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smOL are you holding put on us??? More tododeku fic recs pls? Similar to your demolition lovers and the countless fics of pitviperofdoom where the stories are so good and soft, full of feeling and simultaneously destroys my soul or Ny fic recs pls my crops are dying

good and soft, full of feeling and simultaneously destroys the soul 

my dude. i gotCHU.

  • you called it home is a v recent tddk fic with pining shouto, and, in the author’s words, 2k words of todoroki waxing poetry about izuku as a person. there are SLIGHT spoilers for the upcoming arc in bnha season 2, so tread carefully
  • moving through cedarsmoke is pretty close to canon plot-wise, with a few exceptions; it has trans izuku and dis-associative shouto
  • Sunshine, Trapped in Our Hearts is actually the sequel of Guiding Light, which i recommended last time
  • Forehead Kisses is actually one of the first tddk fics posted on ao3. it’s soft and cute.
  • Crispiness of a Fucking Nerd is a classic lmao. it’s got established tddk and dumb boys tryna figure out how to kiss. the same author made Starting Line, which has cONFESSIONS need i say more.
  • Untitled Mornings is a tiny ficlet of izuku waking up next to his cutie of a bf
  • it could be worse should be something you’ve already read before what r u. it’s got presents and confessions and all that good shit. the same author made pax, a v long future fic which has murderrrrr
  • Burning Water do you like sad shouto who becomes a happy shouto?? i do too. 
  • Glimpses is about shouto hoping for a future with izuku
  • all this love is where shouto has an existential crisis because he’s caught Da Feels
  • i always expect for everyone to have read Hitsuzen but. if you haven’t. you better. inko plays a pretty big(?) part in it
  • all the choirs in my head; the fic where shouto likes to get choked (lmao this is the first explicit fic i’ve rec’d)
  • two sided feeling takes place after the sports festival, so i highly recommend this for new tddk shippers!! it’s got pining and so much kissing oml
  • sunburn is where shouto has conversations with his mother and she basically convinces him to confess to izuku; HOWEVER, there are spoilers for future events in the manga so do not read if you haven’t caught up to ch88.

i think that’s enough for now. I HOPE YOU ENJOY READING!!

I’ve been thinking about creating doujin regarding Aruani with ch88 fact.
After the war, 5-6 years later, Armin ,turns 20, releases Annie out of the crystal. He takes her to see her father and then they go exploring the world for 7-8 years with titan power until the time has come…

snk 88-

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: eren only has 8 years left to live???? armin only has 13??? um??? explain youSelf Isayama?? you said they would die but not like this my hEArt ,, that means mikasa will have to deal with BOTH of their deaths and live on by hERSELF and what about annie??? huh??? expLAIN YOURS E LF immEdiately IM GON E

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Hey, Do you know if the German and French translation used a different language in the moments that Ciel and Sebastian spoke French or German or that they kept it in German or French. (sorry if I am unclear with my question I will elaborate if so).

Hi! I can’t really check it (I only own vol.11-14 of the German edition) but I’m pretty sure they don’t change the language, simply because in the original Japanese version the characters usually just keep speaking in Japanese even if it’s a scene where they are supposed to be speaking in another language xD Yana often uses a different font or a different shape of speech bubble to indicate that the characters are speaking in foreign language!

For example, in this scene in ch39 where Ciel and Sebastian are talking smack about Siemens in French, their lines are written in a completely different font than Arthur’s.

or in ch88: When Finnian speaks in German, the shape of the speech bubble is square, and when he’s talking to Snake in English, it’s the usual round shape :D

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why do you think zeke's titan form is so different from any other ?

It was cool for me to learn in ch88 that each of the titans has a unique name and purpose. Zeke’s form is plenty strange, but when I think about Cargo Titan, Ymir, and even Colossal, I feel like they are all wildly different from the more human looking shifters. 

Maybe when we learn Zeke’s actual designation, his beast like appearance will make more sense.