Don’t be Shisui, please don’t be Shisui, he’s like the kindest. He values family over anything it doesn’t fit his character to be wanting to capture Sarada. It’s true that Itachi means a lot to him but Sasuke does too. He witnessed Sasuke and Itachi’s bond in the ova  (The Two Uchihas) and that’s what inspired him to do all that he can to keep them together, to keep Konoha together and to keep Uchiha together. It would ruin everything about him if Kishi made him the villain. D:


Mario Maurer and Mint Chalida started a new ‘lakorn’ named Two Spirit of Love (in Thai: สองหัวใจนี้เพื่อเธอ).

The ‘lakorn’ is about a young and humble businessman. Someone tried to murder him, and was helped by a young lady volunteer in a rescue team. However he was still hurt until his memories gone.

Mario has to play in 2 different personalities. Mint will get involved in full action. 

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Chapter 3

August 18, 2013

Manchester, England

“Sonali, all you’ve been doing since you got home is sleeping. Come downstairs and help us,” Sonali’s mum said while opening the curtains.

“Mummmmmm, it’s only 9 in the morning and I’m on break let me sleep,” Sonali whined, turning to muffle her head into her pillow, dragging her comforter over her head.

Her mum huffed and tugged the comforter off her, “No. You have to get up. You can’t spend your entire break sleeping. Go do something productive with your time.”

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Drinking Games

Nathan’s smile of catching Lottie out for the second time, slowly spread into a grin. “Nope, unlucky, my friend.” He reached over and poured Lottie’s glass full again. “I got close once but the second girl backed out so, me and the other girl did it instead.” Nathan sat back in the lounge chair and looked around his surroundings. Morocco at night time was quiet and peaceful the little flies darted between the bright lights of the main tent the pair went sat in alone. 

His eyes darted as he tried to think of something the younger girl in-front of him had done that he hadn’t. The thought clicked as soon as it entered his mind. “Never have I ever, lied to get out of sex.”