tochen  asked:

((i'm sorry)) TAG, you’re it! The rules are to state ten random facts about yourself. Then send this to the fifteen nicest people on tumblr

I– okay.

  1. My glasses always become a little crooked because my right ear is slightly higher than my left.
  2. I speak Cantonese I would say semi-fluently. I can hold conversations and if you dropped me in Hong Kong or something I could get around no problem, but when watching dramas or news in Cantonese ahAHhaaha…
  3. I really really really really really really really really really really love B.A.P.
  4. My tummy just made the grossest noise because I haven’t had breakfast yet.
  5. I never know what to say for these things.
  6. It has been a half hour and I still don’t know what to say.
  7. I like art and I love making art, but I’m very slow in progressing in it. Makes me kinda sad.
  8. I turned 18 on Monday.
  9. I still feel 16 and am commonly mistaken as 13.
  10. I think Sarita’s pretty great.
I Received This in my PM Box. Any thoughts?

“I forget that not everyone in the Elsanna fandom keeps an eye on the goings-on over at Tumblr…where everything about this fiasco can be explained if you sift through everything that happened yesterday. But essentially…THERE IS NO PURGE. Not yet, at least. So far, only "So Into You” was targeted by a group called Critics United (which I will get into later), but since “A Date With the Drum Major” mysteriously disappeared yesterday, around a week after “So Into You” started receiving threats, many people assumed it was because of CU. But the thing is, Drum Major’s author hasn’t responded to any messages via PM or Tumblr Ask, so they’re likely unaware of the fic’s deletion. As it stands, the best course of action would be to WAIT for the author to return with the reason behind the deletion, and to NOT engage against CU.

Due to misinformation, users on FFnet that are unware are jumping to conclusions and blaming CU for authors stating that they’re backing their stuff up on AO3 in case of deletion. One user, ch3n, comes to mind, and I’ve seen her largely uninformed and ignorant argument over on the CU forum. These people are highly organized and aren’t your average trolls. They believe wholeheartedly in their ridiculous cause, and have the foresight to cover their tracks as best as they can so that YOU end up embarrassing yourself while they use your words against you. That was ch3n’s problem, and honestly, it was embarrassing to read. People can’t act rashly against CU—this needs to be dealt with diplomatically and tactfully. So if you can, please urge people not to confront them until at least Drum Major’s author returns. We can’t give them more ammo, considering that through US, they’ll have a field day with all of the Elsanna fics if they happen to sift through our favorites.

Now as for Critics United’s agenda…in essence, they are a pretentious watchdog/vigilante group hellbent on reporting fics that they see as breaking FFnet’s submission guidelines. According to them, explicit sex scenes are MA-rated and thus violate the guidelines. Considering how many of the fandom’s best stories are M-rated and have smut scenes…yeah. A lot of people are at risk, and not just for the Elsanna ship. One of the members even stated that “many people see i*** as MA-rated, which violates the site’s guidelines”, which is utter b***. The guidelines say NOTHING about i***. These people will leave a review stating that your fic is in violation of the site’s guidelines, and then post a link to your fic on their forum for all of the other members to see. If there are three reviews on your fic from them (or probably if you block them/refuse to do as they say), they will move your fic over to their ‘Clean Sweep’ list to be reported en masse to the admins. There are at least 8 of them, so if there are 8 reports for the same fic, then…yeah. You’d have a very high chance of it being deleted. They’ll also post segments from your PMs with them, or review responses, to be publicly ridiculed on their forum.

Basically, the authors backing their stuff up on AO3 are NOT going to take chances, and all of this is JUST a precaution. People need to know that. The only fic taken down was Drum Major (along with Argos months back, I think), and So Into You is the only Elsanna fic being directly targeted…right now. There is no purge as of yet, but there could very well be one, especially if misinformed/ignorant fans are picking fights with CU without proper information. While they don’t have the power to directly delete fics, they DO have the power to report en masse to the admins. AUTHORS ARE JUST BACKING THEIR STUFF UP ON AO3 JUST IN CASE—ASIDE FROM A DATE WITH THE DRUM MAJOR, THERE IS NO MASS DELETION OF ELSANNA FICS GOING ON RIGHT NOW.

I hope this clears things up. Please spread the word about this to clear any misunderstandings, and please advise people against acting rashly against CU. They should not be engaged until Drum Major’s author returns with an explanation. Please urge them to look at what’s happening in the Elsanna tag over on Tumblr as well for any further information, but this message essentially covers everything.

Again, there is no mass deletion. We’re just taking precautions in the event that a purge DOES come to pass. I know many authors will continue to update, but in BOTH locations this time. They’re not abandoning their fics. Drum Major’s deletion is, for now, a scare. A warning. So please help regulate the panic for non-Tumblr users by informing them. Feel free to copy this and spread it, please.

Thank you.“