke.

“I don’t talk about Samcro and he doesn’t talk about police work.” Unser nodded his head before speaking up.

“Well, he’s got no leads, no witnesses, no nothing. The only one who knows anything is the girl and she’s saying she don’t remember.” Jax sighed as he tapped my knee and stood.

“Alright.” We headed for the door as Unser called out to us.

“Jax, you can’t screw me on this.”

“Don’t worry, Sheaf. We’ll catch him.” Jax said as he left Floyd’s. We walked back to Jax’s bike before climbing back on.

“Well?” Chibs questioned.

“He’s got nothing. Let’s head back to the club and fill Clay in.” Jax said as we drove off down the road.

We got back to the club to see all the guys waiting outside.

“We’re going to Darby’s. You coming?” Clay said as Jax nodded his head as did Chibs.

“I’ll stay here,” I said as I climbed off his bike.

“Are you sure?” Jax questioned. “You haven’t been on a run in such a long time.” I smiled before shaking my head.

“I’ll catch the next one.” Jax nodded his head as Tig spoke up.

“If you see Juice, tell him I’m going to kill him.” I giggled before nodding my head.

“Good luck!” I yelled as the boys got on their bikes and drove off down the road.

Time Skip:

I sat at the bar sipping my coffee and reading my book when the boys came in.

“Hey baby girl, what are you reading?” Tig said as he walked in.

“Beastly,” I replied simply as Tig nodded his head.

“Did you find Juice after?” I began to giggle as I nodded towards the church.

“Oh yeah.” Tig looked confused as him, Bobby and Clay headed into the church.

“Hey, listen. I’m going to check up on the kid if you want to come.” I smiled as I closed my book and stood up.

“I’d like that,” I said as I closed my book and stood up.

We drove to St. Thomas before heading in and taking the elevator to Abel’s floor.

“Jax.” We turned to see Elliot Oswald standing a few feet behind us. Jax looked at me as I nodded for him to go on ahead. I walked over to a chair before taking a seat.

“What are you doing here?” I turned to see Hale leaning against the wall.

“Doing what I do best,” I said as Hale raised his eyebrow.

“And that is?”

“Causing trouble,” I said with a giggle.

“When in doubt.” I giggled again as I stood up.

“Are you still coming to the club tonight?” I said with a little hope in my voice.

“I’ll try. We’re still trying to figure out this whole rape case.” I nodded my head as I heard Jax whistle as he nodded his head for me to come.

“Listen, I got to run but I’ll hopefully see you tonight,” I said as I wrapped my arms around his neck as he laid his hands on my hips. I leaned up and pressed my lips against in to find him not kissing me back. I pulled away with a frown. “Afraid to kiss the outlaw in public?” Hale sighed before removing his hands from my hips as I removed my hands from his neck. “You know what, it’s alright. I’m used to it.” I said as I went to walk passed him as he grabbed my arm and pulled me into his chest before pressing his lips on mine. I smiled into the kiss as I kissed him back.  We pulled away, breathless.

“I’m not afraid.” I smiled as Jax said my name.

“I’m not either,” I said as I walked away. I walked over to Jax and grabbed his arm and as he began to tell me our plan.

“I’m going to check on Abel, Gemma’s going to go talk to Karen and I want you to talk to Tristen.” I nodded my head as I stopped mid-walk.

“Okay, we’ll meet in a half an hour at this spot,” I said as Jax nodded his head and I walked the other way.

I came upon Tristen’s room as I took a deep breath before walking in.

“Hey sweetie, how are you holding up?” I questioned as she looked up towards me.

“Alright, I guess. I always have all these cops in and out of my room questioning me.” I smiled softly as I nodded my head.

“I know, honey. Listen, Jax and I want to help you. We want to find this sick son of a bitch but we can’t do this until you tell us who did this.”

“YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND!” Tristen yelled out as tears fell.

“I don’t understand?” I said as Tristen rolled her eyes.

“You and everyone else, just don’t get it.”

“When I was in New York after I ran away from here. I attended a community college for a little while and I met someone. I thought he was a really sweet guy… Actually, I thought he might be my saving grace. The one who would save me from this miserable life. I was dead wrong. We rushed into everything, moving in together, everything. The only thing we didn’t rush into was…. Well… Sex. I thought he didn’t mind but one night I came home and he was drunk. We got into a fight and… He raped me.” I said as a tear slipped down my cheek. “But it didn’t stop there. Every day until I left he either beat me or raped me. So, when you say I don’t understand… I understand more than you think.” Tristen stayed quiet as I spoke again. “This is not your fault and this does not define you. Now, I need you to tell me who did this to you.” Tristen stayed silent before she finally broke the silence by speaking up.

“It was one of the guys who work at the carnival. He was a fat guy dressed as a clown.” I smiled shyly before standing up and pressing a kiss to her forehead.

“We’re going to get through this. I promise.” I said as I headed for the door. I walked out of her room before running to Jax.

“I know who did it. Let’s go.” I said as Jax glanced back at Hale who was interviewing Karen. I turned back before giving him a small smile and following Jax out the door.

Once, we got outside Jax hauled out his knife and plunged a hole into Hale’s tire.

“Really Jax?” I questioned with a smile as he smiled back.


We drove to Teller-Morrow as I told the boys where to go and who did it. The boys got on their bikes as I got on Jax’s as we drove to the carnival.

“So, we hear you guys are harboring a fugitive?” Jax yelled as he walked over to the main guy.

“Yeah so, what are you going to do about it?” He said with as smirk as Jax got in his face.

“Legal justice,” Jax said as he reached up and socked the guy in the jaw. The boys broke out into a fist fight as I stood to watch.

“Bobby, Chibs, go find the guy,” Clay yelled as Bobby and Chibs stood up from beating their guys and headed out.

“We got’em!” Chibs yelled as the boys stood up and began to walk back to their bikes. Tig pulled Jax off his guy as he ran over to me and picked me up bridal style before spinning me around in excitement.

We drove into the middle of the woods as we waited for Elliot. Soon enough, he arrived filled with rage.

“Here’s the sick prick that raped your little girl.” Clay said as Elliot got in his face and hauled out a knife.

“You know what the cattle guys call this?” The man screamed in agony as Elliot continued. “It’s used to cut the ball off a bull.” I suddenly felt sick as I turned around and walked away from the gruesome scene about to happen.

“Hey (Y/N)! You okay?” Jax questioned as worry filled his face.

“Yeah, I’m just a little sick.” Jax nodded his head as Elliot came up and got in his car and drove away.

“Are you sure that’s it?” Jax questioned as I nodded. The next sound we heard was the man screaming in pain.

“Jax, can you take me back to the club?” I questioned as I felt the sickness worsening. Jax stared at me for a moment before nodding his head.

“Yeah, let me just go tell Clay.” I nodded again as Jax turned and went to talk to Clay. I walked over to his bike before putting my helmet on. Jax came back over as he put his helmet on and climbed on.

As we drove, I felt the cool breeze beginning to calm me down. I leaned my head against Jax’s back as I felt his hand grip mine as I let a tear slip. We soon reached the club as I got off Jax’s bike. I went to go walk to the club when Jax spoke up.

“(Y/N). Wait up.” I stopped mid-walk as Jax caught up to me.

“What’s wrong?” I smiled simply before speaking up.

“Nothing. I’m going to wait for Hale on the roof. When he gets here, can you send him up?” I questioned as Jax nodded his head. I turned back as I walked the rest of the way to the club before heading for the latter.

I sat down in our usual spot as I watched the boys back their bikes in. I leaned back as I looked up at the night sky. It wasn’t until I heard a voice speak up did I realize I had a tear streaming down my cheek.

“Hey.” I wiped the tear away quickly before sitting up and turning around. “Are you alright?” Hale questioned as he came and sat next to me.

“Uh, yeah. Just a long night.” Hale nodded his head.

“I bet, listen can I ask you a question?” I looked at him confused.

“Do the boys know?” I stared at him in confusion.

“Do the boys know what?”

“Do they know that you were raped and beaten in New York?” I felt my heart drop.


lassie [chibs telford]

just a little blurb for you guys before I hit the hay, gotta be up early tomorrow morning for my horses!


Originally posted by samcroimagine

Tig was the one that told you about what happened to Chibs. As soon as you found out, you rushed to the hospital to see him. That’s how you ended up sitting in a chair by his bed, dozing in and out of sleep, occasionally getting up to kiss his forehead or hold his hand and talk to him. Visitors had been in and out all day to see him, but he had only woken up once, and you were the only one in the room. Now he was waking up, his eyes opened slowly, his lips parting. His head turned to you, slumped in the chair, your head in your hand, sleeping. “Y/N?”

You shot up, your hair falling out of your face. “You’re awake,” You smiled and walked to the bed, his hand encased yours easily, and you leaned over to kiss his scarred cheek. “Are you feeling better?”

He shook his head. “I feel worse than death, lassie.” You grinned and patted his hand. He grew quiet, his eyes fell down to his feet, and you immediately knew something was wrong.  “There’s something I need to tell you. About me, about my past.”

The door opened and a doctor stepped in. She smiled warmly. “I just need to check your vitals and run some tests.” She turned to you, “It’ll be a couple hours ma’am.” 

“I’ll be back, Chibs.” You kissed his forehead and left.


When you came back, there was a woman sitting in the chair opposite his bed. She had dark skin and dark hair, brown eyes, and she was wearing a simple button down. You were confused, distrusting. “Who are you?”

Her Scottish accent surprised you. “I’m his wife. Who are you lass?”

Similar In Scars

Chibs imagine based off the request;

“I was thinking an imagine where the reader works at chibs favorite diner. She has major facial scaring because of an incident with a nasty ex. She doesnt know the reason he comes in every day is just to see her. One day he hears a few male customers talking about her making her cry. He takes care of them. Confesses his feelings and takes her home maybe end it with some smut??”

It was like clockwork.

Seven thirty seven every evening. The same man. The same booth. The same black coffee and the same dreamy smile.

He’s been in everyday over the past two weeks, and he stays until you clock off, wishing you a safe drive home and going his way as you go yours.

But you’re not an idiot. You see the MC branding on his jacket, you know what sort of life he has. The life of drugs and crime, killing and slaughtering, but also the kind of life where loyalty is at its strongest. Where everybody protects one another, loves one another. The kind of thing you’ve never had but always yerned for.

You can’t lie, the Scotsman intrigues you. The scars on his face, similar to your own, the mysterious aura he carries around with him, the beauty of him that you find so alluring yet you’re unsure to as why. You’re supposed to be scared, run away from the dangerous gang member and never look back. But you couldn’t.

Today it was Friday, and you couldn’t wait to spend the whole weekend relaxing. The thought of wine, films and food made you want to throw off your apron and leave right now. Shaking your head, you look at the clock. Only two hours left of your shift.

The door chimes, the familiar figure walking in. He takes off his glasses, folding them up and putting them in his pocket as he walks to the booth in the corner. The same booth as always. You roll your eyes, smiling to yourself as you watch him get settled.

It was a pretty quiet night, people probably getting ready to go out drinking and dancing rather than coming to a lonely diner just off the highway. There is a young couple to the right of the place, maybe eighteen, wrapped up in each other in a small booth, a table of three men talking loudly in the other direction. Other than that, and Chibs of course, it was empty.

Walking over to the regular customer, you open your notepad, getting ready to jot down his order. The process was unnecessary, his choice probably being the same as always.

“Welcome to Sal’s Diner. My name is (Y/N) and I’ll be your server today. Are you ready to order?” You spew off the familiar opening lines, Chibs smiling as he knows you have no choice, your boss perched just behind the bar.

Of course he knows your name, it’s been brandished in his brain since the day he came in here, spotted it on the way back from a run and decided to pop in for a break.

“Come on, lass. You should know what I have by now.“ He teases, grinning to let you know he’s joking. You roll your eyes, not being able to control your smile.

“You know it’s protocol, Chibs, you’re no different from anybody else.” You flirt, him raising his eyebrow in question. “But let me think. Black coffee, two sugars?”

He folds his hands in front of him, nodding to let you know you’re correct. As you’re jotting it down, you hear one of the men from a few tables away whistle.

You look up at the customer, your forehead scrunching. Was he seriously whistling to get your attention? What are you, a dog? Rolling your eyes, you look back at Chibs.

“I’ll be back with your coffee in a few minutes.” You smile, his gaze harsh on the men, before he turns back to you. You walk away, heading towards the rowdy group.

“Can I get you anything?” You force a fake smile onto your lips, even when the men nudge each other and whisper, laughing quietly to each other. They stare at you, your cheeks burning as you realise they’re laughing at your scars. Your stomach burns in anger, your eyes threatening to fill up with tears.

If only you weren’t in work, you would’ve gave these bastards a piece of your mind. But with your boss hanging over your shoulder, and your bills calling in the back of your mind, you will yourself to be calm.

“Nah, we’re good.” The dude who whistled says, trying to contain his sniggers. You glare at him, spinning around on your heel to go to the bathroom.

Staring in the mirror, you lightly trace the permanent lines on your face. The one above your eyebrow, the one linking your ear to your lip, and the one just under your eye. The marks are rough, jagged, sunken in, and angry.

Closing your eyes, you tilt your head back, trying to keep the tears at bay. You take deep breaths, the feeling of the knife ripping in to your skin so fresh, even though it happened over 2 years ago.

A relationship that started out so beautiful, so wonderful, yet ended so horribly, so life changing. Stop it, you tell yourself, shaking your head as if it would free you from your mind set.

Looking at yourself, you dab under your eyes, trying to smile at yourself in encouragement. You can do this.

Chibs watches you enter the bathroom, his fists tightening. He witnessed the whole encounter, his blood was boiling at how these pricks had treated you.

He watches as they get up, laughing amongst each other. They each throw a few bills down onto the table, walking past him towards the entrance.

“Damn, she’s ugly as fuck.” The ringleader says, his friends agreeing. He listens for the chime of the door, before sliding out of his seat and heading in the same direction of the men.

Once outside, he sees them leaning on the wall at the back of the diner, smoking and chatting. They looked in their late twenties, but Chibs didn’t give a fuck anyway.

“Oi, shithead.” He walks up to the men, their gazes turning to the angry biker walking up to them. He reaches them, seeing the fear in their eyes. Chibs smiles sadistically to himself, enjoying the effect he has on them.

“Can we help you, old man?” The main one asks, laughing and looking to his friends for back up, but they stay quiet, looking down at the floor. The ringleader looks lost, gulping.

“Aye, you can start by losing the fuckin’ attitude.” Chibs demands sharply, getting in the man’s face, the two of them about the same height. “Does it make you feel tough, picking on a lass? Get you going?” He asks, grabbing the man’s crotch in his hand and squeezing.

The man immediately groans, curling over in pain. He tries to pull Chibs’ hand off his crown jewels, only making Chibs squeeze harder in response.

“Now, if you wanna give some poor wench a wee bairn someday, I suggest you go in there and apologise.“ He twists his hand, the man squealing in pain. “And you better mean it.”

“Alright man! I will, just let go.” The man manages to wheeze out the words, Chibs continuing to hold for a second, before he let’s go. The man falls over in pain, covering his junk with his hand, rolling from side to side and moaning. Chibs spits on him, turning to walk back into the diner.

He slides back into the booth, his timing perfect as he sees you walking into the kitchen.

Walking out of the bathroom you go to kitchen making a black coffee two sugars and carrying it out.

“Your coffee.“ You gently place the cup down on the table, Chibs looking up from his newspaper to look at you. “You sure I can’t tempt you to try one of our famous pies?” You try to joke, your mood a lot more sad than it was before.

Before Chibs gets a chance to respond, the door chime goes off, your eyes widening as you see the three men from before coming in. Probably here to take the piss some more, you think.

You look at the main man, confusion hitting you as you see him cradling his crotch like it was going to fall off. They walk towards you, eyeing Chibs nervously.

“We wanted to say sorry for earlier.” The main one says as he reaches you, his body slightly bent over. “We’re sorry for being disrespectful, we’re just a group of pathetic lowlives.” Another man chimes in, not giving you eye contact.

You raise your eyebrow, confused as to why they’ve suddenly come back to apologise. You look at the men closely, their eyes shifting quickly to the Scotsman before looking back down again.

You look at Chibs, him taking sips of his coffee as he watches the men menicingly. Did this have something to do with him? Your heart warms at the idea, your brain telling you not to get ahead of yourself.

“Erm, thanks I guess.” You say, the men nodding and practically running out of the place. You look back at Chibs in question, his expression giving nothing away as he meets your gaze, a gleaming twinkle in his eye.

“Enjoy your coffee. Just give me a shout if you need anything else.” You turn away from the table, walking to serve a woman and a little girl who have just came in.

As you recite your familiar lines, your mind is elsewhere, thinking about the biker across the room.

Walking out of the diner, your shift finally at an end, you rustle around in your bag for your car keys. Managing to find them, you get into your car, putting on your seat belt and starting the ignition.

Well, trying to start the ignition. Today just wasn’t your day, it seems, your car deciding to splutter and choke instead of actually working.

Groaning, you slouch in your seat, sighing deeply. Could this day get any worse?

You almost jump out of your skin when there is a knock at your window. You see Chibs on the other side, chuckling slightly at your fright. Blushing in embarrassment, you open the door, stepping out of the car.

“Jesus, Chibs. You scared me half to death.” You hold a hand to your chest, trying to calm down your racing heart. He smirks at you, his face glowing under the beam of the street lamp. “I thought you’d already left.”

“I was just having a smoke. Good job I was, your motor giving you trouble?” He asks, his hands in his pockets. You smile sheepishly at him, nodding as you run your fingers through your hair.

“Yeah, I’m not sure what’s wrong with it. The engine keeps turning over when I try to start it. I’m just gonna call my brother to come pick me up and I’ll get it towed tomorrow.” You lean into your car, grabbing your bag from the passenger seat. Chibs feels his pants tighten as you bend, your ass plump and round in your jeans.

“Don’t be daft, I’ll give you a ride. I work at a garage, I’ll have someone come get it, it’ll be fixed up by tomorrow.” Grabbing your phone and your keys before pushing the bag under the seat, you lock the car, turning to him.

“You don’t have to do that, I’m sure you’ve got better things to be doing on a Friday night. I’ll be fine.” You insist, even though you really want to take him up on his offer.

“I wasn’t askin’, lass. Come on.” You shiver, his voice holding a hint of dominance. He starts to walk before you can reply, so you just follow him.

As you reach his bike, your heart stops. You’d never been on a bike before, but not wanting to seem like a wuss, you take the helmet he offers you and slide it on your head.

He does the same, before mounting the bike and gesturing you to get on. You put one leg over the bike, sitting down, not really being sure where to hold.

“You might wanna hold on to me, sweetheart, unless you wanna fly off.” You laugh, cautiously sliding your arms around his waist and holding on.

You can feel the heat of his boduy through his kutte, as you inhale the scent of him. Aftershave and smoke, just what you imagined. It was as intoxicating as he was, your mind foggy due to your close proximity.

“Where am I heading?” He asks, revving the engine. You tell him your address, holding on to him securely as you pull off.

Pulling up to your house, you step off the bike. Chibs kills the engine and does the same, running his fingers through his helmet hair. You take off your own helmet, handing it to him smiling.

“Thank you, Chibs.” You tell him, his fingers brushing yours as he takes the helmet from you. You feel a jolt of electricity shoot through your body, his touch igniting flames within you.

“It’s no problem, love.” His voice is quiet as he looks at you, the tension between the two of you evident.

Biting the bullet, you shove your nerves to the bottom of your stomach. “You wanna come in for a drink or something?” You slap yourself internally as soon as you ask, you’ve probably burdened him enough tonight.

“Sure.” He accepts, your heart skipping a beat as he does. You smile, turning to walk up your path. He falls into step behind you, your hands fiddling with your keys once you reach the door.

Once you’ve unlocked the door, you step in, holding the door open for your guest. Locking it behind him, you turn on the lights, telling him to take a seat in the living room and make himself comfortable.

You go into the kitchen, your hands shaking slightly as you grab two glasses. Butterflies are swarming madly in your stomach, your throat closing up with nerves. You tell yourself to calm down, pouring some wine into the two glasses.

“I wasn’t sure what you wanted to drink, so I poured some wine. I’ve got tea or coffee if you want one of those instead, don’t want to encourage drinking and driving.” You walk into the living room, him sitting on the couch, his jacket laying on the table.

“I can handle my liquor, lass, don’t worry about me.” He takes the wine glass from you, taking a sip as you sit down next to him.

You curl your feet up under you, your trainers discarded on the floor. “Can I ask you something?” He turns to you, nodding as he takes another taste of his drink.

“I could be completely off the mark here, and it might just be me thinking things but I have to ask or else it’ll drive me crazy.” You laugh nervously, looking down into your glass. “Did you say something to those guys earlier? The ones at the diner?”

Your question throws him off, him placing his wine glass on the table and sighing. He doesn’t know whether to be honest with you, as he doesn’t want to come on too strong or scare you away. But this is who he is, and he doesn’t want to lie about that.

“Aye, I might’ve spoken to them. Is that a problem?” He asks, his defence already up. He’s grew up surrounded by criticism and judgement, so as soon as anybody questions him, he’s immediately on the defensive.

He doesn’t know what to say when you smile at him, your beautiful eyes softening.

“You didn’t have to. I mean I’m thankful that you did, and it means a lot,” you ramble, pushing a hair behind your ear, “but I didn’t expect you to, you didn’t have to.”

“Listen, I know what it’s like to have people look at you different, whisper whenever they see that your skin has a few more marks than theirs.” Your heart warms as he opens up to you, your attention completely on him.

“But I just want you to know, I think you’re stunnin’, scars and all. Just don’t want horrible bastards making you doubt it.” A crease forms on his forehead as he talks, him wishing he would’ve done more to the men than just hurting his baby maker.

You watch him, his gaze drifting behind you before he meets your eyes. Tears are brimming the surface, your body tingling as you take in his words. Placing your glass on the table, you slide slightly closer to him.

You see his gaze flicker to your lips, your face near his as you admire it from this closer distance. The wrinkles around his eyes, his pink lips, the faded yet visible scars that adorn his cheeks.

Throwing caution into the wind, you slowly start to move in, not wanting to move too fast and ruin the moment.

You close your eyes, your lips touching his, just resting there. He makes no move to reciprocate, so you start to pull away, embarrassed.

However, he kicks into gear, his hand sliding into your hair as he pulls you towards him, locking his lips with yours. The kiss is deep, slow, both of you gently caressing the other as if they would break.

His tongue slips into your mouth, massaging softly as he explores the new territory. You pull away slightly, biting on his lower lip teasingly.

He pulls your hair lightly, a small groan leaving his lips as the kiss gets more heated. You straddle his lap, your hands moving to his hair as his settle on your hips.

Biting and sucking, the kiss is fiery, fierce, hot. The opposite of what it was a couple minutes ago, but neither one of you is complaining. His hands move to your ass, a palm on each cheek as he squeezes, rolling your hips onto his prominent bulge.

He watches you as you take control, grinding onto him as your eyes close in pleasure. Your core is throbbing, your panties already wet. He feels so good as you move onto him, his hands slipping under your jeans to feel your ass with no barrier.

Your cheeks are soft under his hands, him pulling them apart as you roll, the feeling making you moan. The noise makes him crazy, his own crotch aching for some attention.

“Are you sure about this?” He asks, his lips peppering kisses on your neck. Your nod of consent is all he needs as you’re suddenly picked up, your lips latching back onto his.

He carries you towards the staircase, slamming you against the hallway wall. He places you down, deciding he’s not going to make it to the bedroom without ripping your clothes off.

He quickly goes to work on his jeans, undoing them just enough to pull his hard cock out of his jeans. Your eyes widen at the sight of it, it being bigger than anyone you’ve been with.

His hands pull down your jeans quickly, your feet kicking them off and across the room. Your hands pull him by the shirt, your lips hovering over his as he pulls your thong to the side desperately.

The air is knocked out of you as he slides in, your wet, warm walls stretching to accommodate him. You squeeze the fabric between your fist, your head dropping back as you wince in slight pain. It’s been a while, but damn he feels good.

He gives you a minute to relax around him, his cock pulsing inside you. He pulls out completely, sinking back into you as he places his hands on the wall beside your head. His eyes are locked on yours, his gaze so intense that you almost come right there.

He starts to fuck you, your back slamming against the wall as he drives deeply, in and out. You’re a moaning mess, his movements undoing you bit by bit. The whole thing is so erotic, so hungry as he takes you against the wall, the neighbours probably being able to hear your shouts of pleasure.

His mouth covers yours, your lips slightly sucking on his tongue, a deep moan leaving him as he ferociously drills you, bringing you closer and closer to the edge. You never wanted it to end, the feeling of him inside you being one you would happily feel for the rest of your life, but you knew your orgasm was fast approaching.

“Fuck. Tell me how it feels, (Y/N). Tell me.” He pleads to you, his thrusts slowing down, destroying you just as wonderfully as before.

“You feel so good inside me, Chibs. Oh god, right there.” Panting, you squeeze your eyes shut as he hits your gspot, his cock perfectly hitting it everytime he slips back into you.

“I’m gonna come.” He manages to force out the words, the rasp and desperation in his voice making you reach breaking point, your orgasm hitting you as you scream. The pleasure is so intense, so powerful, that your eyes close, not being able to keep them open.

Your high drives his, his cock tensing before you feel his juices shoot inside of you, his teeth biting into your shoulder as he comes, his lips suckling the mark he’s left.

He pulls out of you, your body feeling empty as you feel the mix of your juices start to drip down your thigh.

“Jesus Christ.” He utters, his hand wiping his forehead as he pulls up his boxers and jeans. He disappears for a second, returning with his kutte. He moves back to you, grabbing your face as he kisses you deeply, your body tired as you manage to kiss him back, still reeling from your orgasm.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” Your face is still in his hand as he looks into your eyes. You nod sleepily, his lips curling into a smile as he kisses your forehead.

And like that, he’s gone. You slide down the wall, your heart rate finally slowing down as you try to understand what just happened. You smile to yourself, deciding that whatever did just happen, you’re more than happy for it to happen again.

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I don’t want to keep it a secret

You walked into the parking lot of the TM. 
Chibs, Jax, and Tig were outside talking. You walked towards the group of the 3 man. 

“Hello, honey..” Tig is the first one to spot you. Chibs and Jax look towards you. “You look amazing.” He says to you. “Are you going somewhere special?” 

“I have a date tonight.” You said to the man with a little smile on your face. Jax and Tig look surprised towards you. 

“Who the lucky guy?” Jax says. “Someone, we know?" 

You smiled at them. Well, it sure was someone they knew. Tonight you were going on a date with Chibs. You first officially date you can say. The Scott man was already most of the time at your house first as friends you took care of him and he took care of you but a few months ago something happened and you admitted your feelings for him. You were fighting for him about a guy you were seeing and in some way, the words just escaped. 

“I think you know the guy.” You said joking towards Jax and walked away from the group of man. 

When walking away you looked back towards the man and you saw Jax and Tig were checking you out but Chibs had this big smile on his face that just automatically let a smile grow on your face. 


You and Gemma walked out of the office towards the group of the man outside. All the sons were enjoying the sun. 

“Y/N, where   you going?” Clay says walking towards you and Gemma. He gives Gemma a kisses and looks towards you. “Is at a good guy this time?”
Gemma looks towards Jay and hits him softly on the arm. 
“What?” He says towards her. 

You gave him a little smile. “I hope so.”  

“Well, I know so!” Gemma says giving Clay the eyes. I hope he didn’t understand what she was trying to tell him. The relationship between you and Chibs was kept a secret and we would like it that way. 

Clay looks at you trying to find a clue about what Gemma is trying to tell him. 

You laughed at him and looked away. It was pretty funny seeing him struggling like that. You look towards the boys and you meet Chibs eyes. He gives you a smile. He stands up front behind his bike and tells his brothers something. He starts his bike and rides towards the three of you. 

“I can take you home if you want?” He says towards you with a smile. “I have to head out that way.” 

You nod your head and he handles you a helmet. Clay looks towards Gemma and he finally got what she was saying. Clay looked towards Chibs and you. “Keep her safe.” He says towards him. 

“Of course mate,” Chibs says. 

You rode out of the parking lot of the TM. When out of sight you grabbed Chibs tight from behind. He speeds up with the bike and rides towards your house. 

After a few minutes, he pulled up on the side of the road. 

“Is something wrong?” You ask him. He doesn’t respond and get’s off the bike. You also get off and you stand there looking at him. Not understanding what’s happening. “Chibs?” He rubs his hands thru his hair and looks towards you. “Well your officially scaring me.” You said to him. 

“I’m sorry lad.” He says to you. “I just can’t do this anymore.” 

“Do what?” 

"You know, this.”

“Chibs, you have to be a little more specific.” Was he really going to break up with you right here? 

“This.."He says again. He starts passing up and down. "I can’t see my brothers look at you with desire and not do nothing not able to say that your mine." 

"I thought this was what you wanted.” you look at him.“ to keep it a secret.”

He looks at you and walks towards you. He rubs your cheek with his thumb. “I know but…”  He puts a hair behind your hair. “I want you to be mine.”

“I’m yours.”

“I know.. but I want them to know that.” You wrap your arms around his neck when he continues. “I don’t want them to think they have a chance. You’re mine.” He looked you in the eyes and both of you kiss. The kiss is so intense so passionate. 

He breaks the kiss and puts an arm around your back. “I want to tell them.” 

You smiled at him. “Then we’re going to tell them.”

He gives you a quick kiss and hops on the bike again. You smile and you hop on the back of the bike. He turns and rides back towards the TM. 

He pulls up and all the sons look towards Chibs and you. He stops the bike and the sons start walking towards the two of you. 

“Is everything okay?” Jax ask. 

“Yeah, we only wanted to tell you guys something,” Chibs says with a smile. All the men look confused towards you. Chibs pulls a hand behind your back and pulls you closer to him. “She’s my old lady.”

“Finally..” Tig says. 

We all started laughing. 

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More Than Just A Thing?

Tig imagine based off the request:

“Some kinda imagine where you’re sneaking around with one of the guys, keeping it secret from the club until someone finds out? Maybe hooking up with Tig/Happy/Juice? Lots of teasing and flirting and smut smut smut cause girl I can’t get enough of your smut imagines haha 😉😘”

Thank you to @thewalkingdeadfanatic for requesting!!

You yelp as you feel hands on your hips, pulling you into the broom closet. The door is shut behind you, your back pushed against it, the room pitch black. Not that it matters. You can tell exactly who it is, just by the feel of his hands on your skin, the alluring smell that you can only describe as him.

“Jesus, Tig. Way to give me a fucking heart attack,” you scold, no real annoyance in your tone, the soft kisses you feel upon your neck making you melt like butter.

“M'sorry, baby. I just can’t keep my hands off you.” You tangle your fingers in his hair as you subconsciously tilt your head back, exposing more skin for his lips to explore. He sucks tenderly, his teeth nibbling teasingly. A gasp leaves your lips, your body already hot and tingling for some attention.

“We’ve got about five minutes.” You nod, him kissing you deeply as his hands move to undo his jeans, yours fiddling with the button on your own.

Your lips stay attached as his jeans drop to the floor, yours following. He stands in between your legs, pulling his cock out of the hole at the front of his boxers. You pull on his hair as he sinks into you, his head resting in the crook of your neck as you both fit together.

“Now, let’s see how fast you can make me come, Trager.” He growls playfully at you, pulling out and slamming back in, filling you completely. You moan with every hard thrust, his mouth sealing yours to keep you quiet.

His tongue slips past your lips, fighting with your own for dominance. He wins, as always, pulling away and biting on your plump bottom lip. Your back hits against the door behind you, your hands on his biceps as he fucks you, his cock hitting your pleasure points in all the right ways. Your moans drive him faster, his motions almost animalistic as he leaves and enters your pussy at a wonderful pace.

“Fuck Tig, I’m gonna…” You don’t finish your sentence, his fingers slipping down to your clit and driving you over the edge. His head drops back as you come around his shaft, your walls tight and dripping. He pulls out once more, stuffing you to the hilt before groaning, his cock bursting with come inside of you.

You suck on his jaw as he orgasms, your fingers running up his stomach. His juices escape inside of you, filling you up until later when you’d need another fix.

He slips out of you, kissing you once before pulling up his jeans, you doing the same as you both try to fix your ‘we just fucked’ appearances.

“I’ll see you later.” You wink at him, opening the door slowly, checking for any witnesses. Satisfied, you step out of the closet, a sharp slap on your ass making your body jolt. You turn back, Tig smirking at you, his expression so hot you want to spend the rest of the day on the end of his dick. Rolling your eyes, you walk away, trying to comb down your sex hair.

“Looks like someone woke up on the right side of the bed this morning.“

Gemma says, raising her eyebrow at Tig, who sits with a smile on his face.

Happy, Juice, Tig, and Chibs were all gathered around the garage, Gemma just walking in to see how everyone was getting on.

“I think it’s less of which side of the bed he woke up on, and more to do with who was next to him in the bed.” Chibs teases, the other boys hollering boyishly. Tig just smiles bigger, the image of you swirling around in his brain.

“Someone important, Tiggy?” Gemma was like a dog with a bone once she got a whiff of something, and he knew that him and you would have to be more careful if you wanted to keep your private relationship private.

“Maybe,” he shrugs, trying to play it cool. “I’ll let you know when I do.” He knows it’s total bullshit, he is completely infatuated with you, you’re more than important. Still, he’s not even sure whether you see him as anything more than a fling.

Gemma hums, smirking and walking towards the clubhouse. The other members start up a conversation, but Tig is too busy thinking about you to even keep track.

“Hey babe.” You look up as you hear Tig’s voice, a smile instantly brightening up your face. You’re currently in Gemma’s office, reorganising some files for TM. You like to help out whenever you can, and you get paid for it too, which is a bonus.

Standing up out of your chair, you walk over to him, him shutting the door behind him. As you reach him you slip your hands around his neck, his locking around your lower bag as you look up at him. His gaze is set behind you, looking at nothing in particular.

“Is everything OK?“ you ask, the crease in his forehead showing that he’s got something on his mind. He hums in question, his eyes meeting yours as he tries to shake it off, the smile he displays not quite reaching his eyes. He pulls away from you, pacing across the room before turning to look at you.

“What is this? What are we doing?” You open your mouth, not quite knowing what to say. You try to reach out for him, but he backs up further, hoping that the distance between you will somehow help him think straight.

“I-I don’t know. I thought we were just having fun, enjoying each others company. What’s brought this on?” He shakes his head, not saying anything as you observe him, not wanting to say anything in fear of pushing him even further away.

“I can’t do this anymore.” You swallow the lump in your throat, the sight of the broken man in front of you bringing you pain. “I’m not just someone you can play with and then get fucking rid of. I can’t deal with that, (Y/N). I’m already fucked up in the head as it is.”

“Tig…” Your voice trails off, your body heavy as you stand there, feeling lost. You’re not sure what he wants to hear, needs to hear, but you know that if you don’t say something, he’s going to walk away anyway.

“That’s never what this was.” Your voice is soft, not wanting to scare off the fragile man infront of you. “I care about you too much to hurt you. I’m sorry if that’s what I’ve done, I thought we were both fine with this-”

He huffs in frustration, pacing a couple more times before sitting down on the couch, burying his head in his hands. You slowly step over, taking a seat next to him, leaving a little bit of room.

“I just-” he starts, bringing his head up and turning in to you. “I’m sick of this sneaking around, the borrowed time we have together before we hear a sound and have to panic and separate.” He takes your hands in his, looking into your eyes.

“I want us to be more than that. I want you to be more than that.” Your eyes widen at his confession, his words being just what you wanted to hear without even realising it. You never let yourself even dip into the pool that was you and Tig being an actual couple, not wanting to even move near the possibility that could probably never be. But here he was, bringing your thoughts to life.

You place your hand on his cheek, his eyes closing as he subconsciously leans into your touch. “We can be whatever you want us to be, Alex.”

His eyes shoot open after the words leave your lips, a warm feeling spreading through your body. He just watches you for a moment, disbelief on his face as his mouth opens and closes like a fish, a laugh erupting from your mouth at the sight.

This snaps him out of it, his hands grabbing your face as he kisses you deeply. You close your eyes, trying to transfer your feelings into the kiss.

“What a surprise.” You both pull apart, the click of heels echoing into the office. Your cheeks flood with the embarrassment of being caught with your tongue down Tig’s throat, Gemma smirking at you both. “I’m guessing she’s important?”

Tig stands up, chuckling nervously, feeling like a little kid. You stand up with him, pointing to the files on the desk. “They’re all organised.” You try to change the channel of conversation, smiling shyly at Gemma.

She just continues to smirk at you both, nodding at you in acceptance. You both turn to leave the office, Gemma calling Tig back as you continue your route to the clubhouse.

“You did good, sweetheart. So did she.” His expression is full of admiration as he watches you walk away, turning back to Gemma and walking over to hug her.

“Thank you momma.”

Standing by the bar, biting on your nails, you’re drowning in your thoughts. What happens now? Do you tell people that you and Tig are an item? What if the club don’t think you’re worthy? Don’t think you can be trusted? What if Gemma tells everyone? What if-

You’re dragged back to reality by the movement in front of you, Tig coming through the clubhouse door. The room is full, SAMCRO scattered around as they drink and talk amongst each other.

You look at him, trying to keep your expression neutral. He strides right over to you, a cheeky grin on his face. As he reaches you, you open your mouth to ask him a million questions, but they’re all answered as he places his hands on your face, placing a loving kiss on your lips.

You place your hands on top of his, kissing him back as you hear whistles around you. Pulling away you bury your head in Tig’s chest as you hear the boys being boys, congratulating him and shouting playful comments.

Tig laughs, pulling you into his side, knowing that nothing could ever make him feel happier than he does in this moment. Being able to kiss you, hold you, be with you freely, it’s all he needs.

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Sweet Child O’ Mine 3

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Part One                  Part Two

“The fuck you mean they took him?!” You yelled. “I just saw him.”
“(y/n), calm down.” Jax said patiently.
“Dont tell me to fucking calm down! Tele where the fuck Ope is!”
“(y/n).” Chibs warned.
You glanced at him and your rage subsided. A sigh left your lips and you ran your hands through your hair.
“Im sorry, Jax.” You said quietly.
He nodded slowly before speaking again.
“Opie came after you. He wanted to talk to you but the Chinese stopped him and took him. Prospect saw them drag him into their van.”
Your body trembled and you ran your hands through your hair again.
“So where is he?” You demanded.
Jax sighed and shook his head.
“I dont know, (y/n). But we will find him. I promise.”
You nodded.
“Wh-what about the kids? Should I go get them from school?” You asked.
Jax and Chibs exchanged a look before Jax turned back to you.
“Nah. Pick them up after school like normal and bring them to the clubhouse. Don’t leave unless you have someone with you.”
You nodded slowly and he turned to Chibs.
“Take her back to the clubhouse then meet us at Laroys.”
Chibs nodded and they slapped each others shoulders before turning towards their bikes.
You walked with Chibs and he passed you the helmet once more.
You lifted it to your head and watched as they other members rode out of the driveway and down the street.
“Ye alright lass?” Chibs asked you.
You nodded swung your leg over the bike behind him, your arms wrapping around his waist.
“We’ll find him.” He said and squeezed your knee gently and brought the bike to life.

You sat with Gemma at the bar as you watched Kenny and Ellie do their homework on the table in the clubhouse.
The boys were in Church, trying to figure out where the Chinese were holding Opie and how they were gonna get him back.
The kids didn’t know he was missing, you had decided not to tell them yet. There was no point worrying them when they already had so much going on.
Gemma made small talk with you and you answered her questions, but you weren’t really there.
You had always been close with Opie. He was the only family member you had that wasn’t completely insane. You couldn’t lose him. Those kids couldn’t lose him.
You fidgeted with your fingers, praying silently that wherever he was, he would be alright.
He had to be alright.
The doors opened and you turned as the club filed out of Church.
The kids didn’t look up and you met Chibs’ eye as he crossed the room.
“You boys heading out?” Gemma asked.
Jax nodded and slid his gloves onto his hands.
You and Chibs watched each other closely and Jax gestured for them to head out.
You stood and Chibs wrapped his arms around you tightly.
His scent filled your lungs and you soaked in his touch.
He looked into your eyes once more as he pulled away.
“Be careful.” You whispered.
Chibs nodded and followed the rest of the club outside.
Gemma wrapped her arm around your shoulder and you sunk into her, as you both stood and watched the boys walk out of the clubhouse.

Chibs walked back into the clubhouse and ran his hand through his hair.
They hadn’t found Opie. They still had no leads.
And the thought of disappointing you was killing him.
The rest of the club sat around the bar and drank. Jax offered him a beer but he shook his head.
He just wanted to shower, and to sleep.
The hallway was quiet as he walked through it and he assumed you would stay in Opies room.
He longed to have you in his arms but you both knew now probably wasn’t the right time.
Neither of you could deny the chemistry between you, and the others were beginning to notice.
He knew they wouldn’t care. Of course, Opie wouldn’t be pleased but they all knew if she was going to be with anyone it was better it was Chibs and not one of the other members.
Chibs would look after her.
He sighed as he opened his door and saw the empty bed, and he couldn’t help but feel disappointed that you weren’t in his bed after all.
He walked to the bathroom and turned it onto hot. His clothes fell to the floor and he ran a hand through his hair.
What was it about you?
No matter what he did, he couldn’t get the thought of you out of his mind.
Your voice, as pure and sweet as if from heaven echoed through his ears and no matter how loud he had the music, you were always louder.
Your eyes burnt through him and he felt so vulnerable with you, like all his demons and the scars from his pasts were open on the table.
He sighed and stepped under the stream of water, letting it soak into his skin.

You tossed in the bed.
It smelt like Opie and you couldn’t sleep.
His scent filled your lungs and you felt sick with guilt.
Of course, you were worried about your cousin. All you wanted was to have him back, safe and sound. But that wasn’t why you felt so guilty. No, guilt filled you because you should be sick with worry for him, but all you could think about was Chibs.
You weren’t sure why he seemed to have such a hold of you, but when you were around him you just couldn’t resist him.
He was wise beyond his years, and he emitted a sort of danger and mystery.
You wanted to know everything about him. You wanted to know the story behind his scars, the story behind the pain in his eyes.
You sighed and threw back the covers and hopped out of bed.
You were wearing only your panties and you lifted one of Opes SAMCRO t-shirts off the ground and slid it over your body.
Your footsteps were light as you walked across the room. Gemma had put the kids to sleep in an empty dorm and you didn’t want them to wake up.
Quietly, you opened the door and slid into the hallway.
The sound of distant talking made you lift your head.
They must be back.
You moved silently down the hall and it was only once you’d passed Chibs door that you stopped.
You could hear the shower running inside and you gulped as the thought of him played through your mind.
Minutes passed and you leant against the wall silently, listening to the sound of the shower running.
Eventually the shower stopped but you still didn’t move.
You could hear him moving through his room and you took a deep breath before turning and opening the door slowly.
Chibs looked up, standing only in a towel, and he watched as you entered the room and closed the door behind him.

“What are you doing, lass.” He said quietly.
You moved forwards, your eyes burning into his with lust and desire.
“I couldn’t sleep.” You whispered.
Water slid down his body and you licked your lips as you studied him.
Soft footsteps carried you forwards and you stood before him.
The t-shirt hung loosely around you and you looked beautiful, your hair ruffled around you and sleepy eyes.
“(y/n),” Chibs whispered.
You held a finger to his lips, shushing him.
“Dont talk.” You whispered.
You licked your lips and lifted the t-shirt over your head, letting it drop to the floor.
You stood before him, wearing only your lacy black panties.
Chibs gulped as his eyes ran over your body and his erection grew beneath his towel.
Your finger was still on his lips and you traced it along them softly.
His eyes met yours once more and you smiled softly before you stepped closer and reached up.
His hands wrapped around you desperately and his lips pressed against yours.
His towel fell to the ground and he lifted your body up and pinned it against the wall.
A moan escaped your lips as he kissed you roughly and his body pressed against you.
Your legs wrapped around his waist and his hands due into your hips, and you knew you would have bruises in the morning.
Impatient lips devoured the skin on your neck and you clawed your nails down his back as he pushed his body against you, creating friction you so desperately craved.
You moaned softly again as he pushed his hips forward and your hands lifted his head from your neck and you pressed your lips against his once more.
He kissed you back hungrily as your hands held him to you.
“Fuck me, Chibs.” You whispered against his lips.
Chibs growled and pulled you away from the wall and crossed the room.
He lay your body on the bed and kissed your lips roughly and hovered over you.
He lowed his body and you wrapped your legs around him.
You swung him over, rolling him onto his back and he gasped slightly as you knelt over him.
His hands traced over the skin of your breast and you kissed down his neck hungrily.
Your hand moved between your bodies and you found his large member.
Licking your lips you pulled back and looked him in the eyes as you lowered yourself onto him, a moan escaping your lips as he filled you.
Chibs groaned and held your hips firmly, his eyes roaming to your breasts.
You rolled your hips back and forth and you moaned at the sensation of him inside of you.
Passion filled your bones and his hands lifted your hips.
Slowly he lifted himself into you and you gasped as his full length entered you.
He repeated the movement and his thrusts blame faster as he filled you.
Your hands  rested either side of his face and your eyes were locked on his as he slid in and out of you.
You bit your lip as he poured into you and you could feel your orgasm building.
His eyes glanced to your breast that were bouncing with your body and he groaned as he felt himself nearing release.
“Chibs!” You moaned loudly.
He growled and pounded into you faster than before and you both found your release.
You rode out your high as you both moaned and your juices flowed over him.
His lips kissed yours and you held his face to yours as your bodies slowed.
You rolled off of him and stared at the ceiling and you both caught your breath.
His head turned to you and he studied your features, glistening with sweat.
“You are so beautiful.” He said quietly.
You rolled onto your side and looked at him, a smile on your face.

The next morning you sat with Gemma at the picnic table outside, a steaming cup of coffee in your hands.
The boys were getting ready to go out once more.
Juice thought he had a lead and they were heading out, all of them hopeful that they would return with Opie.
Gemma wasn’t blind. She had seen the hickies all over your neck but for once she had kept her mouth shut.
Your hair hung around your neck now, covering them from the rest of the club and you couldn’t help but smile when you thought about last night.
You turned to see Ellie and Kenny standing behind you,schoolbags slung over their shoulders.
“You ready?” You asked and they nodded.
You gulped down the rest of your coffee before placing it on the table and standing.
“C’mon.” You smiled to them.
You ruffled Kennys hair as you walked to the car and he glared at you.
You laughed loudly and from across the lot Gemma smiled as she watched you with the kids.
Chibs walked out of the clubhouse and sat next to her on the picnic table.
She smirked at him and he nudged her gently with his arm.
“Shes a good kid.” Gemma said, as they watched you talking to the kids as they got into the car.
Chibs nodded as he pulled a cigarette out of his pocket.
“Shes good for you, Chibby.”
Chibs looked at her and she winked, and both of them smirked as they watched you pull out of the lot.
It was a few hours later when you were cleaning the tables in the clubhouse when you heard the roar of motorcycles fill the lot.
You put down your cloth and ran to the door.
The bikes were lining up and the black van was parked to the side.
Your heart was beating in your chest and you thought you were going to faint when you heard the van door slide open.
And there he was, slightly beaten and bruised, but still the same Opie, home in one piece.
You ran across the lot and threw yourself into his arms.
He laughed loudly and lowered you onto the ground.
“Easy, (y/n).” He smiled down at you. “Hey, what the fuck is on your neck?”
Your hand instantly went to the hickies from last night and you blushed deeply.
Laughter filled the air and Opie shook his head as he looked at you.
“Seriously? I get taken and you decide to fuck my brother?”
Your eyes went wide as you stared at your cousin and more laughter erupted behind you.
You turned to see the boys all laughing, and Chibs looking sheepish.
“You knew?” You asked.
Opie laughed and ruffled your hair.
“Please tell me you used protection. The last thing we need is a little scottish version of you running around.”