ch: cas and dean


I Believe the Children Are Our Future, 5.06

I wanted this for tactile Dean (for the way he puts his hand on Sam’s arm to both reassure and break the tension, as well as moving his body between them), but then I got intrigued by their dynamic here. The antagonism Cas still feels for Sam in these early days (the abomination line isn’t far off from this episode), Sam’s guilt over the demon blood and its fallout, and especially Dean’s ability to take that all in and intervene. Basically, what I’m saying is: Look at Dean reading the emotions in the room and choosing a course of action based on that. Just another example of his emotional intelligence. 


Dean actually made Cas cry!!!! This has to be one of my top favorite scenes of the whole series.. when Cas finally realizes he is a Winchester and is loved (especially by the one he loves most) I love the acting done by Misha and Jensen 👏🏼 I am honestly super excited to see Jensen’s acting abilities pushed to the max in the S13 opener