Indra: Lexa’s a great commander because she’s ruthless. // Clarke: Lexa was special. She was working toward peace. Blood must not have blood.

It really fucks me up to think about this sometimes. Out of everything that Lexa has done, I wonder how much of it was because she felt that she needed to prove to her people that she was worthy of being their commander? Or how many times that she thought about Luna and resented her, or even maybe herself, because she was never given the chance to truly earn that position, that maybe she doesn’t really deserve it. Instead, she won by default after Luna fled and she defeated the other nightbloods. Were her decisions based solely on what she believed was right for her people, or was it influenced by what she thought her people wanted from her? She was willing to bend over backwards for them, to kill and die for them. Losing Costia after being conditioned that love is weakness I imagine only made it harder for her to hold on to the part of herself that empathized with others. How much of herself has she sacrificed to ensure that her people believed that she was the one worthy of the flame? Then she meets Clarke, an enemy turned ally, who breaks down her walls and shows her that love and trust isn’t a bad thing. And Lexa finds the courage to not only question the methods of her people, but to try to change them. She stops doing what is expected of her, at the risk of her own people turning on her, to build a legacy that she can be proud of.

Fucket List

fwb series

Your friends with benefits relationship with Calum had only lasted two days so far but you knew this was the best decision you’ve made in a while. All of your friend group was scheduled to go to this silly concert on the cruise ship you were on. You and Calum both were dreading going because it honestly sounded like the most boring two hours ever. You were currently walking beside Ash and his girlfriend talking about the amazing dinner you just had when Calum comes out of nowhere and whispers in your ear.

“What do you say we make tonight interesting?” His smirk told you that maybe this concert wouldn’t be so boring after all.

Of course Cal somehow got a seat right next to you and when the show began the lights dimmed out and you immediately felt a hand on your thigh. You didn’t want to just give in to his wants so you tried to move your leg further from his hand just to bother him. However he wasn’t going anywhere. In fact, he squeezed your thigh and slipped his hand under your sundress. Another one of your great decisions was bringing tons of sundresses on this cruise, it allowed for easy access and that was all you wanted.

He kept teasing you by drawing shapes with his pointer finger all around your upper thigh for a good ten minutes. Then when he made sure the music got really loud, he snapped the band of your panties against your body. Right after he slipped a finger underneath and began rubbing your clit.

You were so shocked he actually was touching you in public in front of everyone, when he mentioned making it interesting you thought you’d just go to the bathroom or something. It felt so dirty knowing that you were getting off while all of these people were sitting around you, anyone could be watching. After a few minutes of him rubbing you, you’d had enough teasing.

You leaned over and whispered in his ear, “I’ll be in the ladies room if you need me.” Quickly, you stood up and got out of everyone’s way as you made your way to the bathrooms. You expected to have a few moments to yourself before Cal came in so it wasn’t so obvious but as soon as you shut the door it was burst wide open.

He immediately pushed your back towards the wall and put his lips to yours, he was harsh and fast. He was exactly what you needed. His hands soon came up to the straps of your sundress and slid them off your shoulders. He tilted his lips back to catch his breath and let your foreheads rest against each other. For a few seconds he just watched his hands move across your skin, shoulders, arms, hips, until finally he focused back on your face and cupped it to pull your lips back to his. After a quick kiss he then slid your dress down all the way and stepped back to look at you.

“Baby girl you’re just so pretty I can’t help myself.”

“Then why don’t you do something about it?”

This was his cue to jump on you again, he continued at his fast pace and continued undressing you until you were completely naked. He started rubbing your clit again and could feel how wet you were. His smirk sent sparks up your spine and you started to pull at his tshirt.

“It’s not fun being naked alone, join me.”

That was all he needed to rip his shirt off and begin unbuckling his pants. When he was finally naked you both reached for each other and started making out again. Both of your pairs of hands were wandering all over each other’s bodies. Yours landed at their end location first. When you first grabbed Calum’s dick he let out a very frustrated groan. You started rubbing him down and he lost all control. His head leaned back and he had his arms wrapped around you, clinging to you. It wasn’t long before he started whispering dirty things into your ear.

“Wait baby, wanna cum inside that pretty pussy.”

You slowed down and he grabbed your hips to sit you up on the bathroom counter. He lined himself up with you and kissed you while he rubbed up and down your slit with his head. You couldn’t help but whine, you were so tired of the teasing.

“Cal please I need you I wanna feel you inside of me I just need you so bad please.”

That was enough for him, he slipped himself inside of you and you both immediately moaned out. He quickly picked up the pace, you had to grab onto the counters to keep from slamming into the mirror behind you. Cal was fucking you so good you couldn’t help but be so loud. You bit down on his shoulder to keep from having security come knock on the door. Both of your moans and groans were becoming louder as you got closer to your climaxes.

“Fuck baby you’re so tight around me feels so good. You like when I fuck you like this yea? I’m so close, gonna cum all inside of you.”

Calum’s dirty talk was quite possibly the hottest thing you’ve ever experienced. Just by those words you were set off and started clenching around his cock. You let out an even louder moan as you gripped onto his shoulders to keep him close to you. He kept rocking into you during your orgasm and you saw stars. He came soon after you and then he pulled out and you guys caught your breath while pulling back on your clothes.

“During a concert, that’s a new one for the list.”

“Oh so there’s a list now?”

“Of course it’s titled “Y/N and Calum’s fucket list.”

You just rolled your eyes and sighed at him before exiting the bathroom to see the concert was actually over. Whoops.

ok but the fact that calum likes jazz and blues music honestly makes me so happy?? like can you imagine coming home and hearing it coming out of his home studio and he’d come down singing along to elvis’s ‘heartbreak hotel’ or bobby darin’s ‘beyond the sea’ in a deep voice and he’d see you and a huge grin would break out across his face before he takes your hand and starts slow dancing with you but it’s really exaggerated and not at all serious and you keep stepping on his feet and calum’s smiling down at you as he watches you laugh and in that moment, he’s convinced that all of those 1940′s love songs were written about you for that exact moment


the gangs all here (wear headphones)