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Santa Olivia by Jacqueline Carey

Summary: Set in a future dystopian United States, the town of Santa Olivia is a desert war zone where citizens have no rights. Loup Garron is the daughter of a genetically modified father who was bred by the US military as a weapon, who her powers to avenge the town, masquerading as their patron saint, Santa Olivia.

Thoughts: This is your typical dystopian, genetically-modified werewolf boxing story about a lesbian Latina boxer and her bi girlfriend. It starts a little slow, but the plot picks up towards the middle when Loup and Pilar start to fall for each other and Loup’s boxing career begins.

Warnings: Proceed with caution ⚠️

Forcible rape tw, consensual m/f and f/f sex scenes (*details and spoilers below)

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New investigator gets introduced. Her name is Ihei Hairu.

Shirazu gets his new Quinque, it’s a chimera quinque. What Nutcracker said when she died still haunts him until today. Haise offers him a drink, “Quinque. A good number of people feel uneasy about it.”

Chie and Kanae talk about what to do for Tsukiyama’s sake which leads to Kanae shouting, “If it’s not Shuu-sama, then there is no point!”

Hirako Squad makes an appearance too but Hirako is nowhere to be found. Haise asks why Hirako isn’t around and Kuramoto just says, “Just some personnel affair.” One of them congratulate Mutsuki for making Rank 1.

Title is 良い形 which means ‘good form/shape’.

The Quinx are walking along the hallway.

Shirazu: Even though it was a sound plan…
Mutsuki: They said there’s no information so…

At that moment, they were approached by a woman from behind.

Lady: Um… You’re all from the Qs right…?

Suddenly, Shirazu gets all nervous.

Shirazu: Y-yeah that’s right. What’s wrong?
Mutsuki: Shirazu-kun, you seem nervous.
Shirazu: A-am not ya idiot!
Saiko: Hey Squad Leader of Lewd. (she said ‘ero’)

Hairu: Um, I am Koo– I mean, Special Class Ui’s partner. My name is Ihei Hairu. Everyone here is 20 years old right?
Mutsuki: Yes, turning 21 this year.
Hairu: Actually, I’m also the same age so…

Shirazu: Oooh, you’re young and yet you’re being paired with a Special Class! That’s awesome!
Urie: …

Fura: Ihei was in Batch 74 at the age of 16 so she’s three batches ahead of you all.
Fura: …Explains the old man who’s randomly passing through.

Haise: She was part of Arima-san’s Squad during the ‘Subjugation of Owl’ Operation. Fura-san, thank you for the explanation.
Fura: Yeah.
Ihei: It’s true so that’s why everyone around are all older than me so…

Ihei Hairu
First Class Investigator

Ihei: I was hoping that we could all get along like we’re classmates!
Shirazu: Y-yeah! But you’re our superior right…?
Urie: (In the frontlines of that battle…)