ch: because i choose not to

What can I say then

Ok, lemme preface this. I am a supervisor at a credit card call center. Basically I take calls from regular reps whose callers ask for a supervisor, nothing too hard. Alright so, this rep transfers to me; I answer
Me: “Hi, my name is _____, I am a supervisor here at [insert na-]”
Literally, I was speaking normal, sup calls don’t hurt my calls per hour I can take 2 hrs talking to this bitch and I’ll be fine. She didn’t even let me finish saying my shit.
Ch: “what’s your name you didn’t say it”
Me: ___
Ch: “what”
Me: ___, (and it’s 3 letters so I spelled it out)
Ch: I don’t like you spelling it out I’m not stupid.
Me: ~ok~ “how May i assist you ma’am”
Honestly, it’s habit. I don’t call them by their first/last name bc people don’t like that. Sir/ma’am are my words, so I apologize right.
Me: “I’m sorry, so how may I help?”
Ch: “well my payment is 30.77$, I need to know why it’s an even number, I need odd numbers because that’s what goes well with my check, and my due date isn’t working for me.”
Me: “ok so-“ (I’m about to rephrase what she says bc I’ve learn people like that bc it shows I listened right, but I just say it so I remember everything and do it in a way it’ll fit the acct.
Me: “It’s not that I don’t care, I just have to make sure I caught everything you said. First, your pymt is 30$ or 7% of your balance, whichever is greater. It’s 30.77$ because you’re over by 77 cents, if the even numbers aren’t working you can always round it to an odd number of your choosing, and in regards to your due da-“.
Keep in mind she’s had this acct since 2015.
Me: “Well, when you applied the teems&conditions stated your pymts would be 30$/7% of your Bal, whichever is greater. Now, we can’t tel-“
Me: “alright and I get that, I am trying to help but you keep saying you don’t like what I am telling you. I have to tell you what we can/can’t do, I can’t just ignore what you said and tell you something else. Now, you can pay 31$ that’s not issue. You’re just paying a bit more than the minimum that’s fine. In regards to your due date, (it’s currently on the 5th of each month) what date would you like?”
Ch: “the 1st or 15th.”
Here’s where I got frustrated, she’s due on the 5th, and she usually pays on the 3rd or 4th, so early. She’s requesting her due date 4 days earlier for whatever reason. I’m not in her life so whatever, she sounded hesitant when she said first, so I check the 15th.
Me: (keep in mind I can’t say “can’t” bc shell cut me off and we’ll get nowhere) “unfortunately we are unable to select the 15th as a due date, but the 14th or 16th work, do either of those work for you?”
Ch: “16th is fine.”
Me: “ok, before I select that I have to remind you, you can only change your due date once every twelve months, do you still wish to select the 16th of each month?”
Ch: “what day is the 16th next month (12-16-17)?”
Me: “saturday.”
Me: “we ca-, I mean we don’t choose certain daYS, for due daTES, we need a numberic daTE(#) that works for you. Not daYS (sun-mon).”
Me: “I’m not trying to, I’m trying to help, so what daTE works for you?”
Ch: “The 1st.”
Me: “ok so again, before I select that I have to remind you, you can only change your due date once every twelve months, do you still wish to select the 1st of each month?”
Me: “I’m sorry but we ca-, don’t choose daYS, we have daTE-“
Me: “I have to tell you what is available and what is not, I cannot please everything you’re wanting. I cannot lie to you and say we can do things we can’t, I’m very sorry you hate all I’m saying but I have to do my job of letting you know your options.”
Me: “I am TRYIN-“
Me: “so what daTE, are you looking for?”
Me: (I’m starting to get mad) “you gave me the 1st and 15th, I told you the 1st works and either 14th or 16th work. You keep saying you need a Thursday but we do not choose daYS. We choose daTES. You said the 16th and then said no and chose the 1st, I was about to confirm the 1st and you said no bc they fall on different daYS of the week each month. We don’t choose the daYS they fall on. Jus-“
Me: “Thats not my intention, what daTE works for you? That’s all I need.”
Basically my call was 26 mins long, of her telling me she hates everything that I said and ended up requesting another supervisor and just hung up on him bc he was a male.

Tl;dr: lady hates not getting her way.

Q: Why did you guys choose to go to Seidou high school?

Sawamura: It’s was to play baseball with Miyuki Kazuya, of course!!!

Furuya: *sleepy* I found out that Miyuki-senpai goes to Seidou when reading a newspaper about him.

Okumura: …Why should i tell you?

Love Divided Ch. 1 (Peter Parker x reader)

Hello darlings! I just got confirmed to go to the D23 expo this summer and I’m so excited! I hope you’re all doing well, I’m trying to put my Bucky cosplay together.. I may or may not have the first chapter of Run Away Baby up tonight because I’m swamped with other things today. I’ll try and make up for it with a sexy one shot for tomorrow! Enjoy! xoxo

Description:The brewing conflict between Tony and Steve are finally surfacing, causing everyone to choose a side. The heat within the team is rising, and everyone is beginning to realize what is to come. What happens when your relationship with Peter is divided? Will you choose your love? Or your morals?  

Warnings: Cursing



His words were like a knife in the heart. You sat there on the bed, completely taken aback. Hurt was written all over your face as tears began to well up in your eyes. 

“What do you mean?” You furrowed your brows, your voice cracking as you spoke. 

“You know exactly what I mean.” His voice was monotone, matching his expressionless face as he stared right at you. “If you do this, we can’t-” There was long pause before he spoke the words that would make his heart ache. “We can’t be together anymore.” You could tell that in his eyes that this was something he fought himself on, and it was hurting him just as much as it was hurting you. You bit your lip, fighting back to hot tears that began to sting your eyes. He watched your pain, and he couldn’t bear to look at you anymore. Peter turned away from you and walk to the door. He stopped in the doorway when you spoke. 

“Don’t make me choose. Please.” You whispered on choked sobs, your eyes pleading him to stay. He turned his head to the side to look at you through his peripheral vision. 

“I’m sorry.” He felt his heart drop. Before anymore words were said, he walked down the hall, quickly wiping away any stray tears that might have fallen. 

Weeks went by with minimal contact. Peter was waiting for your decision, but you couldn’t make one. He was making you choose between him, and what you stood for. How were you supposed to make up your mind? The signing of the Accords was tomorrow, and you still had no final decision. You agreed with Peter that you would travel to Wakanda with the team, but you never voiced whether you would sign or not. 

“F/N, you need to choose. Are you going to sign or not?” Tony raised his eyebrows at you, his arms crossed over his chest. He needed to know, and he needed to know now. “I don’t care that you’re coming with us, but I need to know if you’ll be signing the Accords.” 

You sighed, pinching the bridge of your nose. “Tony, I can’t sign. I’m sorry.” You raised your head to look at him. “But, do not tell Peter. I’ll go with you to Wakanda, but I won’t show up at the conference. Nobody tells him.” You eyes begged him to do this. “Do this last favor for me before everything goes to shit. Please, Tony.” 

He debated in his mind, pursing his lips. “Fine. I’m sorry to see you go though, F/N.” He gave you a slightly disappointed smile before walking off back to his lab. 

The ride on the quinjet was awkward. It seemed that Nat found out that you weren’t signing, but she also knew she wasn’t to say a word about it. She would often glance back at you and give you sad smiles. Peter would often place his hand over yours, in hope that you coming with them was a sign that you weren’t going to leave him. He wanted you to stay, he loved you more than anything, but all he could do was hope and wait. 

“We’re about to land, so I suggest everyone take their seats.” Tony called over his shoulder and everyone buckled themselves back in, waiting for the wheels to touch ground again. 

When you finally landed in Wakanda, the private airport was flooded with journalists pestering each of you with questions about your recent actions and the signing. You all agreed that there would be no comments made, and you all made your way to the car in silence, dodging every question. You were to stop at the hotel first to drop off your luggage, then head straight to the embassy. 

“Go to your rooms, do what you need to do. There are separate cars waiting outside for each of you. Take one when you’re ready and we will all meet at the conference.” Tony was messing with a screen in the car, finalizing the plans. You all nodded. Everyone knew what you were going to do next, besides the one person that it really mattered to. 

As you walked to your room, you were holding back tears that begged to fall on your cheeks. You didn’t want to choose, but you had to. You loved him, but you couldn’t be with him and ignore all that you stood for. When you unlocked the door, you quickly stepped in, locking the door behind you. You threw your stuff on the bed, and looked out the window. On the street below you were a line of cars, the ones that Tony told you about. 

You were never to get in you car. You were going to stay here, or if anything, get away from there. With the crisis going on, the governments didn’t need an Avenger showing up to mock them by not signing. Over the next hour you saw Nat and Tony get in their cars, leaving the hotel. All that was left was Peter’s car, and yours. 

You had to make it look like you were running late, so that he wouldn’t get suspicious. Emotionally, you weren’t going to be able to have a confrontation with him. Not now. Looking out your window, you saw Peter get into his car, but not before he looked up at your side of the building. You quickly hid yourself out of view, hoping that he would just leave. And finally, he did. As you watched him leave, the hot tears came back and spilled onto your cheeks. It felt like someone was tearing your heart out, and your whole body ached. You fell to the floor, sobbing into your hands to muffle your cries. There was something you had to do; you couldn’t leave without giving Peter some type of closure. You were already going to cause him an immense amount of pain, and to leave without saying a word was going to make it even worse. 

Your sleeves were soaked with tears, but you managed to stifle your sobs and pick yourself off of the floor. You made your way over to the desk, and wrote a short letter. 

Dear Peter, 

You made me choose. I chose. Neither decision was perfect and each had its cons. I can’t go against everything that I believe in and sit and watch horrible things happen to the world. This was the hardest thing for me to do, and I hope that we get another shot at this, but I can’t love you in vain. I’m sorry. 

The amount that I love you will never change. I’ll always love you. 


A few tears smeared the ink on the page, but you finished, and folded it in your before heading out into the hallway. You slipped the note under his door, praying that he would see it. You gently placed your hand on his door. 

“I’m sorry, Peter. Please forgive me one day.” 

I hoped you liked it! I had a good time writing this, and I cannot wait to write the next chapter! Enjoy the rest of your day! xoxo



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bixgirl1  asked:

Hi!! I was thinking about my favorite scenes/lines from my favorite fics and got to wondering what scenes/lines stood out to the people who wrote them. Lolol. What would you say are your top 10 favorite bits from your fics?

Omg this is such an awesome ask, thank you so much!!! I waited for Career Fair Fest to end, but have been thinking and working on this post for literal days now, and, finally, here’s my (VERY LONG) answer.

I’m listing the fics in the order I completed them:

1. In The Miseducation of Draco Malfoy, I loved the writing process (I had such fun writing it – unlike some recent fics *cough career fair* cough *erised* cough) and I love how Draco’s voice turned out and, also, the humour. I’d never written humour before and was pleasantly surprised to see that I could. A line that exemplifies both (the humour and Draco’s voice) is this from Ch. 1: 

The Aurors who came to break the fight and arrest Draco and Potter threw them in a holding cell inside the Ministry, giving dark looks to Draco and understanding looks to Potter, which could be the title of Draco’s book: Everyone Sympathises With Potter And No One Gets Me: An Autobiography. 

Actually, I’m finding it quite hard to choose individual sentences or scenes from this fic, but I’d also point to this exchange as a fave, because it captures the spirit of their dynamic:

“Yeah, but,” Harry persisted bravely under an assault of tongues, lips and exploring hands, “it’s a hospital. Shagging here is—”

“It’s what, Potter?” Draco asked, exasperated.

“It’s—” He searched for an appropriate word in vain. “It feels naughty.”

Draco smirked. “If you want to make me even more turned on than I already am, please keep talking about how naughty this is.”

Harry sighed, but he also wondered who he was kidding. His cock was already hard and the blood rushing to his groin had severely affected any reasoning abilities.

“I’m an Auror, what if it’s against the law,” he insisted once more, even as he was taking off his shoes and socks.

“So we’ll get arrested and be sentenced to community service,” Draco said.

Harry pushed him on the bed. “I guess that’s not too bad then.”

2. In Dunes, I like my descriptions. I considered deleting the fic once, but I decided against it due to paragraphs, such as this:

The sun has come out, bathing the landscape in a white light that bleaches the colour out of the sand and the sea. The birds call to one another, circling above their heads, creating a racket. Harry can’t hear the other students over the sound of the pounding surf; perhaps they’ve wandered far. 

And this one from the same fic:

 The bright sunlight makes everything sharper, more real — but also slightly unreal. 

3. In The Full Monty my fave thing is that I came up with the Lust Leaks™, and I loved creating Arthur (who has turned out to be super popular). I’m fond of the dialogue exchange in the end with Draco trying to shift the blame from him, although he knows he’s busted, and (I’ve mentioned this a million times) I LOVE the paragraph with the lust leaks during sex:

Potter turns and grabs the desk, arching his back and Draco presses soft kisses on his skin while he works Potter open. Draco can feel their magic tangling, fighting, blending together and the room is slowly transforming around them; mute fireworks bursting over their heads, a priapic statue standing where his coat hanger used to be, tapestries covering previously bare walls, the cactus sprouting a large pink blossom that opens slowly just as Potter’s hole opens under Draco’s skilful, eager fingers.

(I’ve imagined what this paragraph would look as art a gazillion times)

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Love Divided Ch. 4 (Peter Parker x reader)

Good afternoon from California, my loves! I hope you’re all having a wonderful day. Agh, I’m so sorry I haven’t been very active, but I only have a couple weeks of school left and then I’ll be back with tons of fics because I’ll actually have time to sit at my computer instead of pulling my hair out 24/7. Anywayyyss, here’s the long awaited next chapter of “Love Divided”. Enjoy my loves! xoxo

Description: The brewing conflict between Tony and Steve are finally surfacing, causing everyone to choose a side. The heat within the team is rising, and everyone is beginning to realize what is to come. What happens when your relationship with Peter is divided? Will you choose your love? Or your morals?

Warnings: Angsty ending.

Chapter 3


For days he laid unconscious on the hospital bed, his body slowly recovering from his wounds. You stayed with him each day, holding his hand, telling him how much you love him, and how much it was going to hurt you when you had to leave. 

“I don’t know if you can hear me, but I love you. And I know you’re going to hate me for leaving, but I can’t fight on a side that I don’t agree with. Of course I love you and I want to stay with you. Of course it’s killing me inside, but I need you to understand.” Tears were pooling in your eyes for what seemed like the hundredth time since his surgery. “I need to fight for what I believe in. It’s what I have to do…” You paused, taking in a shaky breath. “M-maybe when it’s all over, we can be together again.” You choked on your sobs, the emotional dam in your body finally bursting. All you could think about was what was going to happen after the dispute between Steve and Tony; if there even was going to be a future after that. 

Nobody was going to change your mind on your decision, because you were stubborn like that. Tony didn’t even try convincing you to stay, he knew the circumstances and he knew you valued your morals. He just hoped that nothing would happen to you. Tony saw you kind of like a daughter, and to think of all the terrible things that could happen to you in the near future always made his heart ache. Now he was silently leaning against the doorway into the hospital room, listening to your confession. He couldn’t help but furrow his eyebrows together in concern and pain. You had your head buried into Peter’s side and holding his hand as he slept. 

Tony cleared his throat awkwardly, making his presence known. You lifted your head up, turning towards him, your eyes red and puffy. “Uh, F/N, do you want me to stay with him for a little while? You haven’t left the hospital in days and I can have you escorted to the hotel and back so you can shower and get something to eat, if you want.” 

You sniffled, wiping your nose and your tears with your sleeve. “O-okay…” As you nodded, you turned your face to Peter again, watching him sleep. He looked so peaceful there, and you were worried about how peaceful he would be when he woke up. “Just, uh, if he wakes up.. call me… please…” You croaked, trying to hold back another wave of tears. Tony nodded as you slowly let go of Peter’s hand and walked towards Tony with your eyes glued to the floor. 

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S(ish)SS: Six Months to Strawberry Time

Because, for reasons I can’t begin to comprehend (especially in light of my current situation), When the Mooniverse!Gadge is clamoring to be written. Ch 3 is already over 9K…

“So what’s the problem?” I persist, and my father’s frown softens into a sad, almost pitying smile.

“The problem,” he answers, “is that I have one precious child and I want to give her the very best life that I can, however she chooses to live it.” 

I shake my head, still not quite there. “I don’t follow,” I say.

“Yes, you do,” my mother corrects gently, kissing the crown of my head. “Or you will, in a moment. Your father is trying to assign Gale a residence where he can bear to see you live, without choosing something significantly above the boy’s current standing or drawing attention to you.”

“Dad!” I exclaim, sitting up straight, but the word comes out as a gasp. “Why on earth would you–?”

“Please, magpie,” he stops me, but as gently as my mother addressed me a moment ago. “I’ve suspected something was stirring between you and Gale Hawthorne for the past two summers, and this new hunting scheme… I won’t insult either of you by implying it’s something that it’s not,” he says quietly, “but I’m not a blind fool. A few Sundays in the woods – even one Sunday in the woods – might be sufficient to push one of you into a declaration, courting, and the rest. I spoke lightly of it this morning, but I have a strong, strange conviction you’ll be married this summer.”

“You’re mad, the pair of you,” I conclude, but breathlessly, because the air seems to have vanished from this room, and my father leans forward to take both my hands in his.

“Not mad, sweetheart,” he assures me tenderly, “but fools, perhaps, for not having acted sooner. Answer me one question,” he bids, “and I’ll not say another word on the matter unless you raise it.”

I glance warily between my parents, both of whom are regarding me steadily, with neither mischief nor mirth. “What question?” I wonder.

“Do you love him?” my father asks.

Kuro Reread: Ch 18

Ciel couldn’t sleep because of Soma. Take that as you will.

Why is Lau always around? Doesn’t he have a drug empire to run or something?

I feel obligated to point out how cute Ciel  looks with a fluffy hood on.

Sebastian hangs upside down from a window, because that’s what Victorian butlers did at the time, I’m sure.

Sebastian looks at the dogs and they back off. Does he have power over animals? Is it limited to dogs? Can he control anyone he chooses to? How does it work??

Soma barges in. Has anyone introduced the concept of common sense to him? Had he stayed quiet, they could have found out a lot more.

I have a feeling that IRL Harold West would be the kind of guy who sulks for hours because his Italian leather shoes got scuffed or something.

Couldn’t Agni have sat Soma down and talked this all out with him?

My dear prince, I know how much Mina meant to you, but it’s better to let those we love go. 

*insert rest of speech here*

That way they wouldn’t even be in this situation right now. 

*laughs* Oh, dear lord. I’ll just let these images speak for themselves. 

Ciel having one of his ‘’Is this really what I sold my soul for?’’ moments.

What Agni is doing seems absolutely unnecessary. He’s a devoted butler who cares for his master’s emotional well-being, I get that. But he’s just hurting him more like this. Talk to him for the love of Kali! 

Oh, tears of blood. 

Deerbastian’s really making it a lot harder to take this scene seriously. 

*gasp* Lau! That’s Sebastian’s job! You really need to take better care of your master, Sebastian. Letting just anyone pick him up… shame on you. Where’s that aesthetic of yours now? 

So, basically, what he’s trying to say is that believing in something gives humans strength? Well, yeah, that’s sort of how it works… 

Sebastian’s looking forward to scarring Soma for life. 

Chapter 18′s done now. *bows*

anonymous asked:

I get upset when it comes to Fancafe contents. People say they don't want to create hierarchy among fan but smh it's there. I don't mind answering some questions or buying songs or smt simply (or not so) as such, but apparently it's all about money. I totally understand when we pay for materials like albums or summer packages etc... but for fc I just feel uncomfortable. Even when a member posts smt on fc and it leaks afterwards I still feel completely left out. (1)

Kumamonymous said:(2) I try to be nonchalant, thinking since most of fc members are Koreans, at least they should get some privileges for being Koreans as they’re supposed to support our boys the most, more than us int fans could. It’s fine I can’t get access to some videos or pictures, but when they write about their thoughts/feelings I can’t help feeling distant. I know the boys are not to be blame and start blaming myself for not trying hard enough instead. It’s ridiculous smh

i hate to admit it but i feel the same not only fc but also ch+ makes me uncomfortable.. i guess it’s because those are supposed to be for interaction with them but they’re only limited to people who have paid and it kinda makes me sad that you have to either give them your money or be out of loop. and it feels like with every year it’s only becoming worse and i’m sad. i don’t mind supporting them through buying albums and dvds and bon voyage ok i get it they put money into production but… idk it’s just sad. please don’t blame yourself tho if you can’t afford stuff or if you deliberately choose not to spend your money on everything bighit releases because the company’s goal is to make money off us and as a customer you have the right to either buy or not buy their product. you don’t have to buy everything. it doesn’t make you any less of a fan.tbh i even thought of not buying the new album because the marketing was messy and i’m tired of bighit getting away with this lol (i still bought it tho :////). i’ve noticed that some people literally worship bighit but guys….. it’s just a company that’s after your money fksjksnjddsj

Okay, but when Yuuko offers Sakura and Syaoran the choice to be properly reincarnated and live a life - with the prospect of meeting their other selves and loved ones - and Syaoran says he doesn’t deserve this because he feels guilty for ruining so many lives

Sakura says that’s not true. But even if it is, she will take the burden of his punishments because she only wants to live with him. They never got to, because a) she lost her memories and b) those memories are that of ALTERNATE Tsubasa-hime, the third Sakura that was copied in the ruins in ch 1. Anyways Sakura’s lines always tug at my heart because she knows that none of this is Syaoran’s fault. She had done so many daring and risky moves and “died” to protect him and their son, and their dads and Mokona.

“Our lives were dictated and one of the paths was to never be together. Now’s our choice and I’m not risking any more chances to be apart from you. I love you no matter what, and I want to have a new beginning” is what she wants and chooses.

daily reminder that draco malfoy threw his wand to harry potter, going not only against his abusive father but also voldemort himself and choosing the right side but then they decided to cut the scene because they wanted us to keep believing that draco is just a selfish coward.

i refuse to believe that this scene didn’t happen and y'all are very welcome to kis my muggleborn ass

anonymous asked:

Something anything criminal batfam please. I'm begging you.

((ahhhhhh i’m sorry for all i’ve put you through so far, omg. uuuh i don’t have time to do something worth justice to that au at the moment that I feel comfortable with, but he’s a beta version of Steph’s past cut from ch 6!! I hope you enjoy it and thank you for sticking with me!!))

Her dad never gave her a ton of choices. Not real ones. There were choices like what moves she wanted to make when he played one of his weird games with her, and there were choices like what she wanted for dinner off a menu, or ones like, ‘are you too sick to go to school today?’ which she never was, because the alternative was staying home.

The first time her dad got arrested, she finally got a choice all her own, and she just couldn’t choose:

Who did she hate more? The cops, her dad, or everything?

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The Prize, Ch. 4

Summary: AU Tom, set in early 19th c. London.  Madeleine and Tom have known each other since they were teenagers (her brother is married to his sister). Can they overcome their fears and choose each other?  

Genre: Romance/Angst/Drama (Written as an experiment in the heaving bosom/bodice ripper vein)

Rating: T (non-explicit sexuality, scenes of thematic peril {SORRY I JUST HAD TO SAY THAT!!!})

Author’s Notes: This is for @i-wanna-be-toms-body-pillow because I probably wouldn’t attempt to actually write it without her nagging encouragement.  Reminder that this started out just on a whim, I am not a Writer, I am not going to obsess about the accuracy of period language or technical issues, etc.  :) Not beta’d, read at your own risk. 

Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3

London was delighted to be informed, although not a few knowing glances were exchanged in sitting rooms across the town, upon hearing the news, in the appropriate amount of time after the ball of the engagement of Cassandra to the eldest son and heir of An Old and Respected Family.  Tom was immediately filled with happiness for his favorite, albeit his only, niece, and persuaded the more cautious Madeleine to join in the general approval of all those closest to the girl.

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“His” Fiance, Choosing (Ch.3)

Summary: [TCT, spoilers for recent chapters] Confronted with the truth, she chooses. (or: Lizzy is faced with a decision to accept her past or move forward, and looking at her two Ciels in the eye has never been harder)

Chapter 1 Link

Chapter 2 Link

I’ve been late with this because I’ve fallen in love with Charles Grey/Lizzy and am unabashedly writing a much longer, more well-written story about the two of them at the moment. ^^ Sorry.


Lizzy woke up to the sound of birds chirping. Immediately, she sat up and scanned the room warily, and to her relief, it was empty. Light streamed in the bedroom through a single window, and to her side laid a single stuffed animal. It was a rabbit (rabbits had always been one of her favorite animals), and its resemblance to Ciel almost made bile rise to her throat.

She couldn’t do this.

Lizzy couldn’t face him: not now, not after meeting the other Ciel.

“The other Ciel”, hah. Wasn’t that a funny thought? After all, “the other Ciel” had always just been “Ciel” in the past. She was hit by a sudden turbulent wave of emotions: anger, fear, guilt, sadness, hope, and confusion. It seemed as if the entire emotional spectrum had somehow managed to overwhelm her senses.

She had no doubt that Sebastian was somewhere nearby. In fact, she could faintly hear voices from downstairs. One of the voices sounded suspiciously like her brother.


God, she couldn’t do this. Not yet.

Lizzy had to leave. And if she wanted to leave without getting caught, she’d have to do so quickly before Sebastian came upstairs to check on her. Silently mustering all the agility she could, Lizzy pulled off several of the bedsheets and began to work. Hands nimbly weaving the fabric together, each satisfying knot distracted her from further thought and emotion. All that existed in her tiny world was her and the bedsheets: twist, tie, secure. Twist, tie, secure.

“Okay,” she whispered quietly, her voice sounding hoarse and nearly inaudible in the bedroom. Lizzy, you can do this. She scooted over to the side of the bed, securing her makeshift rope around the bedpost. Gingerly, her feet stepped onto the bedroom floor. Ensuring that the wood would not creak, Lizzy made her way to the window and slid it open.

Throwing the rope out of the window, Lizzy hesitated for a split second and glanced back.

Ciel will be furious.

“Maybe next time,” she murmured, nimbly scaling down the wall nearly effortlessly.

And so she ran away.



She didn’t want to face either of them. Not now, at least.

Lizzy trudged through the streets of London with a purpose.

“Nina,” she greeted, exuding as much authority as she could. Lizzy tried to emulate the intimidating aura that Ciel and her mother often used whenever they meant serious business. “A pleasure to see you, again.”

The dressmaker, who had been in the middle of pinning a cloth to a mannequin, froze and promptly dropped her sewing needle. “Oh my, Lady Midford. Please…why don’t you take a seat?”




Within three hours, Lizzy was well-fed, properly dressed, and warmed to the core. At the moment, she sat on a fashionable Oriental chair in Nina’s backroom, sipping some tea and ignoring Nina’s pressing stares. To her relief, the dressmaker hadn’t questioned her sudden reappearance or state of unkemptness, instead fussing over her and remarking about how “cute girls like her needed to take better care of their complexion and clothes”.

Feeling as though the woman needed some semblance of repayment, Lizzy cleared her throat. “I’ve been avoiding Ciel.”

“Ah, I’m well aware,” Nina replied cheerily. “After all, he kept sending men to ask me if you ever came by. Not to mention the Sphere Music Hall nonsense.”

Lizzy flinched at the invocation of the place. Just thinking of the atrocities that…that occurred there made her want to vomit. Vomiting, as her mother once told her, definitely was not ladylike (much less the proper thing to do when being received by somebody in their own workspace).

“I see,” Lizzy said simply, taking another sip of tea. Carefully, she asked, “What did Ciel tell you about me?”

“If you mean to ask how much did he tell about me, young Lady Midford, you shan’t worry,” Nina assured her. “The young Lord Phantomhive doesn’t like discussing such matters with somebody like me, the little brat. But don’t worry, I won’t inform the young Lord of your presence. I can basically gather what’s going on, anyways.”

Trying not to flinch or show any signs of panic, Lizzy gave a somewhat noncommittal hum of acknowledgment. “And your conclusions?”

“A lover’s quarrel, of course!” Nina declared confidently, causing Lizzy to spit out some of the tea she was drinking.

“L-lovers’ quarrel?” She sputtered, blinking rapidly. “What even…why would you ever think such a thing?”

“The young Lord Phantomhive, as adorable as he might be, is not the most tactful of lovers, m’lady,” Nina sighed dramatically, and if it were any other situation, Lizzy might have burst into laughter and probably would’ve agreed. Instead, she bit her lip.

“If…” Lizzy started. “Just…suppose, Nina, that there is a woman who loves a man. She loves him with all her heart, but then she learns that he isn’t the man who she thought he was. What should she do? P-purely hypothetical, of course.” The last fragment was added as a nervous sidenote.

“Purely hypothetically, you say?” Nina pondered. “Well, whoever you love, you love. Love is a fickle thing, m’lady. It’s the man’s actions that matter, not his name nor words. What was that quote I liked again? From that play by William Shakespeare.”

“Hamlet?” Lizzy offered, recalling Edward’s near fanatic reverence of the play.

“No, no. The one with the lovesick teenagers.”

Lizzy blinked for a moment, searching through her memory for several seconds before finally remembering the title. “Ah, Romeo and Juliet.” Something about her expression seemed to darken, which Nina caught.

“Is it not to your taste, m’lady?” Nina questioned curiously. “I would’ve pinned you as the type to swoon at such romance.”

“The play ended as a tragedy,” Lizzy explained shortly, biting her lip. “I don’t like tragedy.”

Ah, the amount of irony that went into that statement was astounding. Sometimes Lizzy felt as if she were one of the characters in a tragedy of her own.

“There was a quote that I took a liking to in that play,” Nina hummed, procuring a plate of biscuits and offering one to Lizzy. She shook her head politely, content with her tea. “It was about roses.”

“Perhaps you are referring to the balcony scene?” Lizzy suggested. Juliet’s speech had resounded with her many years ago when Lizzy first viewed the play. She quoted quietly, “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

“Ah, yes. That was what I was thinking of!” Nina confirmed, bobbing her head excitedly. “Even if we called a rose something else, it still retains the same qualities. I would think that the same applies to this lover of yours, Lady Midford.”

Hypothetical situation, Nina,” Lizzy insisted, but the dressmaker looked unconvinced.

It was slightly interesting to see the dressmaker act so normal. Usually, the eccentric woman always portrayed herself as a rather exuberant and over excited fool, if she were to quote Ciel. Then again, considering the time period, Lizzy supposed there must have been a well-educated and rational side to the woman. Not anybody could own a dress-shop, not in this society where women were supposed to take care of the household and educate their children.

Mother had drilled it into Lizzy’s head since as long as she could remember: if you’re a woman and want to survive in this “man’s world”, you must be strong.

“Well, Lady Midford…if you need a place to stay for the moment, you may stay with me,” Nina said kindly, reaching over and petting Lizzy’s hands gently. “I don’t know exactly why you and Lord Phantomhive are fighting, but I understand that a girl has to have some space every once in awhile. You’ll be alright, dear.”

The amount of warmth leaking into the woman’s voice was almost enough to make Lizzy’s expression crumble completely. Instead, throat constricted and voice somewhat raspy, she mumbled, “…Lizzy.”

“Pardon me?”

“Please just call me Lizzy,” she said in a louder voice, offering the woman a small smile. “And…um, if you need any help with your shop, I’ve learned a bit of sewing here and there from my etiquette lessons.”

Nina returned her look with a grin of her own. “As you wish, Lizzy. Now, why don’t I show you one of my new designs I’ve been working on for a client? Actually, your figure is about the same as the girl I’m designing it for. Would you mind being my model?”





Over the next week, Lizzy learned the ins and outs of sewing and had reached the point where Nina would actually entrust some minor details to her. (She had spent the first few days practicing on scrap fabric and acting as a mannequin: Nina had high standards for her clothing, and Lizzy’s mediocre sewing skills were not enough to impress her.)

Now, Lizzy was sitting on a bed that Nina graciously granted her. Emerald eyes glancing out of the window and towards the dreary gray sky, Lizzy pondered. She thought and pondered and ruminated over the same thing over and over and over:

What should she do?

Ciel (the one with the eyepatch, the one who had gone through so many experiences with her) wasn’t really “Ciel Phantomhive”. And, on the flip side, her old Ciel wasn’t the same Ciel anymore, either. Not-Ciel (because she refused to call her former childhood playmate “Ciel” when all he did was smirk evilly and look remarkably like Uncle Vincent all day) was planning something, like always.

Not only that: he was associating with shady groups that Aunt Rachel would’ve been horrified to even hear about, much less speak to. She could understand not-Ciel’s anger: his name, title, fiance, future stolen by the person he trusted most.

Then again, he was dead. Or he had been dead. Not-Ciel hadn’t offered much of an explanation to her, but Lizzy knew that when Ciel had returned from whatever hellhole he found Sebastian, not-Ciel had been dead. When Ciel returned to her, he had looked tired. Lost, broken…as if he had lost his twin.

Not-Ciel had returned from the dead.

Was there any laws barring the dead from reclaiming their titles? Lizzy wasn’t even sure: legal matters never interested her in the past. Maybe that was something she should look into. On the other hand, were there any laws against Ciel remaining the heir to the Phantomhive family? It wasn’t as if reanimated corpses were something Queen Victoria worried about on a daily basis. (Then again, maybe she did worry about them: after all, she had heard the whispers about Ciel, the “Queen’s Watchdog”. She had no doubt that the Queen was informed of the Campania incident.)

And moving on to her next problem: rather than what should she do…what did she want?

Did she want not-Ciel to reclaim his title? Did she want Ciel to remain “Ciel Phantomhive”, even though that was a lie?

Who should she side with? Who would she side with?

Lizzy swallowed, feeling a lump rise in her throat. Not-Ciel had been her childhood playmate. He had been her first love, her best friend, the ray of sunshine that penetrated through her worries. Not-Ciel had loved her back, and had been unafraid to show it. Even now, he still cared about her.

She could tell: from the way his gaze would follow her across the room to the scent of strawberries in the room he arranged from her. (He had always done those kind of little actions. She noticed. Not-Ciel always kept her likes and dislikes in mind when doing anything. He was thoughtful like that.)

(He had been thoughtful towards Ciel, back in the day, too. Lizzy remembered Aunt Rachel talking about how not-Ciel would often stay inside for his sickly brother.)

(Lizzy once again kicked herself for not realizing sooner. Stupid Ciel, hiding his asthma like he was some cool protagonist of a novel.)

Ciel, on the other hand, was the kind of person to cause anxiety and worry. He was rough and callous with his words. He lied to her, pushed her away, and refused to listen to her.

But…she knew that somewhere deep inside, Ciel cared.

Ciel had been the person to accept her strong side. Ciel tried to protect her from harm, Ciel was the one who comforted her. Ciel had been the person who obliged to her selfish requests, from dancing to the Campania (the latter ending in disaster).

Did she love him?

Ciel had been the person who she wore her low-heeled shoes for. Ciel had been the person who she fought for. Ciel had been the person who she accepted all sides of, just like how he accepted every part of her.

But did she love him?

Even though she could describe Ciel with so many derogatory terms — callous, rude, tactless, and socially inept to name a few — he still was Ciel. Beneath his prickly exterior was Ciel: caring but shy, kind but awkward, weak yet strong. And even though he was such a dork whenever he tried to do anything remotely kind, Lizzy knew that he cared.

And sometimes, that was enough.

Not-Ciel had confided in her about his plans. Not everything — oh, no, not-Ciel would never tell his dainty cousin all of his plans — but enough for her to figure out her next plan of action.

Lizzy was going to put a stop to this act.



but what if you get to the diner where you’re supposed to meet Fratboy!Calum for your date and he’s all busted up. He’s got a cut lip and his nose is still bleeding a little bit, his jaw all blue and purple and his eye kinda swollen and black while he holds what looks like a hand towel filled with ice cube to various parts of his face. You’d gasp and immediately fuss over him, running over and touching his face all over as gently as you could asking what the hell happened to him and he’d swat away your hands and shrug out of your grasp, a little bit down cast. So you’d sit next to him and ask what was wrong, really, and that’s when he’d admit, “I was jumped.” And then you’d freak out some more asking, “by who?! Why ?!” And then he’d stare at you with big round puppy dog eyes saying, “My brothers. They kicked me out of the frat because they didn’t want me to see you anymore.” And then you’d forget that he’s bleeding and kiss him because you never expected him to choose you over his frat but he did and you couldn’t love anyone more than you did in that moment.


The Bird and the Worm ch. 3

The Royal Romance Chapter 9

CH 9 - Race to the Finish

Premium choice 1: Royal Regatta Outfit (25 diamonds)

  • According to Maxwell and Bertrand, looking good will help you impress the media.
  • This outfit does not unlock any special or exclusive scene but you will be able to choose it again later on
  • Verdict: 3/10 worth it. If you choose correctly, the press will like you anyway regardless of what you’re wearing. I give it a low score because aside from getting to keep the outfit (if you’re into it) it’s got nothing else going for it.
  • Diamond Grade: F

Premium choice 2: Spending alone time with Hana in her yacht (19 diamonds)

  • You unlock a special scene where you get choices to bond with Hana or even romance her.
  • There’s a lot of flirting that happens but nothing physical actually happens. Like you don’t actually get to kiss her or anything like that. The most you will get is a hand squeeze. 
  • Verdict: 6/10 worth it. For those who are Hana fans, I’m supposing that you would want to check it out. I personally am going for the prince so I didn’t want to spend my diamonds on it. Because of the lack of any actual physical contact for a premium choice, I won’t give this such a good score.
  • Diamond Grade: C 

Neil and Obstacles

Neil lives like he plays Exy.

Neil was too aware of the obstacles and his thrill came in outsmarting his marks. He liked being the better, faster player. He liked frantic plays, close calls, and heart-stopping goals. It didn’t have to be pretty or perfect so long as they won in the end. (TKM ch 10)

When he’s not quick enough, he likes to be clever. Neil’s default mode is flight, but if flight is denied, he turns to fight, bringing out his attitude problem in full force to take down his opponent.

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