Hybrid * Chapter one* (Svt &Monsta X  love triangle )

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It was about 1:45 in the morning and right about now Seventeen lay and rest in their van on the way back to the dorms after an extremely long and exhausting fan sign. The ride home was quite and tranquil there was almost no cars on the road and all that could be heard from the van was the sound of laughter. Seungkwan and Hoshi were both reminiscing on all the silly stuff they had to do for the fans all while roasting Woozi on his formidable aegyo.
But before things got to serious one of their new managers from the states spoke up “ You guys should all do more sleeping and less talking the concert is tomorrow and I am getting a headache from all this chit-chat.” Hoshi smiled slyly and said “ Well if we are bothering you too much Andre then maybe plug your damn ears!” Andre rolled his eyes and put his earbuds in and turned on his music full blast and closed his eyes. He was one of the two new managers working with them from the states Louisiana to be exact both from New Orleans. The other manager Angel was out making preparations for their concert stage tomorrow and boy was he busy.
While the chit-chat continued Seungcheol looked over at Andre and shook his head “ How is he going to complain about a headache while his music is blasting louder than that Seungkwan’s voice.” They all stopped to look over at him and started to chuckle.
“ Yah Hyungg my voice isn’t THAT loud.” Seungkwan cried.
“ Yes it is!  that’s why you aren’t good with girls every time you get nervous your voice gets all high-pitched and squeaky.” Everyone started to laugh while Seungkwan sat there blushing and turning redder than the tomato he so detested.
“ Speaking of girls..” Vernon spoke quietly. “ How have you and Nayoung been coming along Josh.” All of them suddenly turned to Joshua and gaped at him wide eyed.  Finally Dokyeom spoke up and said “ WHAT SINCE WHEN ?HOW LONG?” Joshua felt awkward and it was noticeable he sat crisscrossed with his arms together and a big blush across his face.
“ It hasn’t been that long maybe a month or two …nothing serious just everyday talk no need to make this huge fuss …and thanks Vernon for keeping this a secret.”
“ What do you mean nothing serious ??!!?” Dino stated. “ This is the first time any of us has talked to a girl in a romantic sorta way how did this all start?!."  
"well..” Joshua started but before he could finish Andre opened his eyes and took out his head phones and said “SHHH be quite do you guys hear that ?” All at once they stopped their common talk and tried to listen for the sound he was talking about. A  faint but loud honking and screeching noise was heard and Andre looked out the window to see a huge fourteen wheeler coming straight at them. He screamed at the driver to swerve and to slowdown but it was to late the van and truck collided leaving everyone in darkness.

The collision was worse than anyone could have thought. A fire started on both vehicles rubber and chunks of scrap metal flew everywhere leaving the air to smell of burnt rubber and burnt flesh. Both drivers tragically passed both on fire and charring. Almost all the passengers in the van living on a thin thread except for Jeonghan and Andre. Jeonghan was dead for sure his side was impacted the most and the person to his left Minghao was also hit the hardest he wasn’t dead but he might as well have been. The only one who was conscious and able to talk was their manager Andre. However he did not come out unscathed his left eye had a metal rod stuck in it all the way through. He tried to get up the best he could to see who was alive and injured and when he got completely up he groaned and gripped the rod stuck in his eye and pulled it out and screamed. He then took out a vile the size of a large perfume bottle and took a swig. In it was a vampires blood that could heal any and all wounds after he took it the wound slowly began to heal. Andre then began to look and see who survived and who was injured all in critical condition with two dead Jeonghan and sadly Minghao. He took out his phone from his pocket brutally cracked and dirty and dialed the Ceo’s number.
one ring ..two rings…three rings….four rings. “ Come on pick up the fucking phone Andre yelled.” Finally he picks up “ Hello ” sounds an older mans voice . Andre almost cries  with relief “ YES HELLO BOSS THERE HAS BEEN AN ACCIDENT OUR VAN CRASHED INTO A FOURTEEN WHEELER AND IT HAS LEFT 10 CRITICALLY INJURED AND 2 DEAD!” silence on the other end then the Ceo speaks up his voice serious and monotone “ Then turn them like I have told you to do from the get go this happened for a reason and I am glad it did now once they’ve turned we have no need to fear our rival Starship this was all meant to happen like it should have from the beginning.”
Andre feels anger and disbelief boil in him and he starts to scream at him “ HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT THEY  ARE HUMAN BEINGS AND YOU WANT ME TO TURN THEM INTO MONSTERS YOU DISGUST ME!”

“ Be that as it may if you didn’t feel the same way you would have called 911 instead of me but I think even though you don’t want them to become these so called monsters part of you is selfish and doesn’t  want to see them die so be a man and either turn them or let them rot.” he then hung up leaving Andre feeling speechless and dizzy. The only reason Andre was really hired was because of the fact he was a warlock his job was to protect the company from the rival gang/company Starship Entertainment by any means necessary.

With time running out Andre had to make a quick decision and he decided that he grew to love all the boys so much that it absolutely killed him that Josh may never get to go on an actual date with Nayoung or hear Seungkwans loud high-pitched voice again . So he chose to turn them. He took out the vile of vampires blood and went to each and everyone of them and poured it into their mouths. Because the blood was limited me made sure to put the most in Jeonghan’s and Minghao’s mouths. When he got to all of the boys he took out a small piece of pink chalk and drew symbols onto the ground and begun the ritual.
It lasted a total of 15 minutes and when he was done chanting the spell it was silent. It was now 3:45 a whole two hours passed since they have been on the road how quickly time fades. Andre waited for the spell to kick in praying that it both worked and didn’t work for if it did work then their lives would change forever.

Ten more minutes pass and Andre started to worry that if the transition didn’t happen soon then they would really be dead from the sun exposure. Then all of a sudden he heard gasps from some of the members one by one they all woke up with all wounds healed gasping for air.  While the transition was in its final stages everyone was up and trying to gather the events that had taken place even Jeonghan and Minghao who were as dead as a door nail woke up confused and very thirsty. Andre took this time to sneak away to make another phone call before he was bombarded with questions.

He scrolled to his contacts to find (y/n)’s name and dialed it. “ Hey (y/n) its me it seems like I’m gonna need another bottle of your blood I had to use it for an emergency.”