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new thing i’m emotional about: how sourpuss grumbler who never lets anyone get away with anything or slack off for even a second, johnny martin, is with blithe so much in carentan and never takes him on. there are some sidelong looks, but he’s mostly just there, quietly watching, and he’s right fucking there taking care of blithe and screaming for the medic when he gets hit.

blithe brings out interesting things in all of them (notice that shifty, of all people almost always looks at him with mild apprehension), but the patience and silent, watchful care he brings out in martin is about to make me cry.

Albert Blithe Headcannons

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Anon:  There is a severe lack of any mention of Blithe in the bob community. This must change!

(I never realized how attractive he is until I saw this gif. Huh.)

As A Significant Other:

  • He’s such an understanding boyfriend
  • Like, especially if you have depression or anxiety
  • And he knows exactly how to help you
  • Whether you want to be left alone or you need him to be with you
  • He just automatically knows, almost like a 6th sense.
  • He likes to take you out on quiet dates
  • Where you can focus on each other rather than those around you
  • So your dates usually involve picnics in a park
  • Or long road trips where the two of you talk for hours
  • Because he genuinely loves hearing your voice.
  • He’s a bit nervous with kissing you
  • Just because he’s worried about rejection
  • But after a few pecks on your lips
  • He gets more confident
  • And pulls you into his arms
  • And makes sure that you feel comfortable and loved
  • Because he adores you more than anyone else in the world
  • And he’d do anything to keep you.

As A Best Friend:

  • You’re polar opposites as friends
  • He’s the quiet, reserved one
  • And you’re the loud, outgoing one
  • And every once in a while
  • You stand up for him against those who make fun of him for the way he acts.
  • You two met on D-Day
  • When you found him staring up at the sky
  • And you were the only one that could really shake him out of that trance
  • So he stuck near you because he felt safe
  • And you stayed around him because you felt unusually calm whenever he’s around.
  • He tries to make sure that you stay safe during battle
  • And when the two of you get separated
  • He gets stressed out
  • Because you’re his rock
  • So you also try to stay near him as often as possible
  • Because you can’t imagine going through the rest of the war without him
  • And he knows that he needs you to be with him
  • To keep him brave
  • And to help him realize what he’s fighting for.

what a soft and beautiful being. he needs all of the gentleness in the world. be kind to him. tell him it’s going to be okay. he’s an angel and i adore him

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“I’m a paratrooper, that’s my job." 

Master Sergeant Albert Blithe trained at Camp Toccoa, jumped with the rest of Easy Company into occupied France and was struck with a temporary case of hysterical blindness following the fierce fight to capture Carentan. He recovered and was part of a patrol a few days later, where he was shot by a sniper in his right shoulder for wich he received a Purple Heart on June 25, his 21st birthday. He kept the bullet from that wound and would carry it his pocket until before his death, when he gave to his son. 

Due to his wound, Blithe was released from the Army Hospital one year later on 1945, he reenlisted on 1949 and again on 1954 when he received his Master Parachutist Badge and went on to serve in post-war Korea with the 187th Airborne Regimental Combat Team and the Military Assistance Advisory Group (MAAG) in Taiwan. Later, he married his wife Kay and became the 82nd Airborne Division’s 1957 Trooper of the Year. He then served in the 82nd Quartermaster Corps, 82nd Quartermaster Parachute Supply and Maintenance Company. He was the second American paratrooper to earn the Nationalist Chinese Army Master Jump Wings in 1962.

Blithe’s son, Gordon, remembers vividly when he was young, he asked his Father if he was scared when he was in the war, in silence he slowly shook his head yes. Gordon’s mother told him many times that the war messed his mind up but he loved being a paratrooper more than anything else.  

In his times in war he earned 3 Purple Hearts, 3 Bronze Stars, 1 Silver Star Army Occupation Medal and the War World 2 Victory Medal, he had achieved the rank of Master Sergeant and had completed over 600 parachute jumps.

Blithe died December 17, 1967, while on active duty with the 8th Infantry Division, in West Germany. After a memorial service conducted by Chaplain (Major) Thomas F DesChamps, Blithe was buried in Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia with full military honors .

Bill Guarnere said Albert Blithe, whose nickname was Alby, was unjustly treated in the miniseries "Blithe was a good soldier, that’s why I put him on point!”.