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I’ll be home for Christmas

a Mitchell/Anders drabble 

Mitchell prepares to spend another Christmas Eve alone…

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Christmas did not prevent people from getting sick. On the contrary, the hospital expected to see an unusual amount of patients on that night, suffering from diverse conditions, from food poisoning to ethylic coma. The members of the staff who were forced to work on Christmas Eve usually spent their shift mopping and complaining, but not Mitchell. For him, it was a day like any other. He lived alone, didn’t have a family anymore and nobody to celebrate with.  He had gotten a text from his friend Tyrone who invited him for a pint, but his colleague Becca had begged Mitchell on her knees for him to cover her shift, and he accepted, knowing that he could go out with Ty any other week of the year.

As he cleaned the men’s restroom on the third floor, Mitchell wondered if Ty had invited Anders as well. When Ty learned that Mitchell was single, he had told him about his older brother Anders. It wasn’t the first time one of his friends was trying to play matchmaker. Hence, Mitchell had not given it much thoughts, not until Ty introduced him to the handsome specimen a few months ago. 

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A Regency Tale -Anders Johnson/John Mitchell
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Anders and Mitchell are invited to Dawn and Ty’s for a winter party. Mitchell is pretty good at ice skating, as is little Anna. Anders? Not so much.

This is a loose sequel to “Adventures of a Mall Santa” but can also be read as a one shot.

A fluffy winter fic.

Matterhorn - by Drakkhammer (X)

The night isn’t going exactly brilliantly for Anders Johnson. At sixteen, life is confusing enough without dealing with the fact that you might be gay and, worse…having been born a Johnson. First dates don’t usually go all that well and this one shows every sign of going straight down the loo.

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Prompt # 113: Mitchell and Anders have to face it: it’s hard to be parents and still be lovers.

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Before all the bottles, the diaper changes, the fussy feedings and burpings, before the late night comforting after monster-filled nightmares, before the children, it was just the two of them. Just Anders and Mitchell. Back when they were Norse god and repentant vampire, then two mortal men. Back when it was only two and not five, things were easier. Simpler. Though neither of them regretted adopting their three children, their son and twin daughters, sometimes they missed the quiet and peacefulness of before.

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