living on a fault line ch3 tease

Her skin feels like it’s not her own. Her hands are so cold. Her heart pounds unsteadily while they sit on the fake leather chairs in the waiting room.

Lexa looks around, at the man who got here after them, his perfectly pressed suit and combed hair. Lexa wonders what the tremble in his hands, that mars his otherwise perfect appearance, is hiding. She looks at the receptionist, and imagines how many screwed up people she sees march in on a daily basis.

The woman looks up, and Lexa looks away.

“I can’t do this,” she tells Clarke under her breath.

“Yes, you can.”


“Lexa, please. If not for me, then for Charlie. Please, do this for our family.” Clarke holds her wrist, and Lexa nearly jumps. It’s the first time they’ve touched that week. “I just…I don’t know what else to try,” Clarke tells her, apologetic. Her eyes are kind.

Lexa nods. Clarke slips her sweaty hand in Lexa’s cold one, and Lexa realizes she’s not the only one who’s nervous. She doubts Clarke feels as sick as she does, though.

They get called into the office five minutes later.

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little things ch3 tease

“Lexa…look, I know you’re paying me, but the entire point of this is for you to lean on me. Trust me.”

“I do trust you, Clarke.” Lexa is surprised to find it’s true. She’s seen her degree, and she actually called the university where she graduated to ask about her to confirm it was true that first day they met.

The logical thing is to trust the woman she’s paying to help her out, but it isn’t simply that. There’s something about her.

“Then what’s wrong?” Clarke asks, covering her hand with her own. It feels overly personal. It should make her uncomfortable, and it does…in a way. It makes her feel like she might jump out of her skin. She doesn’t take her hand away.

“What if I don’t love him?” Lexa asks.

It comes out before she’s even decided to confide in Clarke. And now it’s out there, and it’s what’s been eating away at her for days.

“What if they give him to me and I feel nothing? What if he doesn’t feel like my son?”

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Don’t be Shisui, please don’t be Shisui, he’s like the kindest. He values family over anything it doesn’t fit his character to be wanting to capture Sarada. It’s true that Itachi means a lot to him but Sasuke does too. He witnessed Sasuke and Itachi’s bond in the ova  (The Two Uchihas) and that’s what inspired him to do all that he can to keep them together, to keep Konoha together and to keep Uchiha together. It would ruin everything about him if Kishi made him the villain. D: