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Amazing hypothesis, thanks for sharing your thought! Might add, I think Kaneki's eyepatch in the latest chapter is the remaining of his usual mask? If Kaneki (or Hide) ripped the toothy one, it'll turn out like that, right? I dunno, Kaneki doesn't need to tear the lower section of the mask since he can still eat with it. Umm... if you mind my thought, I believe the reason Isayama doesn't reveal Kaneki's human eyes is because he doesn't want CCG find Kaneki is one-eyed ghoul too... o_o;;

Hi anon! Thank you! ouo

He ripped off his original mask in ch. 136 though! (Strangely, the black patch does resemble the eyepatch in the original mask.) That said, I wouldn’t rule out the possibility if the black patch was a remainder from his kakuja mask.

Hmm, but I think there isn’t a need to hide the right eye to prevent the CCG from finding out that Kaneki is a one-eyed ghoul. From what I’ve seen so far in ch. 138, Kaneki hasn’t activated his kakugan yet, so I don’t think it would have been found out that he is one-eyed. In any case, Arima has seen Kaneki without a mask… his identity could be easily found out now, I guess.

I could be wrong of course!

PS. I think you meant Ishida-sensei, not Isayama-sensei. :)

Thanks so much for contributing your thoughts!! :3

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Omg please share your theory and thoughts of what happened in ch 138 and what will happen in future chapters!! Also, great blog :)

Thank you anon! :)

aghkldhjs i have no basis or anything and they’re really just random thoughts

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dude where are you reading chapters 137 and 138?? i've been looking but i cant even find the raws!

I’ve been reading Chinese scans, mostly from baidu.

Ch. 137 in Chinese here. I also did a translation for ch. 137 but it’s not in order.

Ch. 138 spoilers here. There’s also full chapter text on the same baidu forum, but it’s in Jap and Chinese. I’ll probably translate it later.

Edit: translated 138 here.