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Hello! I read a bunch of your posts you made on that recap post and I was wondering if you think there are hints that could indicate Undertaker beind the one between the twin's resurrection?

Hello Anon! Just to be sure, you’re asking if I personally find there are hints that could indicate that UT still remains one of the suspects behind the twin’s revival? If so, yes, because there has to be a reason so many readers believe it’s him in the first place and, despite not being fond of the theory, I avoid being biased as much as possible.

Anyway @akumadeenglish already gave a rather complete explanation as to why UT as the mastermind could work (although I still have questions of my own, namely what is the role of the lockets if the goal of the BD project so far was to bring back the twin, as well as why UT was in Germany and France apparently not so long ago if he was busy bringing back the twin) so please read her post. 

Besides what she said, there are ch108 and ch120 since UT is definitely shown interacting with the twin, which means that he has to be involved in the current arc one way or another (either trying to slow/stop the experiment or being the one behind it). 


I’ve always wondered about the symbolism behind this cover (ch109, the beginning of the arc): our!Ciel, Lizzie, Seb and UT are drawn and we know that they’re all strongly involved with the current arc. However, what bothers me is that UT is holding a skeleton that appears to be quite small and so maybe it could be the twin’s (to indicate that the twin indeed died and was brought back to “life” in the current arc). 

In that case, UT holding the skeleton (and being on the opposite side of Seb and Ciel) could mean that UT is the one behind his revival but… I still have some issues with possible plot holes at the time of ch129.

Maybe the “plot holes” will disappear with more canon content and more parts of the explanation with later chapters, but as of right now I still don’t like the “UT is the mastermind” theory so much, despite people and their hints. xD

I hope I answered your question though. Have a nice day Anon :)

Kuro ch 109 is “the start of the Blue Sect Arc” (speculations ahead)...

Which is a very interesting bit of info in my opinion since the color page with UT and Ciel is blue.

(Warning, spoilers for ch109, thanks to vvlin91 and superhero-flamenco for their translations [x])

First, did you notice how the P4 were all acting in a very happy-go-lucky kind of way in the chapter (well Violet doesn’t exactly count here) ? 
They killed a few guys and were thrown out of Weston less than two months before after all (and Weston was everything to them), so Greenhill being all “bright bright, life is beautiful, let’s talk openly with our friendly hearts” is definitely a weird attitude to have.

It’s the same for Bluer…

Besides, since Victoria mentions how her previous investigators seem to enjoy what’s happening in the Sphere Music Hall a lot, like the P4 (which is why she’s sending Ciel there in the first place), one can be sure that their attitudes definitely are strange.

Also, since every “supernatural” elements were always explained rationally in Kuro before (except for Demons and Shinigamis lol), I’m thinking there is a reason for happiness being all over the place in this chapter as well, a reason that is not a magic spell.
For example, maybe a new drug (Lau what have you done) that’s given to the people going there? Creating a powerful euphoric feeling and bringing them back for another session the following week?

Too soon to say for sure, but I’m really positive about the P4 not being themselves…

By the way, don’t Greenhill and “everything gleams!” make you think about the new guy with a sun tattoo on his hand and stars in his hair?

After all if the sun and stars don’t shine bright what does? Especially since we’re talking about a sect here, so they could have distinct signs and symbols. 

(Might I also add that this guy has a braid on one side like UT? Not sure that means they’re linked or anything, I’m just noticing things, but I think we should keep it in mind… Just in case)

((By the way “Blue” Sect? Blue of the sky maybe? So that would explain the stars and sun? Or Blue as in “Blue Cat” Ran Mao, which would mean that Lau is linked to this case lolol ignore this last part)

Back to Ciel and UT, the page is blue and the new arc is called “the Blue sect” by Yana, so maybe what UT did to Ciel in ch108 is indeed linked to this Blue Sect. 

(Look Ciel’s eye is “gleaming”, seriously maybe that’s a hint?)

And this can go two ways:

  1. What UT gave to Ciel in ch108 was the drug (?) that turned the P4 in this happy-go-lucky state and Ciel will act like that when he is to visit the Sphere Music Hall in the next chapters (lol gold moments incoming).
  2. What UT gave to Ciel is something that will prevent him from going all happy about the Sphere Music Hall.

-> Why (1) can happen: I don’t even know if that would mean UT is working with the Blue Sect or not (although I’m thinking the Blue Sect is behind the “happiness”) but what would Ciel being happy mean?
Well, maybe something like temporarily forgetting about revenge hence his contract to Sebastian maybe becoming strained and isn’t that what UT wants?

-> Why (2) can happen: I’m still someone who believes UT isn’t looking for a way to hurt Ciel (even though him forgetting about his revenge cannot exactly hurt him) and since Edward didn’t seem so affected himself by the party, I’m thinking there might be a way not to get too intoxicated by the “happiness” of that place. After all, Edward would have gone again but to take Lizzie, he didn’t seem so wonderfully out of his head to me…

Anyway, as usual, it’s all speculations post reading of the new chapter so take it with a grain of salt.

By the way, doesn’t “sect” remind you of Ciel’s personal harsh time of that one month when he was ten? I know not many share my opinion but I didn’t find the Green Witch arc to be particularly “dark”, not at all like the Circus Arc or even the Campania, so I’m thinking maybe Yana is planning something really dark with this new Arc.
At least, that’s what “sect” foreshadows for me, especially after Vincent’s words in ch107.5…

Anything else you want add? Feel free to share. 

(Yeah I’m not mentioning Lizzie here because I’m still reflecting upon what her disappearance could all mean. Maybe I’ll do a post about her later)

akayona actual titles
  • ch77: I love u with all my blood, but that doesn't mean I love u.
  • ch82: when harry potter is very concerned about his scar, u give him another.
  • ch100: old men are cute until u hurt their bbs.
  • ch104: my life is halloween, my love is skeleton~🎵
  • ch108: bro! call me big brother. son! call me father. Hey! don't call me mother!
  • ch109: a ship shipping ship shipping shipping ships.
  • ch110: *gasp* I- I..I think I love him!
  • ch113: shoujo? of course.