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Y/N: Castiel, thank you so much for taking me here! I’ve always wanted to go to Disney World. 

Castiel: No problem, Y/N. I’m just don’t know how people decide which ride to go on first. I’m having trouble choosing. 


Y/N: Cas, come on. You’ve only been on one ride.

Castiel: I’d rather enjoy this food. It’s so amazing. 


“Come on, Cas. Let’s get popcorn,” you said, heading to the concessions stand. “Do you want anything else? They have candy and soda and icies…”
“No thank you, whatever you want is fine,” Castiel said, looking around the theater lobby.
“Those posters are the movies that are coming up,” you explained, pointing at the walls. “If you see anything interesting, we can come watch it when it comes out, if you want.”

“So what do you think,” you asked, smirking as you sat in the theater.
“It’s interesting,” Cas said, smiling. “When does the movie begin?”
“Well, first there are previews– like commercials, but for the movies that are coming out soon.”

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Save The Honeybees

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Words: 375
A/N: This is very short but it was so adorable to write and I really hope you like it! Feedback is always appreciated! I’m still new to this writing thing.
Tags: established relationship, honeybees, fluff, destiel
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Summary: Dean is crazy about the way Castiel looks at the world. Cas is smitten some other things… and maybe a certain green-eyed male.

Dean Winchester is in love with Castiel Novak.

Castiel Novak is in love with honeybees.

This much Dean knows.

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“But if they knew Lucifer was the devil why would they have named the cat after him?” He looks at you expectantly.

“If I kiss you will you shut up? I’m trying to watch the mo-”

“I just don’t understand. Would you please answer my ques-?”

You roll your eyes, pressing your lips firmly to his. He kissed back and pulled you closer. Satisfied, you pulled away, going back to watching the movie with his arm wrapped around you. Silence lasted and you smiled.

“You still haven’t answered my question.”

You groaned into your pillow. “I don’t know Cas, why don’t you call Disney and ask them!”

“Okay. I might be able to find their location, do you-”

“Orlando, Florida.”

In seconds he was gone, leaving you to laugh into your hand and continue watching the rest of the film.