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Manga!Hornetshipping and why it makes me emotional

Chazz has been hearing people talking about him since he came to Duel Academy, saying that he only got into Obelisk Blue because he’s rich, and not because of his dueling skills. They say that Bastion, who got the best scores, deserves to be in Blue rather than Ra Yellow…

Chazz: [thinking] 

        - Guy 1: Chazz goes straight to Blue?!

        - Guy 2: Bastion had the top score on the entrance exam and he’s only           Yellow…

        - Guy 3: His real strength is the money from the Princeton Corporation!

…But Bastion, the person who ‘deserves to be in Obelisk Blue’, is the one person who believes Chazz deserves the spot he has!!

Bastion: [thinking] Chazz… you have no idea how long I’ve waited to duel you. Like I said, this competition is my chance for revenge. All those Junior Championships you won… I was there too!! But I was never able to win… you were always the winner! All I could do was watch you from the stands. I don’t care about all the dirt I hear about you at the Academy. Chazz, you belong in Obelisk Blue! Chazz Princeton, Obelisk Blue… and the Junior Champion!

And this is why I love the ship, especially in the manga universe. Bastion is the one who respects Chazz the most, and believes that his dueling skills are that of an Obelisk Blue student. He could be bitter, and agree with the gossiping students, but he’s not like that. He knows that Chazz is a better duelist than him.