ch: carolyn


“You’re not alone, We’ll brave this storm.”

aoshimaonwards  asked:

Lol can you draw Aidrien (?) terrible? And maybe Carolyn?

Aidren is not amused at having his name misspelled badly or having a poorly drawn effigy of himself up here… XDD

Because most people probably don’t know Aidren: (left) (right)

He’s a timid knight character from Torn Apart, a novel project between me and Creation Cryptozoologist, my friend offsite. He’s not usually this done-looking, but apparently he has little tolerance for being painted like this… XDD

….I’m sorry Ao but you asked for it. This is Carolyn… XD She… she was a joy to paint I have to say. Such a cool outfit that I… completely mangled in MS paint… XDD I’m sorry this is so bad but it is a bad MS paint challenge so… Thanks for the asks anyway! XD;;

As many of you know, my girlfriend, @cgmacnaughton, is an artist. She made this original piece last night and is selling prints for $20 a piece.

The original size is 11 x 17, but your print can be made into whatever size you want, all the way up to the size of a poster (all prints are the same price).

If anyone is interested in purchasing a print, message me. If not, share this post cause it’s still some dope art.