I’ve been thinking about creating doujin regarding Aruani with ch88 fact.
After the war, 5-6 years later, Armin ,turns 20, releases Annie out of the crystal. He takes her to see her father and then they go exploring the world for 7-8 years with titan power until the time has come…

snk 88-

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: eren only has 8 years left to live???? armin only has 13??? um??? explain youSelf Isayama?? you said they would die but not like this my hEArt ,, that means mikasa will have to deal with BOTH of their deaths and live on by hERSELF and what about annie??? huh??? expLAIN YOURS E LF immEdiately IM GON E

Isayama+his GoT fanart: an SNK analysis

Okay, this might be a far-fetched, but who doesn’t love that kind of shit

Isayama stated on his blog that he bingewatched GoT while drawing ch88. And he has even drawn two characters (pt.) from the show: Davos Seaworth and Jorah Mormont (x). But why those two characters? I think it’s because he likes them (and I understand b/c they are awesome).

Where am I going with this? Well, you see, Jorah and Davos are both characters defined by one trait: their utter devotion to a person they deem more important than anything.

Hmm, where have we seen this before? Oh yeah, that’s right: the Ackermans

Davos is devoted to Stannis (sees him as the true king and calls him his god, says he loves him)

Jorah is devoted to Daenerys (he sees her as the one true queen and is in love with her)

I’m gonna compare Davos & Stannis’ relationship to Levi & Erwin’s and Jorah & Daenerys’ to Kenny & Uri’s, because there are too many similarities to be ignored. I’ll try to make it understandable for people with no knowledge of GoT.

Here’s a scheme comparing the lives of Levi and Kenny & Davos and Jorah:

I really don’t think this is just a coincidenceIsayama has not based Levi and Kenny, that’s obvious. But it’s not a coincidence that Isayama chose to draw Davos and Jorah.

Isayama could have chosen to draw Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister, Arya Stark or other of the more popular characters*. But he chose these two. And I think it’s because he likes this character (and relationship) trope. I mean, he did make three characters like this in his own manga…

In conclusion: Isayama is obsessed with the “devotion to a special person” trope and “the Ackerbond” is important to him.

* disclaimer: he might have drawn other characters since I made this post.

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why do you think zeke's titan form is so different from any other ?

It was cool for me to learn in ch88 that each of the titans has a unique name and purpose. Zeke’s form is plenty strange, but when I think about Cargo Titan, Ymir, and even Colossal, I feel like they are all wildly different from the more human looking shifters. 

Maybe when we learn Zeke’s actual designation, his beast like appearance will make more sense.