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“As the ship crossed ocean after ocean, they found a new activity to engage in. They kept on reading and practicing magic and swordfighting, but during the afternoons, they would often sit on the warm deck, fishing. Wonderland held many ridiculously colorful fish, and they made it a game to fish for the funniest looking-one. Comparing their catches usually ended with them bickering about which fish was the most amazing one, but it was something they both enjoyed doing - even when Belle always seemed to end up with the winning fish.” - from Heart of the Ship - art by the wonderful qtarts 

  • Charming: Our memories. They're gone.
  • Snow: Again.
  • Belle: Alright everyone. Pull out your daily journals that we've been keeping since we had that pre-mission conference about how mass amnesia seems to happen to us on a bi-monthly basis.
  • Regina: You know, I thought this was a dumb plan but here it is, paying off.
  • Henry: Can you imagine if we all had to go through this "we have amnesia, how did we get here" thing again? That would be ridiculous.
  • Hook: Aye. So it's a good thing we've taken steps to deal this very frequent occurrence in our lives. Good work, team.

Thread with mrs-belle-gold

Unable to keep on living in the house he shared with Gloria, Rush moves in a flat near the university of Berkeley. He can’t stand his neighbour who keeps trying to intrude in his hours of work - his last place of relative happiness.

As for Belle, everything was going good in her life : a job she doesn’t like but makes money, great studies, a boyfriend, friends, until she has a new neighbour who makes her life hell.

AKA Rushbelle neighbours AU - But also Teacher/Student AU. 

You can read the thread in chronological order here

Do you guys know what’s in the bell jar Belle’s holding (no pun intended...) ... CAUSE I DO!!!

So you wanna know what is in this:

And in this:

It’s obvious…. It’s this:

(Art by delintthedarkone)

Seriously. We’ve all known for ages they would have to shrink him.

delintthedarkone totally knew…

Doctorrsong/ robertcarlyle knew!

I knew too!!!

@dekujin knew it as well!

Edit: And retrogrlfan definitely knew! She has made so much art about pocket-Rumple in the past!! (Sorry dearie could not come up with your name while I was at work…)

And there are MANY more that knew!

Glad to see the OUAT writers caught on as well. AT LAST!