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Mr. Min - Chapter 06

Description:  It wasn’t long after you started your new job that your boss caught your attention. Young, platinum blonde, a fan of basketball and hip hop, he was quite the outlier for someone with his title. It was hard to deny your attraction and when he suggested a casual sexual agreement it was clear the feeling was mutual. What wasn’t apparent at the start was the dark reality he lived in and how he would pull you into that abyss.

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader x Jungkook

Genre: Angst and Smut

Word Count: 26,321 

A/N: I’m so sorry.  I don’t think I’m capable of doing short chapters anymore.  Feel free to read this on AO3 instead if your app messes up.  

And a huge round of applause to the always lovely, @avveh, for beta-ing this behemoth.  I’m so sorry to put you through that lol.

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Jack: Ryan.
Jack: Ryan, Gavin tells me you don’t know buttfor.
Jack: Please tell me he’s joking.

Jeremy: Was Ryan just never a child?

Geoff: I’m convinced he was born fully formed, leather jacket and all.

Ray: Born? Created more like
Ray: Frankenstein’s Haywood

Ryan: What are you talking about?

Jack: Buttfor. You know what buttfor is, right.

Jeremy: Oh he’s serious. Holy shit.

Ryan: Why do you keep saying that?

Jack: Holy- I can’t- ARE YOU SERIOUS?

Jeremy: I can’t believe it.


Jack: It’s not that complicated, Ryan. We understand. Just admit you don’t know and ask for an explanation.

Ryan: Okay, I will!
Ryan: I don’t understand and would like to have it explained.

Jack: Oh my God.


Jeremy: So how do we tell Ryan he was deprived of a childhood.

Jack: Jeremy nooooooo. He didn’t ask right! D:

Jeremy: Jack someone had to put him out of his misery.

Jack: Fine. Spoilsport.
Jack: And Ryan didn’t have a childhood. He just showed up to college one day.

Ryan: For pooping with…?
Ryan: Oh. I just typed out the full question.
Ryan: That’s fucking stupid.

Geoff: …You’re all on the FBI’s Most Wanted list.

Jeremy: Best crew you could ever ask for, bossman~

How many siblings do you have?

Clint sat down. It was the only table that was free in this goddamn cafe. The noise was unbearable. Adults discussing, a young kid crying over a spilled mug of hot chocolate. The old barista was having a heated argument with someone on phone. Clint picked up his backpack and pulled out the laptop. He took his headphones and put on some music. The annoying noise fainted away as Clint got lost in his thoughts.

Soon enough he was pulled pack to the reality by a beautiful lady.

“ I’m sorry to bother your work but can I sit next to you? It’s kinda full here. “

It took Clint a moment to realize that he should answer something.

“ Y-yeah. Of course. Have a seat! “

“ Thanks. I’m Stacy, btw. “

“ No problem. I’m Clint. Nice to meet you. “

Shortly the waitress arrived with two cups of coffee.

“ Latte for the young man and cappuccino for the young lady. “

Clint nodded and smiled back.

“ Thank you. “ Answered Stacy.

Moments passed and they spoke nothing. Clint hadn’t always loved silence. Once he was full of energy and loved to play around with friends and just enjoy life. Now he was a shadow of his former self. A happy, childish lad had turned into a dreary young man. Clint kept working on his computer and sipping his coffee every once in a while. The hustle was setting down. A peaceful silence took over the cafe.

“ Tell me something about yourself. “ Stacy said kindly, just to break the uneasy silence.

Clint put down his coffee cup and closed his laptop and put it back to the backpack.

“ What? “ He answered back sounding slightly rude.

“ Oh. I just thought we could chat instead of sitting in silence. “

“ I mean. Sure. Go ahead. Ask something. “

“ Hmm. Clint. How many siblings do you have? “

The question hit harder than he had expected. Clint swallowed like he had frog in his throat.

“ Yeah. One. A little brother, Ch- “

Then the reality hit him harder than he wanted. He stood up before finishing his sentence and stormed out of the cafe tears rolling down his cheeks causing to draw everyone’s attention.

“ Chase… “

Just a stupid and short thing I wrote based on @ego-protection-squad‘s reblog.

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NaNoWriMo Check-in 11/3/17

Boo, so my little guy woke up congested and I had to be mom. When I put him down to sleep again, I managed a tiny sprint. Peeta’s taken Katniss on a getaway, where things get complicated. 

I’m just shy of my goal to finish Chapter 9. Maybe I’ll sneak in a bit of writing at work?

Word Count: 1207

Project: My Favorite Mistake, Ch 9

Written for A Candle For the Caribbean: Charity Anthology

Look out for a preview this weekend!

How are you writers doing so far?

Hey! Hey, quick question.

Mint choc chip is the better ice cream flavour, right? Not ch—

Sophie: Chocolate is best

Soph … Soph, how do I put this nicely? Bub, I love you to bits, but you’re wrong.

Sophie: You’re wrong, Lee-Li! *looks up at your character after sticking her tongue out at him, and blinks* He is, isn’t he?

No way. *reaches down with one hand to ruffle her hair, grinning at your character* You wouldn’t wanna come help settle this, would you? Ice cream’s on me.


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Warning: Language (?)

Word count:2183

“Steve please don’t leave.” You bagged him with tears in your eyes.

“I don’t think we good together, I just don’t love you anymore.” He looked at you you knew that he was trying to keep it together.

“Don’t you dare say that to me Steve because I know that you are lying to me. We dated for four years and you don’t think I know when you are lying?” You cried.

“Y/N just stop I don’t love you I found someone else.” He told you but he didn’t look you in the eye.

“Look me in the eye and tell me you don’t love me.” You told him.

“I-I don’t love you anymore.” He spit out but you didn’t believe him.

“Okay then if that’s what you want then we should break up. While we are it we should forget that we ever dated and loved each other.” You laughed but there was nothing funny about that situation.

“Baby no that is not what I meant I just don’t w-” But you interrupted him.

“ No Steve you don’t get to baby me did you not just break up with me? Just leave and you could just get your things tomorrow I’ll be gone all day.”

“No just lis-

“Steve just leave before we both say things that we don’t mean.” You finally yelled at him.

With that he left like you meant nothing to him and he left you with a hole in your heart that you don’t think that will heal anytime soon. After you left you went to your room and cried, cried like you never cried before and you weren’t quiet about it either. You heard people knocking but you always shooed him away it went like that for a hours then you heard a very comforting voice.

“Y/N Y/L/N if you don’t open this door I will break it down and drag you out myself.”You heard your best friend voice boom.

“Bucky go away I just want to be alone.” Your voice cracked in the middle and you cursed at yourself for letting that happen,

And as he said so himself he broke down the door and walked into your room like it was nothing.

“I’m so sorry doll, I heard what happened.” Bucky got in bed with you and held you as you cried into his chest and he smoothed your hair. “Shhh it’s alright you’ll get thru this, you don’t need no scrawny pasty white boy in your life.” He tried to cheer you up.

“Buck he’s your scrawny pasty white best friend, and trust me me he is everything but scrawny.” You chuckled.

“Hey I got you to laugh,that’s a good sign.” He smiled down at you.

You sighed and looked at him” I just want to know why? Why did he have to do that? We were doing so good, we were happy. At least I hoped he was because I was I was so happy with him.”

“Maybe it’s for the best, maybe he was trying to protect you.”Bucky seemed confident about his answer.

“How would you know that?Is that the reason that he broke up with me?” You said now getting curious if that was the reason that you boyfriend broke up with you.

“No I did not say that but maybe that’s why he broke up wit you or maybe Fury made him break up with you, who knows. Now put on that tv show that I like.”He was trying to turn the tv on.

“Bucky it’s the red button and Supernatural it is.” You smiled at him.

“Wait don’t start it yet I have to get snacks.” He said happily and he basically shoved you off himself and took of running to your kitchen.

You laughed at your best friend as you saw his hair bounce every time he ran and he came back smiling when he had his arms full with chips and ice cream.

“Here you go.” He handed you the ice cream”We should eat that first so it won’t melt.” And that was how you spent your night with your best friend,food and Supernatural.


You woke up by a very familiar voice that you wished not to hear his voice so early and soon after the break up.

“Really we just break up and you are sleeping with my best friend?” Steve looked furious.

You got up from the bed once you untangled yourself from Buck I mean I guess it looked kinda bad, since you were sharing the same bed and Bucky was on top of you with his head on your chest with one arm wrapped around you waist and you had one arm around his back.

“Steve calm down we didn’t even do anyt-” But you quickly stopped yourself “You know what I have nothing to apologize about because we broke up and who I sleep with is none of your business.” You told him getting closer to him and before he could answer you walked out but not before grabbing your tooth brush.

Steve’s p.o.v

“You know she’s right.” My best friend spoke up after Y/N left.

“What do you mean she’s right?” I said getting mad.

“Well you broke up with her and you shouldn’t really care since you broke up I mean it’s not like you’re dating. Not to mention that I’m offended that you would think that I would sleep with her.” He got up to wash his face and rinse his mouth.

“I-I you know that I didn’t want to break up I was forced too, I love her I love her so much.” I told him as I started to pack my things.

“Why didn’t you just tell her man, that was really stupid.” He came back into the room with a towel in his hand.

“I don’t I guess I thought that I was protecting her.” I tried to explain to him.

“Man if you think that breaking her heart and leaving her out of the picture was a good idea then you know nothing about women.” He set the towel down and started to help me pack my things.

“What do I do then?”

Your p.o.v

“He’s such an idiot he came into the room yelling at me for falling asleep with Buck we didn’t even sleep together and he’s the one that broke up with me, he’s the one that broke my heart and he has the nerve of getting mad at me.” You were furious.

You told Nat but she didn’t say anything she stayed quiet “Mmm yeah.” Muttered Nat.

But you didn’t believe so you raised your eyebrow at her and crossed your arms “Spill.Now.”You stared her down until she sighed.

“ I hate that when you that, but he told me not to tell so let’s hypothetically say that I hear that Fury told him that he had to break it off because the two of you were a threat to the team hypothetically speaking.” She finished.

“What are you serious?” Why would he think that? We are grown adults we know how to separate work from pleasure!” You exclaimed.

“Maybe you should tell him that.” She smiled at you.

“You know what I will go do that.” You got up and went to look for Fury.

The good thing was that Fury was in the tower for a meeting and even better news for you was that the meeting was over or else you would of done something stupid.

“Hey Nick.” You gave him a smile.

“Hey agent Y/L/N, how are you today?” He made small conversation with him.

“I’m fantastic.” You lied thru your teeth “How are you?” You kept up the act.

“I’m fine thank you for asking, can I help you with something?” He questioned.

“Yeah actually you can, can we talk somewhere more private?”  

He nodded and you lead him to an empty office.”So what can I help you with?” He asked eyeing you very chirpy attitude.

“Well I have one question to ask for now.” You smiled and continued talking “Why did you tell Steve to break up with me?” You wondered.

“I don’t think that you guys are suitable to be in a relationship especially for the team, it could put them in harm’s way.” He replied as he folded his hand together.

“Why would you think that?”  

“Tell me this you guys are taken down and Steve and Clint are down who would you save?” He tried to make up a hard question.

“Easy I could duplicate myself and the I could save them both.” You smiled at him.

“That is not what I meant I mea-”

“Why not? You’re asking and I answered.” He sighed and stared at you.

“ Agent Y/L/N just give me a ch-”

“We are both grown adults we know how to separate work from pleasure I don’t get why you think we are not suitable of being together when there has been other people on this team that have obvious they’ve had a past so why do you care if we are together, you really want us to break up and actually put people at risk because we can’t communicate or that we could harm even kill som-” But he cut you off.

“Stop it!”He commanded.

“Why?Why would I stop? This is what you’ve done, you will be the cause of all these people.”

“Go ahead continue dating, I don’t know why evan stopped the two of you from dating.” He told you.

You squealed and ran to find Steve.  

Steve’s p.o.v

“Are you sure that Y/N would like this?” I asked very worriedly at Buck.

He chuckled and I gave him a glare “Yes she will love it trust me.” He gave me a assuring smile.

I heard someone knock on the door and Bucky and me both looked over then back at each other giving each other a questioning look.

“Steve?” I heard the voice of my lovely Y/N.

“I’m not ready Bucky.” I whispered at Buck as I rubbed my hands and my hands to wipe away the sweat.

But he didn’t listen to me instead he went to open up the door. “Y/N so nice to see you.” He hugged her “Come on in, I was just leaving.” He smiled at her and winked at me before he left.

“Hey Stevie.” She gave me a smile.

I felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest at as she called me by my nickname “Hey doll umm I made some food would you like some? It’s your favorite.”

“I’ll love some.”She smiled at me “Would you like some help?”

“You could set the plates if you’d like.” I told her as I got the bowl of salad and the lasagna.

We sat down and started to eat the only noise was the clanking of the forks and knives. I cleared my throat and I finally spoke up I guess she had the same ination because we both spoke up at the same time.

“I’m sorr-”

“I kno-”

“I’m sorry continue.” I assured her.

Your p.o.v

I was going to tell him that I knew for the reason that he broke up with me but we interrupted each other.

“I’m sorr-”

“I kno-”

“I’m sorry continue.” He assured me.

“I know why you broke up with me, it was because of Nick.” I finished.

“How did you know?”  He looked shocked that I knew.

“I was talking to Nat and normally if we were talking about something you did she would go on and on but this time she just stayed silent.” I told him.

He chuckled “You tell her things that I do?” You nodded “I’m so sorry Y/N I fought hard for our relationship I truly did but he just kept going on about how we are not allowed to be in a relationship, and I couldn’t just leave you like that so I knew that I had to tell you that I found someone else so I’d rather you hate me by telling you that I found someone rather than just being a man and telling you, we could have both fight for this relationship so I gave up on us and I regret that so much.” He was looking at you with such intensity in his voice.

“I know you did Steve so I went to talk to Fury and I told him it was stupid that he would actually be putting the team at risk if he made us break up and he told me that he was dumb to think that so he told us that he would not hold us back.” You gave him a big smile.

“That’s amazing doll.” He got up to hug you.”So how about you be my girlfriend again?

“I’d love that.” You said as you kissed him.

Living With 5sos

U: Why can we never have fucking peace and quiet in this house?!

U: Calum! Stop banging the pans together!

U: Luke! What the hell are you crying about?!

U: Ashton! Michael! Shut the fuck up! Is that really worth fighting over?

M: But we should have pizza for dinner!!

A: No! Spaghetti!!



C: I’ll get it!

U: No! Now sit your ass down!

U:*opens door* Oh no! Not you guys!

L: Who’s there?

H: Hey guys!!

N: How ya doin’?

U: Please go. We don’t need anymore-

M: Do you guys wanna play FIFA?!

N: I’ll play with you Michael!

A: Hey do you guys want any pineapple?

LT: Sure I’ll take some!

U: Luke stop raiding the fridge! We aren’t going to have any food for later.

L: Harry and Liam said they were hungry.

U: Fine. Whatever. But when you’re hungry later, remember this.

Z: Why is it so loud in here?

U: I wonder the same thing every freaking day Zayn.

H: Hey y/n! Come in here!

U: What?

H: Damn. She be sexy!

U: Shut the fuck up Styles!

LP: Oooooo the last name comes out!


N: YEA!! Scored one-zero me!!


N: Did not!!

M: Did too!!

N: Not!!

M: Too!!

N, M: Y/n!!!!!!!

U: Can you guys stop being so loud? Please?

M: But Niall cheated!

N: No I didn’t!

U: Whatever! Just score more goals than him Michael.

U: Hey Calum, do you know where the headache medicine is?

C: It’s in the bathroom I think. Let me get it for you.

U: Thank you.

A: Ahh! Fuck you Louis!


A: Louis started it!

LT: Ashton threw pineapple at me first!

U: Just don’t argue and clean it all up. Please.

L: Y/n! Harry’s bullying me!

H: I’m just being playful with you dude. Chill.

U: Guys, please stop.

C: Here’s the headache medicine. Do you need me to get you some water?

U: Yes please. Thank you Calum.

C: No problem y/n.

L: Awe are you okay y/n?

U: You guys give me a headache.

H: Doesn’t surprise me.

U: The five of you added to it.

LP: Do you need a break from babysitting these lads?

U: And who’s going to do as good a job as I do?

L: No one. You’re the best y/n.

C: Kiss up.

U: You always were my favorite Luke.

L: I knew I would be.

C: You’re such a kiss up Luke!

L: Fuck you Calum!

U: Guys! Shut up!

A: We cleaned up all the pineapple.

U: Thank you.

M: Niall won.

U: Awe it’s okay Mikey. You’ll beat him next time.

M: I hope so.

U: Hey lets watch a movie. Try and keep you guys quiet.

C: Of course. Lets do it.

U: Which movie?

M: Frozen!

U: We watched that yesterday.

M: And your point is?


M: okay…..

Z: How about The Lion King.

L: sounds good.

A: I’ll put it in

U: Finally. You guys are settled down.

His Touch - Chapter 5

So I was going to wait until later, but the I finished faster than what I thought I would, inspiration hit.

I was going to do the whole story in her voice, but this just screamed his voice. It’s a bit different. Hope you like it.

Feedback is love and very much appreciated

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His touch - Chapter 5


What is going through Maks’ mind

He felt his alarm vibrate and grabbed it as quick as he could so it wouldn’t wake her. Her alarm would go off in another 45 min. He had made sure to put his ahead of hers. He wanted to be gone before she woke up.


The first night when she had called him, he hasn’t know what to think. He would do anything for her, but he didn’t know how to react to this. Ha had gone over, not knowing what to expect. Their whole situation was new to him. He thought about her constantly, wondering what she was doing when they weren’t together, anticipated when they would meet up again. This though, this was new to him, but in a good way. Never had a dance partner consumed so much of his mind.

When she had indicated that she wanted him to get into bed with her, he had hesitated. Were they really going to do this? What ever this was. Once he got in it had felt so good to wrap his arm around her and pull her tighter to him. It was different than how it was when she was in his arms when they were dancing. This just felt right. Everyone kept telling them how special their relationship was, and this was special.

That first night he didn’t have an alarm on, but had woken up before she had anyway. It had never felt like that before, having someone in his arms as he had woken up. And that someone happen to be this one. It was intoxicating and it scared him. Not knowing what to do if she woke up while they were still wrapped around each other like that, ha had left her. It had pained him, but he was terrified of how it would make him feel.

As he had left her room and was heading towards his own, he had heard Charlie’s laughter from around the corner, clearly on the phone, and clearly heading his way. Ha had to quickly turn around and sprint the other way, barely making it around the next corner before Charlie rounded his. Why he felt like he had to run, he didn’t know. But he had no plausible explanation as to why he was coming from that side of the hallway, when his room was clear across to the other side of the hotel, next to Charlie’s.

For things not to be awkward, he had decided to just act normal during their rehearsal. He knew she would nervous, and he didn’t want her to be. There was no reason she should be. He had asked her about Charlie though, and was happy to know that he had escaped unseen.


He loved hearing her talk about her skating. She always came alive when she talked about their shows and their fans. You could really tell how much she loved the sport and her partnership with Charlie. It made his heart swell with pride. She was just this amazing, caring, wonderful person that he felt blessed to be a part of her life.

In the car he had tried to sleep, but all he could focus on was the sounds she was making. Clearly uncomfortable and not able to sleep. Finally he had just suggested that she use him as a pillow. He was surprised when she moved around a bit, and laid down on his lap. His hand automatically went to her waist, the perfect position for it. Their hands intertwined and everything felt like it should again.

He had woken as soon as the car stopped. Looking down at his lap, he saw perfection. Meryl sleeping, not sensing the commotion of everyone else trying to get out and grab their stuff. Wanting to see what she would do, he closed his eyes, but not before Sharna had given him a wink and a huge grin. He really had to keep from laughing as she tried to wake him up. He didn’t expect her to bite him though. It really startled him.

It was meant as a joke, he wasn’t really mad, but she was so upset. He had tried to run after her into the hotel, but she was fast, really fast. The look in her eyes as the elevator door closed had broken his heart a little. He never wanted to hurt her, never. Getting his own stuff, he had gone up to his room, and got ready for bed. Like he always did before falling asleep, he had checked his social media accounts to see if any of the family had posted anything interesting. Liking a few pictures, he had checked the activity log and saw that she was liking pictures as well.

Meryl liked pictures all the time, especially puppy pictures like now, but never at this time of night. She would and should be sleeping. Feeling like it might be his fault, he had decided to go and talk to her. Apologise for pretending to be mad at her.

Walking up to her door, Sharna had told him the room number, he had raised his hand to knock but hesitated. He was scared. What if she didn’t want him there? What if he made things worse? Who was this person that he was becoming around her? He was a strong, confident, maybe a little cocky, Ukrainian male, born and raised. It was not him to second guess himself. With that little pep talk to himself he had finally knocked.

By listening at the door, he had heard her footsteps as she approached the door. She hadn’t opened. Knowing that she was there he had told her to, and she did. She had looked so tired. Changing his mind about apologizing, deciding that sleep was more important, the sooner he would get her into bed, the more sleep she would get. She needed sleep. With a little convincing, he got her into bed, and they both had quickly fallen asleep.

His alarm had gone off before she woke up, and he quickly got up and left. Before reaching the door he had turned one final time. She was still in the position he had left her. On her side. Her hair spilling down her back, and across the pillow. Like a porcelain doll. She had looked so alone in the big bed. Upon closing the door behind him, he felt someone tapping his shoulder. Startled he had turned to see Sharna.


“It’s not what you think”

He felt like he had to explain. Normally he didn’t care, what he did was his business, but this was Meryl. And Sharna was dancing with her partner.

“And what do I think?”

“I….” He hadn’t know what to say. “Please don’t tell Charlie”

“Not for me to tell” With that she had turned around and left, laughing.

He had sprinted to his own room, afraid of getting caught by the other half of that dance duo.

The whole breakfast had been a disaster. He was sure Sharna would say something, but then it was him who almost went and blew it all. Their little elevator conversation had amused him though. She so easily got flustered, that pink hue that crept up her face, adorable. He hadn’t told her that Sharna had caught him getting out of her room. She hadn’t asked. He had answered what she had asked. He didn’t know who he was trying to convince.

That evening he had known he would go to her. He wouldn’t wait for her call, he wouldn’t wait for her to try and fall asleep by herself, he would just go there as if the was the most natural thing in the world. And that is what had scared him too, that it had felt like the most natural thing in the world.

As she had opened the door, he had lost his tongue. He hadn’t been able to take his eyes off her. She was still wet from taking a shower, droplets of water running from her hair down her neck, further down between her breasts. Breasts that had been pushed up and together and had given him the greatest view. Standing there she hadn’t known what she was doing to him. Luckily he had been saved by some people in the hallway, which had caused him to push her inside the room. This look was for him, and him only.

As they were l lying in bed she had asked him what they were doing. He had tried to joke it off, but she insisted. And he had to tell her the truth, he didn’t know.


Which brought him to this moment. As his alarm has gotten off, he had untangled himself from her and got out of bed. She had tried to follow him, seeking his heat, and it took all his willpower to get out. Looking at her, her tiny form, taking hardly any space, curled up like a little ball. What were they doing? Where were they going? Where would it end? Would it end? What did he want out of this? So many questions, so little answer, was answers he both wanted and didn’t.

Realising that the following night he wouldn’t be there to help her sleep, he thought about what he could do in order to help her. Taking off the sweater he had just put on, he removed his undershirt before putting the sweatshirt back on again. He put it on his pillow, making sure she would see it. He didn’t know if it would be to any help to her, but it had to be better than nothing. It was all he could do.

Although she would arrive with Charlie tonight, it would be very late, and with Val at their apartment and Jenna at hers, it was just too risky. He knew she didn’t want anyone to know, just by her reaction at breakfast. What ever they had, whatever it was, it was theirs for now. Time would tell if it would be something to share with the world.