snk 88-

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: eren only has 8 years left to live???? armin only has 13??? um??? explain youSelf Isayama?? you said they would die but not like this my hEArt ,, that means mikasa will have to deal with BOTH of their deaths and live on by hERSELF and what about annie??? huh??? expLAIN YOURS E LF immEdiately IM GON E

imagine Tsukki scoring a point or making a good play against Shiratorizawa and Akiteru cheering so loud on the stands that Kei hears him. Then Akiteru gives him a V-sign (like in ch88) and Kei returns it and he is smiling wide and he doesn’t even know it and Karasuno will be like, “Tsukishima’s smiling for real, someone take a picture”