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  • Raquel: picking up the last slice of pizza she smiled over at Charlie. Her legs already draped over his lap. Falling into an old rhythm she offered him a bite by holding the slice up to his mouth. Taking a bite herself she savored the flavor. "I don't know," she mocked now just looking at the pizza. "I think this just might be the best pizza I've ever had so you're going to have to bring your best tonight." Maybe she was saying it was the best thanks to the fact that she hadn't had a slice in over four months thanks to her new diet. Cleaning her hands and lips she reclined back against the couch. Looking at Charlie with a sweet gaze she smiled. Realizing she was showing far too many feelings she should have buried deep below the surface she playfully rolled her eyes. "What? You're not suddenly not attracted to me just because I ate all that are you?"
I've Got A Gun
Channel 3
I've Got A Gun

Artist: Channel 3
Track: I’ve Got A Gun
Album: I’ve Got A Gun
Label: No Future Records
Year: 1982

During it’s heyday, I loved So-Cal skate punk. Loved it.  After it’s heyday, during it’s long downhill slide into hard rock hair band idiocy, I hated So-Cal skate punk.  Channel 3 (aka CH3), over the course of their career, epitomized both ends of that scale.

I’ve Got A Gun is a fine example of the first half of that equation… Indian Summer (look it up, I’m not going to post it) is the craptacular what-a-sad-state-of-affairs-we’ve-sunk-to version of the latter.

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The Christmas Consertation

Third and last chapter. Sheldon finally reveals his secret…

Christmas day arrived. Amy had agreed to meet the whole gang at Sheldon’s apartment for 2 o’clock, ready for lunch. That meant she had the morning to shower, get dressed, phone her mother and wrap some last- minute presents.

Meanwhile, Sheldon’s apartment was empty. No one was there.

At least, this is also what Amy assumed when, after a quick drive, she knocked on the door of apartment 4A. No one came to answer it. She tried the handle, it was locked. Amy was perplexed, it was exactly 2 o’clock, she was right on time. Where was everybody?

Just as she pulled out her phone, a door opened behind her.

Amy turned to find Penny coming out of her apartment. She was dressed in a short red cocktail dress with a black shawl draped over her shoulders for warmth.

“Penny! Where is everyone? I just…”

Amy was cut off as Penny placed a finger to her lips, “Shh, come with me”

And with that, Penny turned and climbed up the stairs.

Amy, although baffled, could do nothing but follow.

“Penny! Seriously where are we going?” Amy searched for any possible information. They were still climbing the building, possibly nearing the top by now.

“What part of shhh didn’t you understand?” Penny repeated herself, and continued up the stairs.

Finally, they reached a door.

Penny turned to face Amy. There was quite a contrast to Amy’s suspicious, watchful gaze and Penny’s sparkling, excited smile.

“Are you ready?” She asked.

“For what?” Amy had had enough of all the secrecy.

He questions, however, were answered as Penny opened the door and led Amy through it.

They were on the roof.

The winter weather meant that dusk was already falling, bleak clouds blanketed the sky. Minuscule yellow stars peaked through, and although they were faint, the fading sunlight bounced off the sky’s veil, casting pink and orange tones over the roof. The roof itself was very different. Amy’s eyes surveyed the scene.

It was aglow with millions of tiny, twinkling lights. Small candles in jars covered the floor and strings of fairy lights were draped along the walls.

There was a single pathway left between and, at the end, stood all her friends either side of Sheldon.

He was wearing a black suit with a thin black tie and shiny black shoes to match. His hands were held together in front of him.

Amy had no idea what to think. Penny had rotated to look at Amy and the astounded expression on her face.

It was just beautiful. The lights spread into the night sky, it was difficult to tell where the lights ended and the stars began.

Penny linked arms with Amy and led her down the pathway that had been left for them. As they walked, Amy couldn’t help but connect the scene to that of walking down the aisle at her wedding. She hoped it would be as magical as this.

They reached the end and met the others. Amy’s arm was released and Sheldon took her hand. He brought her to face him.

Amy could see all the lights reflected in his eyes. They made them sparkle, shades of blue amalgamated around his pupils, much like the night sky. She had always admired his eyes, the bright azure had somehow darkened, small flecks of indigo danced inside the deep sky blue. It reminded Amy of a black hole in the midst of the universe, with a gravitational field so intense that she was immediately drawn to them.

Amy blinked and refocused on Sheldon as he had squeezed her hand, taken a deep breath and began to talk calmly and slowly, he seemed so content, so peaceful.

“Amy. Almost six years ago I didn’t want love. I thought it was a nuisance that distracted people from the important things in life such as the search for knowledge. To me, love didn’t really exist. It could not be scientifically proven accurately and that made me sceptical. I once asked my Meemaw what love was and she said she couldn’t explain it; she could only feel it. That was the first time she had ever been speechless, there was no sassy comment or intelligent response. She just said I would have to wait and see”

He gulped and blinked back tears.

“I told her I didn’t need to wait. I could see the love between Meemaw and Pop Pop. I could see it; I just didn’t want it. Their love was an exception. I didn’t think I would ever have anything as special as that. Years went past, everyone one I loved left me and all I ever heard was how annoying, arrogant and emotionless I was. My vision of love was tainted by hatred. I wish I had focused on the positive relationships in my life and learnt from them”

He sniffed and took her other hand.

“But then you came along”

He smiled, squeezed her hands and stepped closer. The onlookers smiled. Leonard had Penny wrapped under his arm, Bernadette searched for Howards hand, she knew it was coming, and Raj had tears pouring down his face.

“Amy, you changed my life. I didn’t think I needed love but now I know I can’t live without it. I know what love is. It’s you. You are the only person who understands me, you’re patient, you’re caring, you’re intelligent and you’re beautiful. I know I’m a difficult person to love but you have helped me to grow and understand my feelings. My life is so much better now that you’re in it and I want to spend every single day proving that. All I can say is thank you, well, thank you and…”

He knelt down onto one knee and produced a velvet ring box from his pocket which he prised open to reveal a glittering, antique engagement ring.

“Amy Farrah Fowler, will you marry me?”

There was silence.

The tea lights flickered as a small breath of wind sailed over the roof.

Everyone was holding their breath, waiting for Amy’s answer.

Time seemed to pass so slowly when realistically it was only a few seconds before Amy gave her answer.

She was definite.


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Don’t be Shisui, please don’t be Shisui, he’s like the kindest. He values family over anything it doesn’t fit his character to be wanting to capture Sarada. It’s true that Itachi means a lot to him but Sasuke does too. He witnessed Sasuke and Itachi’s bond in the ova  (The Two Uchihas) and that’s what inspired him to do all that he can to keep them together, to keep Konoha together and to keep Uchiha together. It would ruin everything about him if Kishi made him the villain. D:


-:CH 3. Pollen Count:-



[Tunnels located near Breezy Village that always seem to have a breeze flowing through them. The walls of the tunnels seem to glitter with various mineral deposits, while peppered with soft moss. No one is sure where the wind starts, but the air is always clean and clear.]

[A statue of AncientIrismon, wind warrior of old, was placed here long ago. Why, however, is uncertain. However history shows that a spirit of wind has already been drawn to Breezy Village before, during the legend of Human Hearts. This leads many to believe the tunnels are laced with the Ancient Spirit’s power.]

Victim: Edwin “Corvus” Odheir

Cause of Death: [\᷀᷀͜i͓᷀᷀O̹᷀᷀A᷀ͫ᷀*᷀᷀͞2̼᷀᷀B̼᷀᷀i᷀᷀͡{᷀̋᷀0᷀ͮ᷀] Strangulation

Time of Death: 1:20 pm

Body Location: [M͊u᷅|̟c͞g̩6͝L͒`̫k̘2͖W̙] Theater

Additional notes: N/A

As you come across the body, your ElectroID buzzes and vibrates. Upon looking at the death file, the cause of death and body location texts glitch out before you can see what they said before going back to normal.