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Hail, Agron! i want ask you two things ( i rarely find ppl who want talk about Spartacus with me aka "my life is done", you know....) and i have doubts. In first place do you think that Agron really had good reasons for to be such jealous of Castus and Nasir? i mean Nasir developed really feelins for Castus? and the second Spartacus had stronger feelings for Mira or Laeta? what do you think? oh kisses XXX

HEY THERE LOVELY ANON!!!!!! AWWWW!! I am SO SORRY that its hard to find peeps to talk Spartacus with!!!! You shall NEVER have that problem with me ;)!! Hahah! Cause I LOOOVE chatting about the show!! So feel free to hit me up any time!!!! 

OK SOOOO your question is SUCH an excellent one!!! and I have SOO MANY FEELINGS about that whole Castus situation!!! PREPARE FOR AN ESSAY!!! I shall try to keep my rambling to somewhat of a minimum ;)!!!  


I’m just going to start off by saying that if there are a couple things that we know Agron is, its protective and passionate. He is a VERY emotional individual which is both considered a weakness AND a strength. We see his loyalty and devotion towards others (Duro, Spartacus, Nasir) because when Agron has that bond with another, it is NOT easily severed. He becomes tied to them, completely devoted to them, and will quite literally die for them! After Duro’s death, a piece of Agron died with him. A HUGE piece! We saw the way he was in that opening shot where he was bashing the guy’s head in! He was uncontrolled in his rage and he just had a lot of anger! I also headcanon that that’s why he cut off his hair! But anyhoo, I shall try to stick to canon evidence ;)!! 

Now, when he met Nasir, he fulfilled that void in Agron. He became whole again, and Agron started exhibiting that passion and affection onto Nasir. As well as that protectiveness. I won’t go into more detail about Nagron cause I could LITERALLY write dozens of pages on them!! hahah! But what’s important to note here, is that Nasir became Agron’s everything. It was clear he was willing to do anything for him, and was completely devoted to the man. We also don’t see Agron develop those romantic relationships easily. When others would sex it up, Agron would not partake. For him, I feel like he needs that emotional connection with someone, which is also why the development between Nagron was SO beautiful!! Dan’s phrasing of their relationship was great too where he said that in Vengeance it was the honeymoon phase and by War of the Damned, the honeymoon was over and things were more real! hahah! We have to keep in mind that there were years between the two seasons as well! 

OK NOW! Bring in Castus! A man with sweet words of flattery which, lets be real, Agron never really QUITE had! The man was raised a warrior so being that … charming perhaps, is not something that Agron immediately conveys! He already had trust issues when first meeting someone. It makes it all the more beautiful that Nasir broke down those walls, because Agron DOES have a romantic side to him and we got to see that in intimate moments between Nasir and Agron. 

My personal thoughts with Nasir’s reaction, first . .  he basically tells Castus that he’s taken. Castus persists. I think Nasir is not used to those kinds of words of flattery, especially being a free man. When enslaved, he was commanded to do things and any interest in him or flattery held a sense of entitlement since it would come from a Roman talking to their slave and person that they could use as desired. Once Nasir joined the rebels and he and Agron became a thing, I HIGHLY doubt any other rebel, especially ones who knew Agron and about their relationship, would make a move on Nasir. Nasir is constantly referred to as “Agron’s boy” and such, not that I LIKE that reference, but I think it was just people knowing that they were together and they weren’t stupid enough to piss off Agron.

So Castus’ flirtation I think was something very new for Nasir. Unused to someone being that forward to him – as both a free man and as Agron’s lover – so I do believe Nasir was flattered. As Pana said, who wouldn’t be flattered by someone’s interest but his heart belongs to Nasir. Castus then took Nasir’s arm to keep him in place and THAT is when Agron interjected. At that point, it wasn’t about Agron not trusting Nasir but I think just the fact that he saw someone put their hand on him and it had something snap within Agron. We all know the German has a temper! Which was also why Nasir immediately tried to diffuse the situation by saying he [Castus] meant no harm! Then, Castus provoked him by insulting him and THAT set off Agron! I mean, granted it was an accumulation of things. But they could have just parted ways. Instead, things got more personal! 

This is just me trying to explain where Agron coming from in his rage! Anyhoo, Nasir goes after him, they kiss and make up and everything seems better! NOW, the next issue arises when Agron sees Nasir and Castus together. I DO think Agron was a bit irrational in his accusation towards Nasir, because it implied that Nasir broke a promise, or lied to him, which I don’t believe Nasir did at all. I think Agron is so terrified of losing Nasir,  that he acts impulsively and leaps to conclusions. I think his anger to him was not entirely fair at THAT point, and they talked it out (eventually) haha! The second Nasir spoke of how he would trust Agron in all things, I think that was when Agron realized that he wasn’t being fair to his lover!  

NOW, what comes AFTER is totally different! We see moments with Nasir and Castus together, and Nasir defending Castus etc. Granted, defending Castus was Nasir acting upon his conscience in saying that he had nothing to do with the Cilician’s betrayal. HOWEVER, I think Agron AND the others had total justification in distrusting Castus. Even when Heracleo teased Castus about staying in Sinuessa because he had sights on the Syrian, you could see Spartacus’ discomfort, aware that it was going to cause tension and such! So I do believe that they had every right to distrust Castus. He seemed shady and didn’t really do a whole lot to earn the people’s trust and the pirates betrayal was sorta that final straw. So I can understand both Nasir’s defense of him, as well as Agron’s distrust of him. 

I think however, Nasir paid too close attention to Castus. I like to compare this to a modern day situation: if you have a partner, and there is someone out there who likes your partner, and has made advances towards them … would you feel TOTALLY comfortable with the two of them always hanging out?? I personally think Nasir enjoyed the flattery, which is TOTALLY normal. However, I don’t think he realized how much it was hurting Agron, until it was too late. Castus even called out Nasir on the way his eyes went to the Cilician so in Castus’ mind, he felt he was being encouraged and led on. Even Agron noticed Nasir’s gaze on Castus as well, and THAT was why he would react so strongly about the whole thing. Out of fear of losing Nasir!   

NOW, the next big thing is WHY Agron left! I DO NOT believe he left so that Nasir could be with Castus. It went FAR deeper than that! I believe Agron saw in Castus a life that could be offered to Nasir that Agron could never offer him! That is, a life without blood and battle. Agron was a born and raised warrior. It’s all he knows. But he knows it is a life that was sorta forced onto Nasir. And I think he fears that that was part of the appeal Nasir saw in Castus. Which was why he knew he had to let him go. It was the only way for Nasir to have a life without war, because I sort of see Agron as feeling like he was the one burdening Nasir with it! Which was why that conversation with Laeta was SO pivotal! Talking about how Spartacus deserved happiness made Agron feel he was depriving Nasir of that kind of happiness too!! I don’t believe it had anything to do with Agron being like “i’m going to step aside so that Nasir can be with Castus” and EVERYTHING to do with Agron wanting to unburden Nasir and not be the cause of his death!! 

Another pivotal moment is that deleted scene HERE, where Nasir confirms that had gazes of desire upon Castus and that Agron KNEW this! Would Nasir ever have cheated on Agron? No. Did Agron believe Nasir would cheat on him? I doubt it. I think Castus just represented something that Agron didn’t, and that filled our poor German with so much insecurity and self doubt. The fear of losing Nasir as well as being the one to drag him to his death … coupled with seeing his lover seek company with another man who desired him, seeing the ease in which they conversed and such … I think just provided a major epiphany moment for Agron in that he would rather part from Nasir than have to watch him die.

I believe anything Nasir felt for Castus in terms of  “desire” was purely superficial. I don’t believe he ever would have cheated on Agron, or been with Castus had Agron not been there – as we saw Nasir’s reaction to Agron’s perceived death. Eventually? Who knows! That would be pure speculation! I DO believe Agron was entitled to feel jealous, eventually. I think his actions implying lack of faith and trust in Nasir were unfair because Nasir did not deserve that, but I can also see where Agron is coming from! And the fact that he wanted to make that ultimate sacrifice, offering his life to help distract Romans so that the others could flee … BUT ALSO, loving Nasir enough to let him go and truly free him, showed just how much he loved Nasir! 

As for Castus … I think he always would have held on to the hope that Nasir would fall for him. Even in his dying words, he spoke of how he wished he was Agron for a day or whatever! I have some sympathy for Castus, to an extent. I just think dude didn’t go about it the right way even if he felt it was mutual. He saw how Agron and Nasir were together and should have just stepped aside because it wasn’t as if it was anything but lust that initially drove Castus to pursue Nasir at that celebration. Castus was too persistent upon it BUT I also believe Nasir should have made his intentions abundantly clear even after Castus and Nasir’s first meeting in that nothing was ever going to happen, and not find himself in his company if he knew that Agron was uncomfortable with it. Granted, Nasir is a free man and can do whatever he wants … I think he did enjoy that flattery and saw it as innocent. Which, Agron did not. And there in lies the major miscommunication.  I think in a way, every character had their faults in this situation! But I do think Agron gets a LOT of unfair judgment and hate on his reaction to the whole thing! Which is why I talked a lot about HIS perspective with it!  


As for Laeta and Spartacus, another EXCELLENT question!!!! Its SO HARD to say!! I had give another detailed answer comparing Laeta and Spartacus to Mira and Spartacus HERE! I do feel that if Mira hadn’t set the pressure on Spartacus so intensely, they could have remained together! I think Spartacus needed time to heal and such and by the time he met Laeta, and Laeta’s own actions towards him, he was in more of a place to be with another woman. I don’t think he could have EVER truly given his entire heart to another, but Laeta – losing her husband – I think could relate to Spartacus more in knowing what he needed and therefore, did not place that pressure upon him. She did not ask for more than what Spartacus could offer and I think this was the fundamental difference between Mira and Laeta! 


I HOPE THIS ANSWERS YOUR QUESTIONS!!!!! OMG THANK YOU SO SO MUCH FOR SENDING THEM TO ME!!!! Its always SO MUCH FUN for me to get inside the character’s heads and get all analytical ;)!!!! IF EVER you wanna chat Sparty with me, let me know!!! Pop into my ask!! SPAM IT IF YOU LIKE!!!! I will always LOVE LOVE LOVE talking about it!!!!


Castus’s last words could have been about being a pirate–about going one last journey or something. They could have been a reprisal of the “live life to the fullest” line. They could have been about standing a Cilician, but falling a rebel.

They were about Nasir.

They were about his love for Nasir.


They were about his love for Nasir, in a way that acknowledged that Nasir loved Agron. A way that respected Nasir’s right to choose whom he loved.

He didn’t say “I wish you had loved me, not Agron.” Or even “I will die loving you.” He said, in essence. “I know you love Agron. I wish I could be him, even for a moment, so I could experience that kind of love.”

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