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This is way overdue. So so so sorry anon….

“Calum!” Y/n yelled walking into her shared apartment with her best friend, a huge stack of movies she just rented flooding out of her bag along with a six pack cradled into her arms. She’d missed the boy, Calum coming home after a long nine month tour with the guys telling her daily how he couldn’t wait to see her again and hang out like they had before…until he realized she had bought the new Fifa game. It had slipped out on accident in a conversation once maybe two weeks before he came home, and once he did come home, his eyes never left the game. It had been just over a week now and the two had yet to have more than a ten word conversation, hangout, or fuck, and it was driving her insane.

“Calum!” she yelled once again walking into the den seeing Calum in the same spot she left him on the couch, eyes glued to the flat screen as his team ran across the screen with the ball. She rolled her eyes hard dropping her bag at the door and walked to the kitchen to shove the six pack into the fridge.

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BORDELON“ With each Bordelon generation, we work to do a little better than the last. Nova, Charlotte, Ralph Angel, you are now in this line. Out of every place in this whole big world, this land bears our name. Farm it… nurture it, love it. Pass it on to your children and for every Bordelon that will come next.”