ch: black widow

So this is my favorite part of Winter Soldier, and maybe any of the Marvel movies. I have always loved the concept of teamwork and seeing heroes with different skill sets work together is the reason I’ve always enjoyed the Ninja Turtles, X-Men, and the Avengers.

In this moment, Captain America and Black Widow are having an argument. They’re annoyed with each other. Then Batroc throws a grenade at them and instantly they both react. Cap knocks the grenade away, then turns and picks up Black Widow to run to safety.

Now it’s not like Black Widow isn’t extremely capable. If she had been alone in that situation she most likely could have jumped over those computers and into the adjoining room all on her own. But as Steve picks her up, she doesn’t blink. She grabs on and then without a second thought she shoots out the window they are about to jump through.

This sort of seamless teamwork is the kind of thing that really gets me going. Two people moving as one. Two people thinking as one. Regardless of their differences.

(credit to forsakenrandomness for providing me with the GIF)

I don’t think we talk enough about how yeah, Clint was sent to murder Natasha but offered her a job, but Natasha took it.

Natasha, who had no one looking out for her, saw someone who admitted they were sent to kill her, who she had no reason to trust. She heard “what if instead of me murdering you, you come work for SHIELD” but honestly, would you believe that? We talk about the leap Clint took in offering it to her, but what about the leap of faith she took in accepting?

The odds were strongly in favor of her being taken someplace private to be murdered, or her being experimented on, or tortured for the information she had. The chances of it ending as it did- with Natasha fully ensconced in SHIELD, considered a loyal member of the team- were miniscule. But they were there, and Natasha- Natasha the lone wolf, Natasha who works best alone- took the opportunity to be part of that team.

And she took it seriously and maintained loyalty, not until it was expedient for her to not do so, but until it came crashing down around her, and at that time, she was the one who set it up in flames, not for her own purposes, but for the good that she’d believed the agency represented.

Natasha fucking Romanoff you guys.