ch: balthazar

While looking up angel stuff, I came across the fact that “Balthasar” was the name of one of the three wise men, so that got me thinking.

Balthazar actually was one of the wise men. He brought the gold.

“You twits! Frankincense? Myrh? She just gave birth in bleeding barn and you’re bringing her perfume?? They need money! Cash! I don’t care if they could sell it, you’re making the process much more complicated than it needs to be. Gold is not uncreative… it’s practical. This is, for all intents and purposes, my half-brother and I’m not about to bring a lousy gift.”  (passes an angel sitting outside, smoking a pipe) “Hey, Gabriel.”

“’Sup, Balth. Still on for drinks later this week?”

“Oh, Dad Yes.”


You could hear Gabriel and Lucifer bickering behind you over the map, you giggled to yourself softly. The angels were getting on well enough and they had let you join them on their journey across the world. It also helped that their father had rejoined them, keeping them all in line. 

Castiel nudged your side, “Are you doing alright? I know they can be a bit much.” You smiled at the kind angel, he was always one of the good ones. 

“Yeah Cas, I’m doing just fine, just excited to see everything. I’ve never even left my home town.” 

Well we’ll be sure to change that, Darlin.” Balthazar added in.