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Scenario where Aomine catches the weird, reclusive, Luna Lovegood type girl of Too Academy (whom he sort of takes interest in, oddly) looking at one of his gravure idol magazines? Lol it's weird I know

Biting the inside of his lip, Aomine could feel the sharp end of his canines nearly piercing through his skin. His jaw moved, chewing on the soft flesh a bit out of nervous habit as his eyes continued to scan the immediate area. He was so sure his vision wasn’t failing him, but the fact that he could only see the gray concrete of the rooftop floor was beginning to worry he. Hadn’t he left his magazines up here in their usual hiding spot?

“Oh, hello Aomine.”

Nearly jumping out of his skin, the tanned male turned to see you sitting just opposite of him. He hadn’t noticed you approach — maybe you’d been there the entire time — but at that moment he couldn’t really care. All he could focus on was the blood draining from his face, skin going pale as he noticed what you were reading.


You must’ve took his trailed off questioning tone for a greeting, as you only nodded at the sound of your name. Your fingers continued to flip through the pages, skin grazing over pages of lewd images Aomine practically had memorized by now.

“These are yours, right?”

Aomine had no clue if he should respond to that sort of question, unsure of what kind of trouble it would get him in if he responded truthfully. On one hand, it was you he was talking to; a person he had begun to take somewhat of an interest in and no way in hell would he tell you those dirty magazines were his. On the other hand, it was you and, knowing how you could be, you’d probably be okay with the truth.

Of course, you gave him no real time to answer as you stood from your spot and walked over to him, magazine in hand. “Let me borrow these one day, okay?”

He could only nod as you gave him a smile, one that shouldn’t have made him weak in the knees, before turning to leave. When he looked down, he noticed you’d left off on a page with his favorite idol on the centerfold.

  • Kise: Did you tell anyone we’re dating?
  • Aomine: Yes, Kise, I have no self-control and told the whole world we’re dating.
  • Kise: Okay, no need for sarcasm.
  • Aomine: No, seriously, I have no control and I told everyone we’re dating.
  • Kagami: Do you see that fly which wants to get out through the closed window? You are just like it.
  • Aomine: Because I don't give up easily?
  • Kagami: No, because you are stupid and without a future.
GOM + Kagami, Himuro, Hanamiya and Kiyoshi as pick-up lines

you know what it is

this is the second part of this valentine’s special i posted last year, ikr i love u 2











  • Aomine: So, how do you feel about using old memes?
  • Kuroko: I honestly hate people using memes that have expired. It’s not funny anymore.
  • Aomine, shoving breadsticks into his pockets: I came out to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now.

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Could I pls request Aomine scenario when he's taking care of his pregnant wife? Like gives her massages and dealing with her craving? Thanks

This is a cheesy piece of trash, but I love it and I hope you will, too!

“Okay, I cleaned every corner in our house, did grocery shopping and cooked you a dinner. Am I a good husband now? Do I deserve a kiss? I also want a hug and movie marathon with Ryan Reynolds in the leading role. ”

You felt like laughing as you looked at your husband, who just smoothly tried to sell you a bunch of dirty lies.

“Okay, first of all - you didn’t clean the house, Akashi paid someone to do that. I don’t even know why, but still. Second, I saw Kagami and Kuroko sneaking here in the morning with bags full of groceries and third I’m not eating anything you made, I would die within seconds.” You smirked as his face visibly fell. “Okay Daiki, be frank with me - what’s wrong?” He sighed and popped at your couch next to you.

“I think I’m getting stressed, you know? I feel bad when I leave for work in the morning every day and when I’m here with you I just can’t make myself to not watch you all the time. The whole pregnancy is getting to me more than I thought it would.” And that’s true.

No one suspected that Aomine Daiki, would even be like that, but life is surprising as they say. When you told him the good news - your whole routine changed. He started waking up first, following you around like a puppy, growling at every possible danger and even experience morning sickness with you.

That made your relationship as strong as it is now, but it had a big impact on his health. Sometimes he was so stressed of kicking you at night in his sleep that he spend the whole time watching you and not moving. There were also situations where he completely stopped eating certain things from your fridge in case you wanted it later. And the list went on and on and on. It didn’t help that all his friends were freaking out with him. They did almost everything for you, from - like you mentioned earlier - paying people to take care of your chores to even buying groceries, but that’s a story for another time.

You were worried about him, but also proud and a little touched. You chose a good man with the right values, and now you were sure of it.

You hand made its way to his and he squeezed it almost instantly. “Daiki, I understand. I’m stressed, too.” You kissed his knuckles, giving once again a reassuring squeeze. “But don’t ignore your needs, go out with guys, play some basketball - hell, get drunk. Have fun, it’s supposed to be an amazing time for both of us.’’ Shooting him a smile, you hoped that he will finally understand and calm down a little. He needed that.

’‘But I have a need to be with you.” He said seriously, swallowing an invisible lump in his throat. “Don’t kick me out.”

He looked ready to freaking cry and you honestly felt like crying, too. Your baby made both of you weak ass people, but you didn’t mind. You were blessed with what you got. You deserved it.

But never mind, it’s not a time to be cheesy. You needed to come up with a better plan.“Okay then, how about a small back massage?” Your question caught him off the guard as his face broke into a grin.

“Sure, let me get som–”

“No, no. I want to give you one this time. You need to chill man.”

Aomine immediately burst into laughter, and you loved it. And you loved him.

And he sure as hell loved you.

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