Rereading the chapter: did Mutsuki dissociate to the point of er, mishearing Uta? Because Uta says, 「下ろして」(oroshite; ‘get off me’), and it’s almost as if Mutsuki heard 「殺して」(koroshite; ‘kill me’) and went, “Okay”.

After killing Uta Mutsuki thinks 「出来上がり」which basically means “Voila” and is usually something you say when you’ve accomplished something productive. 

Mutsuki specifically uses the kanji for romantic love, apparently just in case someone couldn’t tell. 

I guess “It’s almost embarrassing how much of a woman I am” means I need to change Mutsuki’s pronouns? I think I’m going to use a singular ‘they’ for now, but that’s a pretty big point for the “traumatized girl” theory. 

Amon says: “The ghouls… have Mado-san?” so he’s at least partially aware of his surroundings. 

The last three phrases of the chapter are actually all said by Takizawa: “He’s tough (literally, like a rock). I’ll leave the rest to you, Academy student. I’m going to go all in.” Which is sensible, I guess, considering kakujas are unstable at the best of times.