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I was strolling around @margarittet‘s page when I got to this post and felt like I was knocked over the head. I’ve seen a lot of posts speculating what songs would have been included on the mixtape Dean made for Cas, but I don’t really remember seeing any that were based on songs actually mentioned in the show (if I missed a post, please feel free to hit me upside the head again).

So I scoured SuperWiki and found … 13 songs. Two of these weren’t actually mentioned on the show/used for episodes but were considered for episode titles (according to the site). So I don’t know if they count, but I was very surprised that everything added up to 13. The remaining Led Zeppelin references I found were to the band members, record label, and albums.

In My Time of Dying - title of 2x01
Houses of the Holy - title of 2x13
What Is and What Should Never Be - title of 2x20
No Quarter - original title of 3x16
You Shook Me - mentioned in 4x14
Nobody’s Fault but Mine - mentioned in 4x14
Ramble On - mentioned in 4x18
Travelling Riverside Blues - mentioned in 4x18
When the Levee Breaks - title of 4x21
The Song Remains the Same - title of 5x13
Immigrant Song - lyric used for title of 5x19
Gallows Pole - original title of 6x18
Stairway to Heaven - title of 9x22

I’m not much of a Led Zeppelin fan (I have three songs and avoid Stairway as much as possible), so if there’s something I missed or whatever let me know. :)

Heat Haze

Summary: You and Cas go for a night swim, and are both very pleased to see that there’s a hot tub.

Request: How about some smut where Reader is in a hot tub or pool with Cas and he’s all flustered because she’s wearing a bikini. And it just leads to some really fluffy smut
-Requested by Anon

A/N: I went a little wild for this one! I hope you all like it! <3

Pairing: Human!Cas x Reader

Warnings: smut (kinda public, outside hot tub/pool area), language, enough fluff to kill.

Word Count: 3.2k (Sorry not sorry)

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If there was anything worse than having to sleep next to a sweaty Winchester in a shitty motel room with a broken window air conditioning unit, you hadn’t discovered it yet. You’d much rather be in hell. Literally.

You were wide awake at two o’clock in the morning while laying on the edge of the bed, because Dean’s a bed hog, Sam was way too large to even try and share a bed with, and a newly humanized angel was sleeping on the couch.

Now you weren’t by any means saying that you were mad at Cas, but..if he still had his grace you would have a place to sleep right now. Dean was..cuddly in his sleep, and it was just flat out way too hot for his arm to be draped over your stomach right now.

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Crazy Cas isn’t really crazy?

I don’t know how well my thoughts will get across with this, but I feel like Demon Dean and Memory Loss Dean (do we even have a thing for that?) help explain some of “Crazy” Cas’ characteristics.

I know there’s been some talk about why Cas was so different from Sam when he took on his suffering (Sam mainly experienced hallucinations, Cas didn’t), but when I consider the aspects and arguments of Performing Dean and when that wall comes down, I want to say Cas wasn’t really crazy at all.

He was definitely affected by what he took on from Sam and I can’t say what exactly it was, but I feel like it did to him what being a demon and having no memory of himself did to Dean.

Why do these get so long? Under the cut: 

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  • <p> <b>Dean:</b> I want to treat you like my homework.<p/><b>Cas:</b> ...?<p/><b>Dean:</b> I want to throw you on my desk and work hard and fast on you all night.<p/><b>Cas:</b> <p/><b>Dean:</b> <p/><b>Cas:</b> ... Shit<p/><b>Gabriel:</b> Right. That's it. Everyone out! Mummy and daddy want to have some happy fun times tougether!<p/></p>
New to This (Castiel x Reader)

Request: Either Insecure! Or Vulnerable! Castiel and affirmation kissing. It can be implied smut but that puppy has absolutely no idea what it’s like to be loved and I want to see how someone else would work with it!

Title: New to This

Pairing: insecure!Cas x Reader

Warnings: None.

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“This is completely unnecessary.” Castiel protested as you forced him to sit down.

You, along with Sam, Dean and Cas had just returned to the bunker from a hunt. It didn’t go so well seeing as you all were ambushed by a bunch of angels.

You all managed to take a hit but Cas seemed to have gotten it the worst. Of course, the angel immediately healed all of you but failed to think of himself.

“Don’t fight it man.” Dean told him, shaking his head as he walked away. Most likely to take a shower.

“Yeah, good luck.” Sam chuckled, also walking away from you and the angel.

Cas sighed in defeat, knowing that the brothers were probably right and he shouldn’t argue with you about it. His eyes followed your every move, watching as you grabbed gauzes and alcohol.

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I still don’t get why Dean trusted Benny so much though. Yeah, he saved Dean’s life, but a lot of people have done that. Dean’s never been so loyal to anybody who saved his life, so what makes Benny so special?

Maybe Dean saw Benny as the brother Sam couldn’t be. Somebody whom he didn’t have to protect. Someone who’d never let him down. That’s great, Dean is finally getting a friend who isn’t Sam, we’re breaking the bro dependency. Buuuut they go and kill Benny just to further the bro dependency, so that’s not happening (Also why wasn’t Benny even slightly angry that Dean asked him to go back to Purgatory? Like slight anger at least would be justifiable, never made sense to me)

I can’t see it as being romantic either, because I personally saw absolutely no romantic chemistry between Ty and Jensen. Bestbro5eva chemistry sure, but not romantic.

That leaves Cas. Benny saved Cas’ life. Cas’ and Sam’s life is what’s important to Dean, a great deal more than his own (which is a whole new level of sad) and Benny saved both of them. In Purgatory it’s just Cas though.

Benny saved Cas, and that’s a debt that Dean can never repay.