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A Neutral Third Party

Poor Aladdin.

Despite going against Solomon’s wishes, and basically pouring out his soul to everyone in the meeting about him and his world, his efforts are beginning to feel as futile as his mother’s when she’d attempted to create the utopian world that her and her friends had longed for.

Thankfully he’s got Alibaba to have his back for these kinds of situations, who astutely notices the look of distress on his best friend’s face.

With things looking grisly as everyone gets in each other’s faces about who the king should be, he bravely enters the eye of this storm and ((of all people))

physically stops Kouen and asks that he not continue this spat with the other countries.

Although it’s not certain if Alibaba is meant to be ‘the’ king, there’s definitely no doubt that Aladdin’s instincts to choose him as his King’s Candidate, as well as his friend, was the best decision he’d ever made in his life.


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Here Comes the –Black- Sun

Speak of the devil.

Just when they’d thought they’d manage to quell the rising tensions, who should arrive but Prince Eyeliner himself, who decides to take this opportunity to crash the party.

And considering some of the things he’d done to everyone in the past, as well as the personal things he’d told Sinbad that one time he’d come to Sindria, it’s hard to believe he’d actually consider striking a “friendship” with someone he’d been referring to as “Chibi” every time they met.

Although there’s a possibility they could benefit in gaining information from him as far as Al Thamen goes, he’s definitely a mixed-basket case who everyone will have to watch out for should they decide on striking some sort of deal with this black sheep.


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Taking Matters into Their Own Hands

By intervening in this, Alibaba not only successfully prevented a violent outbreak from breaching the meeting ((that was SUPPOSE to be peacefully conducted by the way)),

but even puts things back into perspectives that reminds the young emperor of what takes the most priority at this time.

And after thanking Aladdin for telling him his story, albeit in his own way,

He decides that there are things that they as a country have to take responsibility for after analyzing what they had seen in Aladdin’s world; most particularly a certain individual who reminds him of someone back home.

Although the Cease-Fire Treaty is still inconclusive, at least from the look of things Kouen and his people intend to help in this endeavor by taking matters into their own hands and dealing with it their way.

Here’s hoping Sin doesn’t try to pull a stunt like that again in the near future. ((Though I highly doubt that.))