ch: anya

i like to think that draco malfoy’s boggart is himself

but not like sixteen year old draco malfoy, i mean six year old malfoy.

like he’s not afraid of himself and what he could do, but what he’s done and how his younger self would react to what he’s become

he’s a war criminal and he’s pretty much an accessory to murder, the murder of his headmaster bc no matter how much the malfoys and purebloods and slytherins hate dumbldore he was still dumbledore.

and i just: 

he’s seventeen, its been less than a year since the war and somehow he fids a boggart. he expects it to be his crazy aunt bella like it was when he was four and he accidentally ran into one in the depths of the manor, or his mother disappointed in him like it was when he was 13, but no. its him and he’s six and draco cant handle it. bc its not just him being afraid of what happened during the war or what he did during he war, or anything else that he would have guessed. its the startling, paralyzing realization that he’s afraid of who he’s become and how he’s react to tat if he was still six and he’d never heard ofa death eater or voldemort and didn’t know how heavy the weight of the dark mark was and that the snake and skull on lucius’ arm was only a tattoo that he and his buddies had gotten out of hogwarts when they were young and stupid and it didn’t mean anything.

children are the best judges bc they see only truth and the good and i think that for draco to be scared of what six year old malfoy would say to him means that he expects even his own past to hate im for what he’s done.